Yui's Father, Seiji Komori, who is a priest and a vampire hunter fears for the life of her daughter as the news reaches him that her heart is stolen by a famous demon after she joined the Vampire mansion. "My daughter is in great danger," Yui's Father tells Atsushi's Mother. Atsushi overhears him who in turn leaks the information to En Yufin as they meet later on.

As Yui's Dad was afraid of what might happen to his daughter, Atsushi and En Yufin go to Wombat, Ryuu and Io to tell what happened. After that, the Defense Club agrees to go to the Diabolik lover's mansion to find out what happened.

Outside the Vampire mansion is Kanato who is busy playing with his Teddy bear singing a lullaby while eating cherries. Suddenly, light strikes him, and he gets scared.

Yumoto appears in front of him and tells him "do not be afraid I am a friend. Can I eat some cherries?"

Not knowing what to do, Kanato started screaming, "Help me! There is a stranger in the house!" as he attacks Yumoto that is when Ayato shows up from nowhere to help.

Yumoto tries to escape, but they overpower him putting him on the ground while trying to drink his blood. Luckily, Wombat appears and uses his powers to change Kanato and Ayato which fails because they run into their mansion.

As Kanato and Ayato enter the mansion, they encounter Kinshiro and Ibushi who convince them that they are on their side by saying, "The Defense Club members are dangerous, and they will conquer your mansion." Kinshiro knew about the mission through Atsushi.

As they are talking, Subaru comes from outside making Kinshiro and Ibushi afraid that he enters the house like nothing is happening. Akoya is looking for Kinshiro and Ibushi where he meets Ryuu and Io Naruko trying to enter the Mansion through the penthouse. Ryuu and Io Naruko ask Akoya, "Why are you and your Conquest club crew interfering with our mission?" The confrontation alerts Karlheinz who appears abruptly and hits them onto the ground.

On seeing this from a distance, Dadacha appears flying fast and starts fighting Karlheinz. Ryuu and Io Naruko take advantage and sneak into the Mansion finding themselves in Shuu's bedroom. The room was paying loud music as Shuu sleeps lazily on the bed.

Karlheinz overpowers Dadacha and captures him then raises an alarm that there are intruders in the mansion. By then, Wombat and his crew except for Yumoto, who Akihiko and Haruhiko are quarreling after they meet, are inside the vampire mansion gathering information on Yui's stolen heart. Hearing the news of aliens, Reiji starts searching the mansion and he feels to succeed Shuu must help out, as he is the master of the house.

As he enters Shuu's bedroom, he sees Ryuu and Io Naruko searching in cabinets and drawers Reiji asks them "who are you and what do you want?" They explain to him their mission making him understand them as it was a big issue to them too. Reiji removes the headphones from Shuu's ears saying, "Wake up you lazy bone, we got guests in the house." Shuu wakes up, and the first thing he sees is strangers. "These are our friends they are here to help us restore Yui's soul" Reiji explains.

While entering the leaving room, Wombat meets Karlheinz cuffing Dadacha. On seeing Wombat, Karlheinz shouts, "My boys we are under attack." Hearing this, Ayato, Subaru, and Kanato appear in a flash. Kinshiro and Ibushi are happy watching from a hidden place as Ayato uses his power to fight Wombat.

The fight gets tough as Wombat overpowers Ayato hence alarming all the brothers. Shuu and Reiji tell Ryuu and Io Naruko, "please hide in the ceiling board," as they run into the leaving room to find out what is up.

On their way, they meet Laito who starts joking around, but they force him to join them, as there is a situation in the mansion. Wombat explains, "My team is on a mission of restoring Yu's soul, we are just helping you out." Karlheinz did not give him time to finish as he starts fighting him with his supernatural powers.

Wombat uses all his powers, but Karlheinz counters them while saying angrily "Who told you we need your help?! Anyway, I am far much better the whole of you as I know your next moves."

That is when Dadacha frees himself, and the conquest club escapes the mansion leaving behind the Cute High Earth Defense Club. "I wish the vampires kill them all," Dadacha comments.

"Huuuh!" Kinshiro reacts. "But I don't want At-chan to die... Even though I'm still a bit mad at him..." He looked down a bit.

"I'm kidding!" Dadacha Laughs and shakes in fear after being attacked by Karlheinz. "Karlheinz is the most powerful Vampire and scary too."

"You think?" Ibushi added. "We should find Akoya, I think Akoya is with the Battle Lovers," Ibushi said while he looks around.

"Alright let's go find him!" Kinshiro yelled as he followed Ibushi backed into the Vampire Mansion where Akoya might be.

Dadacha found Akihiko and Haruhiko with Yumoto. "Dadacha, there you guys are! Also Yumoto your friends are in danger! Hurry up!" Dadacha Yelled. The four of them catch up to Kinshiro and Ibushi to the Vampire Mansion.

Author's note: I'll be posting the next chapter in a few weeks depending on my schedule.