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The Uchiha clan went insane when they found out that I, the clan head's son, was stuck in a cell and interrogated. Probably didn't help the feelings of resentment that they held towards the village. I could have escaped by calling Tobi, but that would be in violation of Shisui's orders.

Anyways, with the backlash from the clan, and with the Hokage finding Danzo guilty after all, I was released from my holding cell quickly.

But I had been held in the cell for two days. Those two days had been enough to get my thoughts together.

It helped that mindwalking was an art that made one more introspective. Getting mentally violated tended to make you more aware your own thoughts and past actions.

Fuckin' Yamanaka.

With all of the introspective thinking and time to myself, I had become much more collected than before.

Where before, I was taking Shisui-sama's word to the extreme, intoxicated by the soothing, oh so righteousness of Shisui-sama's advice, oh how much I-


I realise now that Shisui-sama's word be taken in a more subtle manner. Something that could be done all the time. Shisui-sama's word was applicable to extreme acts of faith, but it was more relevant to everyday things.

Which is why I had taken to smiling.

Smiling all the time.

Be happy. Smile. You are loved.

I am happy.

I am loved.

And thus, I smile.

At random intervals, I would pull my lips back and bare my teeth in a cheery grin. I could not smile all the time. Not only did I have to sleep, but at times, it felt as though my smile was slowly dripping off my face. No matter how hard I concentrated, it appeared as though I could not maintain the smile.

I had considered stitching my face up, or even cutting it into a permanent Glasgow smile, but in the end, I decided that doing so would be in contradiction with 'Serve the village.' I would be hurting myself, an asset of the village, for no gain for the village.

How could I best apply Shisui-sama's word to everyday existence? That was a question that I pondered for the two days that I was in the cell. I found a multitude of ways to do so.

One of the most important ones was to train, become stronger.

I need to be strong to serve the village.

I need to be strong to save my comrades.

I need to be strong to eliminate all threats to the village.

I love you, Shisui-sama.

"Kurenai-sensei!" My smile is no longer the perfect, fake thing that I wore before, but rather, the absolutely genuine thing. Truthful is better than perfect.

In some cases.

"... Kyouki?" Kurenai appeared to mildly disturbed, as well as slightly shocked.

My actual smile is woefully bland and a tad on the creepy side. Whether it was like that originally, or it became that way after two consecutive days of trying to smile as much as possible is unknown.

But it is genuine.

"Kurenai-sensei, I was thinking that, with only a week left until the Chunin Exams, we could mostly focus on refining my skills, rather than building new ones. Unless you have something else in mind?"

Kurenai, not being a trained kunoichi for nothing, almost immediately snapped out of her surprise, "Oh, yes. Of course. Well, let's get started, Kyouki."

I began sparring once more with Indr- no. Sasuke.

Indra was my personal weapon. Sasuke was the weapon of the village.

I began sparring once more with Sasuke.


If he was surprised by my new sporadic grins, he didn't show it. He was just as welcoming for his brother as he was before.

How adorable.

There would be little time to have activities like this in the future. With the massacre still looming ahead, it seemed more and more likely that there would be, in reality, no time for this in the future.

With the news of Shisui's 'suicide' reaching the clan, came accusations. The Uchiha clan was pointing fingers at anybody except for the people responsible. The village couldn't disclose such sensitive information either. The involvement of Danzo, a high-ranking and well-respected figure, in Shisui's death would cause an outrage, only exasperating the situation. Not only that, but it would cause all clans, not just the Uchiha, to lose trust in the administration.

Keeping such important information from the clan involved was necessary, then.

Things were escalating much too quickly for my liking.

I had trained with Kurenai for the past few days, and the Chunin Exams were drawing closer. We would be leaving for them later this morning, actually.

"Tobi," I called out to the empty forest.

I would need him. My plan was to use Tobi's control over Yagura to bring the Mizukage over here. I wasn't sure whether that would help the situation over in Kiri or if it would cause it to grow worse because of the chaos following the loss of the kage.

Either way, it didn't matter. I just needed Yagura.

I planned to use Yagura somehow to deter the massacre. I hadn't finished working through the exact details yet. I would probably run it through the Hokage, although he did give me basically free reign over the mission in his mission briefing months.

Best case scenario, Konoha receives an undeniably powerful weapon. Worst case scenario, we get rid of Yagura.

