Earth 37: The Sky Palace Throne Room

Laurel watched as her guests entered the throne room. She had only heard of them in folklore but here they were. The Gray Lions lived deep within the forests of the world.

The bigger one had brown fur with a long brown mane with a streak of gray coloring running through it. His eyes were blue as a cloudless sky and he walked with a grace no other she had ever witnessed.

The smaller one also sported the brown fur. His eyes were brown and full of wonder. Laurel bet this was his first time outside their forest.

She looked to her right and smiled at the queens of the other four lands. Queen Iris of the water palace, Queen Sara of the mountain palace, Queen Felicity of the floral palace and Queen Olivia of the animal palace. Each land took care of their element and as a group they took care of all the natural world.

As the lions walked closer they started to walk upright and gain more human features. The bigger one became an older, wise looking man, his eyes still the color of a cloudless sky. He wore golden robes which were adorned with the symbol of the God of the natural Earth. The younger one had on silver robes also adorned with the same symbol.

"My name is Marcus Keane and this is my companion Tomas Ortega. We have come with a message for you all, we are needed in another land to help a young woman in danger of losing her soul to a damning darkness. We must reach out to those in the mid realm to help us with this task. We must make haste. There isn't much time" the elder lion said.

Laurel noticed the red blush line along the top of Tomas's nose when Marcus said "partner" and smiled. "No one has been to the mid realm in centuries" Laurel said regaining her stature. "Even if we could find the gates, how would we enter?" Asked Iris calmly. "I'm not sure any should go there at all. I mean they never come to our aid, why do we need to beg now" Olivia said with a huff. "I for one have missed the magic, I'm up for it" said Felicity smiling at the chance to witness the magic again. Natural magic was all and wonderful but Felicity enjoyed the playfulness and mystery of arcane, inner magic as well.

Laurel smiled at the youngest of them. She was bright and had a long future ahead of her and in this instance she was correct. "Olivia my dear, they might not have been there for us but let us give them a chance to be there for that young lady" Laurel said calmly placing a hand on her shoulder. Olivia took in a deep breath and nodded.

Seeing that the queens were in agreement, Marcus continued. "Once we gather those we need, we will take a portal to the next world and then from there go to where we need to be. This will be dangerous and could be deadly. It is your choice to come or not. You shall not be looked down upon if you choose to stay" Marcus said bowing his head. "We have all discussed it at length, and we are all going" Iris said smiling and returning the bow to the king of lions.

Marcus smiled at them. He didn't hear any talking letting him know that they have a telepathic connection with one another. He nodded toward the door and offering his hand to Tomas, who took it willingly headed out with the queens following behind.

Mid Realm: The Dark Queen's Palace

Regina couldn't believe that Rumple had escaped his prison. It was built with the highest of magic and laced with the strongest of magical wards. She slumped into her throne and shooed away the guard who came to tell her.

As she fumed she felt strong fingers massaging her neck and shoulders. She looked up into the bright blue eyes of Emma, her wife. "You always know how to calm my nerves" she said stroking Emma's hand. Emma kissed Regina's forehead and quietly slid onto her lap changing from her forehead to her mouth. Regina deepened the kiss until they heard footsteps. They turned to see Henry. "Am I interrupting?" Henry said with a smile allowing his eyes to glance over his wedding ring. He had met his prince a year back and now they were wed. Regina and Emma smiled at how happy their son was. Just as they were about to say something another guard appeared.

"Sorry to bother your majesties but the king of lions and the queens of the natural world are at the gates seeking an audience with your approval" the guard said keeping his head down. Regina smiled. She didn't rule with an iron hand like her mother but she didn't mind her subjects fearing her as well. "Let them in" she said waving a hand. Henry held in a laugh and waited for their guests.

Marcus and Tomas entered the throne room followed by the five queens. He bowed low. "How did you find this realm?" Regina asked with a low hiss. "I know all there is to know of what is on this land" Marcus said and without any other chances for questions began his story again for the new ears to hear. When he was done he looked to the royal family of the mid realm for their answer.

Taking Emma's hand in her left and Henry's in her right Regina stood and said "we would love to help but Stiltskin is mine" she said with a growl. Marcus nodded. "Get your affairs in order. We leave at day break" Marcus said and they exited the throne room.

That night Regina and Emma got all their magical items and their clothes packed. Henry got packed between saying goodbye to his husband, John, and trying not to cry. As the sun rose over the palace the adventurers made a circle in the palace courtyard. Marcus chanted in a language none of them knew and suddenly they weren't there anymore but somewhere new and loud.

Star City Airport

On the abandoned strip stood two groups of people, some with features that looked like one another, staring at each other. Just as things looked like they might move along a third set appeared.

"Ok everyone, I know your all confused but I am here to clear everything up" said E.2 Marcus with a grin. No one moved or said a word so Marcus figured he could start the story.

At the end, Marcus didn't wait for questions as he opened the postal back to E.2. "Those who want to help, continue forward, those who don't, pray for us" Marcus said and waited. To his surprise everyone made a motion for the gate and stepped through. The last ones in were him and Tomas. Kissing his husband the two walked hand in hand to the hardest Exorcism they will ever have done in their lifetime.