* Epilogue *

The days past quickly in Atlantis as everyone worked to complete the preparations for the Queen and Milo's wedding as well as the coronation. Kida's self-doubts were gone and she accepted her role as Queen, holding court almost everyday and never turned anyone away. But she still hated it when people bowed to her. Milo was not permitted to help in this task until after the wedding, but both Milo and Kida would walk the streets of Atlantis visiting people's homes making sure their concerns where being addressed. And the palace doors where always open to any one that needed help.

Milo worked diligently to complete Kashekim's King stone leaving only one small piece that he would chisel off the day of the wedding. He also worked hard at recruiting elders to help teach the people to read and write. Progress was slow with the adults but the children picked it up quickly, as did Kida.

Milo received his first tattoo, the mark of a scholar. At the same time, Kida received the markings that signified her as Queen. Both were quoted saying that they would rather fight a hundred Redic's than go through that again, but Milo would have one more date with the needle and ink after the wedding.

Even though Milo and Kida were both very busy with their tasks, they always found time for each other. Often at the end of the day they would sneak off to Kida's hide out. She would talk about her plans for the city and about how her day went. Milo preferred to just sit quietly and hold Kida. In the end, Milo would win out and they would sit in each other's embrace and watch the light softly fade into night.

Impesh and Toka continued to serve as royal guards and had great respect for Milo. So much so that both privately swore their allegiance to Milo before he took the throne as King. Impesh also gave Milo the most personal gift one warrior could give to another, his spear that Milo used to defeat Redic. Milo graciously accepted it but hoped he would never have to use it again.

Salin continued to serve as well. Kida never punished her for stealing the book, she understood what love could make a person do. Even if that love turned out to be false. Rosha finished Kida's new dress, a wedding dress that Kida loved and it wasn't to tight. Kida and Milo were also relieved when Rosha turned most of her attentions to Salin's love life instead of theirs. But Rosha would still nag on them about running off without the guards. Some things would never change.

The day of the wedding came and the ceremony was held in the newly refurbished throne room. Although the ceremony was Atlantean, it was very much like any other with the exchanging of vows and the priest chanting solemn words about love and devotion. There was one difference though. Instead of giving each other rings, Milo and Kida touched their crystals together to signify their union. The glow was nearly blinding.

After the wedding and a kiss that people would talk about for years, Milo took the royal vows that signified his devotion and promise to the people of Atlantis that he would be a just and honorable ruler. Even though Kida was already Queen, she did the same out of tradition.

The ceremony moved outside to the courtyard where everyone gathered to watch the raising of Kashekim's King stone. It was a poignant moment as Milo struck free the last piece of stone to complete the carving. A solemn moment when Kida touched her crystal to the King stone, charging it with crystal energy. As the King stone began to rise, Kida grabbed Milo's hand pulling him over to a nearby giant statue and began to climb. Once at the top, they stood hand in hand and watched Kashekim's King stone join the others that slowly circled the Heart of Atlantis high above the city.

Atlantean vehicles filled the skies as people celebrated in the streets. A new found excitement of what the future held in store filled everyone's heart. Atlantis was alive and well. But did Milo and Kida live happily ever after? Well that's another story.

Author: D. J. Vlach

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A special thanks to Sheila A. Vlach for her editing.

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