All I needed was Tobi.

He did not keep me waiting, walking out of the forest almost immediately after I called him. I have no idea how he heard me, just that he did. I activated my Sharingan and looked at him.

Odd, his chakra appears to be… diminishing, somehow.

In fact, there were a few odd details that I hadn't really paid much mind to before. The most prominent of which was the strange white mask that he wore instead of the orange one. They both had pretty much the same design though, with the swirls centering on the right eye.

Although I don't quite remember the outfit that was fully white, just with a cloak draped over it.

I suppose it is earlier now in the series than the massacre, so perhaps he had a costume switch later on. He had several costume switches throughout the series, so I suppose it isn't such a huge deal that his outfit was different.

"Show me you Taijutsu. Run through the kata you've learned."

He was distinctly slower than I remember him being. His movements were slow and sloppy, and there appeared to be a great strain with everything.

I frowned, and realising that I wouldn't get anything useful taijutsu related out of him, I stopped him.

Whatever. It's not like I really needed more taijutsu at this point. I wouldn't be able to use it effectively in the tournament even if I copied it. It wouldn't do to just copy something and then blindly use it later.

I would have to investigate though. Having a faulty minion would be a no-no. I tried to cast a diagnostic jutsu on him, but it came back empty. Made sense, I guess. If he could be figured out by a simple diagnostic jutsu, everyone would've already known who he was.

"Tobi, take off your mask," If I could get some exposed skin, then I could probably cast the jutsu.

Tobi didn't move.

My tone become warning, "Tobi, take off your mask."

Tobi remained motionless.

"Obito," I addressed him by his real name, "That was an order."

He was still.

I growled.

"Stay still."

That at least, Tobi obeyed. I walked forwards and gripped his chin with my hand.. My hand found no purchase on his mask. It was like the mask was part of his body or something.

I frowned.

"Tobi, strip."

Tobi obediently followed my orders. My frown deepened as I saw that his hands were shaking. Whether it was from exhaustion or nervousness, it was hard to tell, even with the Sharingan active.



With the Sharingan, I just barely managed to dodge out of the way of the hand that came out of Tobi's chest. The white outfit that he was wearing appeared to crack open as Tobi forced himself out of it.



Tobi was wearing… the… other Tobi. The white zetsu one. It was that white zetsu that opened up and could be worn as a suit. Obito had worn it after Rin's death while murdering those Kiri-nin, and he had worn it afterwards as well when he was confronting the Ame orphans.

He had eventually taken Tobi off, but this was significantly earlier than when Itachi carried out the massacre in canon, so I guess he hadn't made the switch yet.

Obito was currently trying to kill me, but he had obeyed me during the week, which meant that I had not Kotoamatsukami'd Obito Tobi, but rather Tobi Tobi. Er, the white zetsu Tobi.

I'll just call him Guruguru. It was his nickname in the series anyways.

Guruguru had refused to let Obito get out of him, and controlled him in a similar way that Black Zetsu would eventually control Obito.

Clearly Guruguru's methods of control were weaker than Black Zetsu's, as Obito had broken free.

He had been inside Guruguru for about a week now. He was starving and extremely dehydrated. In my old world, he would have died days ago. It was probably only due to the extra vitality that Hashirama's cells granted him that he survived up until now.

Even when he was so clearly exhausted, Obito was much faster than me. I could barely keep up with a combination of my Mangekyou, Shunshin, and Fujin. I could have simply run away with Shunshin, but I figured that I would just kill off one of the main threats in the world while he was already weakened.

Eying an opening, I lunged for Obito.

Only to pass right through his body.

I watched his lone eye spin wildly in its socket.



I teleported out of the way just in time to avoid Obito's punch. Had he not been very much slowed down from his stay within Guruguru, I would have been hit, and probably at least incapacitated, if not dead. Tired or not, Obito's punches were hard.

I grabbed a handful of flower seeds and threw them on the ground.


The flowers sprang up, filling the forest floor with an array of colourful plants. I channelled a bit of chakra into my hand, forcing it into the flowers. I watched as the chakra flowed into the flower and began to convert into fire chakra.

I made hasty retreat with a Shunshin just as the clearing lit up in flames. I would have to retrieve my true minion, Guruguru, later. He probably survived the blast. He was pretty durable, if I was remembering correct-


And Obito's hand pierced through my stomach.

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