Disclaimer: This is a fan-fiction story adapted from Walt Disney Pictures 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' Produced by Don Hahn. Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirt Wise. Copyrighted to Disney Enterprises, Inc. All though the Prologue and Epilogue are heavily based on the fourth to last and the last scenes in the movie, this story is an original creation by D. J. Vlach.

Author's Notes: Like most fan-fiction work, it is best to have seen the movie for which it is based on. If you haven't seen the movie don't be afraid to jump right in. You will have enough background information to follow along without any problems by the end of the first chapter.

I wrote this story in order to explain the relationship between Milo and Kida, which was only a minor subplot in the movie. As this story takes place within the movie, I went to great lengths to write it in the same style as a film. Think of this story as an extended version of 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'.

Also, my interpretation of the movie's characters, mainly Milo and Kida, are strictly based on how they were betrayed in the film and by the commentary of the producer, directors and artists of 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'. My original characters, are of course, my own creations.

Here's a little teaser to get you started: In Atlantis you saw action, adventure and two kindred spirits in Milo and Kida meet. You may have even presumed that Milo and Kida fell in love, married and lived happily ever after. But did they? The answers are waiting for you back in Atlantis.

(On a personal note. Disney's 'Atlantis: Milo's Return' "Can return to the pit from which it came." To paraphrase Dr. Sweet.)


* By D. J. Vlach *

* Prologue *

The steam from the waterfalls cooling the lava slowly began to lift as Kida floated down into Milo's arms. Kida stirred and regained consciousness saying Milo's name as she realized where she was. Feeling something in her hand she opens it revealing a bracelet her mother took from her wrist when she had merged with, and was ultimately absorbed by the Heart of Atlantis when Kida was only a small child. Overcome with emotion, Kida throws her arms around Milo.

Milo was surprised, but quickly returned her embrace. Noticing the city when the steam completely cleared, Milo motioned Kida to look. Seeing what he was looking at, she couldn't help but smile. The near destruction of Atlantis by the erupting volcano had lowered the water level revealing the Atlantis of the past.

Kida and Milo walked out to the edge of the large semicircular palace courtyard overlooking the restored city. Kida didn't notice the rest of the surviving expedition members doing the same. Together they surveyed the sight that was now before them. Instead of a vast plateau of water, with one large island in the center, Atlantis now had three distinct levels radiating out from the center with each level ending in a waterfall. Buildings of every shape and size dotted the landscape and ancient aqueducts circled and crossed every level looking like elevated highways beckoning to be traveled. And in the distance, the giant stone guardians stood as sentinels atop mountains that surrounded Atlantis. It made one think of paradise.

For Kida the moment was even more poignant. For most of her life she had witnessed her city falling into ruins and her people's culture slowly fading away. Now the city had been resurrected and she was filled with a New Hope that her dream of restoring her people to their former greatness could be achieved.

Kida, without looking slowly extended her hand to Milo and he did the same. As they joined hands, Kida was happy that she was sharing this moment with him. She wasn't quite sure why, but she felt something more than just friendship for him. Milo was just happy that it was all over.

Rourke, the former leader of the expedition who had planned to steal the giant crystal known as the Heart of Atlantis and sell it to the highest bidder was now dead. Helga, his partner in crime as well as the rest of his men had all met the same fate as he. With their deaths Atlantis was now safe and the crystal had been returned to where it belonged, hovering high above the city for all to see.

Milo felt a certain satisfaction in knowing that he had helped return to the people of Atlantis, their deity which none of them had seen in over eight thousand years. But what made Milo happiest was that Kida was now safe.

As Kida stood hand in hand with Milo, fragments of images of the time she had spent merged with the Heart of Atlantis began to flash before her. She saw glimpses of Sweet; a large dark skinned man with no hair who Milo said was the kindly doctor of the expedition. There was Audrey, a young teenage girl who always seemed to be working on their strange machines. And a tall man named Vinny who could destroy things with little red sticks that Milo called dynamite. Mrs. Packord, an old lady who seemed to have no purpose other than to foul the air with strange smoking sticks that she was constantly puffing on. And then there was Cookie, an elderly man who seemed to be some sort of storyteller, although Milo said he prepared food that was not fit to eat. Lastly, there was that thing called Mole, a short fat filthy man that she found to be repulsive in every way and who she understood to be some sort of pet. All of which were fighting against Rourke and his masked men. This confused Kida. The images she saw conflicted with the memories of these very same people turning on Milo and taking her captive, but yet she knew that they had helped to save Atlantis.

Kida then saw images of Milo fighting Rourke. At first she found this to be comical, the diminished physique of Milo made it hard for her to believe that he would even think of standing up to Rourke, much less fight him. But then she felt concerned for Milo's safety, even though she knew that Rourke was dead.

Then there was that new feeling she had for Milo. It was definitely something more than just friendship. But before she could dwell on it, a vision of Mahtihm came to her accompanied by an intense feeling of love along with satisfaction that her mother was no longer just a little girls faded memory.

The last image Kida saw was of... "Tahbtoap!"