Title: Bulls Eye (for lack of a better one)
Author: sparkle*
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Rating: PG
Spoilers: D.O.A.
Summary: Uh...vignette...set after D.O.A. Not terribly
interesting, and very short. Please r&r!
Disclaimer: It belongs to Fox, not me.

A/N: first JD fic, obviously...I wrote it awhile ago, when the ep
aired, but there was no JD category then. Anyway, maybe I will
write a better fic later, when there's been more to write about.

He had the most fun he'd had since...since he could remember.
Kicking back and being casual and candid with Frank and
Digger...and Jamie. She was the last person he'd expect to
establish a rapport with, and maybe they'd both just drank a
little too much, he thought...but...he had been enjoying her
company. And she seemed to be doing the same, after she'd
resigned herself to staying. After playing a few games of darts
on her side against the others, and winning all of them, he'd
decided to see who of the two of them was the better dart player.

And he seemed to have met his match, as Digger had said. They
tied. Three times. After the last game of darts, she retreated
to a seat towards the end of the bar, farther away from the rest
of them. He watched her go, and imagined her sitting home every
other Friday night, all alone with Lucky Charms and Chardonnay,
perhaps talking to her turtle as she threw darts, nothing better
to do.

It was so pitiful it reminded him of himself. He walked over to
where she was sitting and seated himself on the stool next to her.
She looked over at him, absent-mindedly twirling the glass in her

"What're you going over here? Don't you want to go challenge
someone to a game of darts? ...Someone you can beat?" She gave a
small smile.

"Nah. It's no fun if it's not a challenge," he replied, with a
smile of his own.

He continued, "I just want to apologize. For getting you involved
in this. I never realized the consequences that...my presence
would have."

"You couldn't have known. And...I don't blame you," she said
slowly. Then deciding to make light of the situation, "Besides,
it gives me a little excitement in my life."

"You can't tell me you sit at home every night and
weekend...keeping your turtle company."

"Well, he appreciates it." She chuckled.

They continued to talk for several hours, until the bar was ready
to close. Surprisingly to John, Jamie did most of the talking.
She had enough to talk about, and he was all too eager to listen.
He wouldn't have much to say about himself anyway.

She glanced at the clock, and realizing the late hour, got up to
leave. The others were all ready to head home, too.

"Guess I better be going. It was nice talking to you.
Thanks...for making me stay. And for listening." With that, she
turned to go.



He flipped the lights on in his empty apartment, tired but happy.
Marker in hand, he walked over to one of his walls covered in
papers. Toward a list titled 'friends,' to which he added a name.
Jamie Avery.


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