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Superior Spider-Man The Hero I Want To Be – Episode Two The Terrible Truth Part II

Laboratory of Otto Octavius New York City, night

Anna Maria Marconi had no idea what to do. Her boyfriend Peter Parker wasn't Peter Parker. Her body wasn't own. Her life as she knew it was over. The worst part of all was she still had feelings, strong feelings, for Otto Octavius. But Otto Octavius was a bad man, an unrepentant murderer several times over. Did loving a bad man make her a bad person? Her head, no Black Cat's head swam. She felt like she was going to be sick.

"This can't be happening. This can't be happening. This can't be happening." Anna told herself. "I've got to be dreaming. Yeah, I'm dreaming. Any second I'll wake and this nightmare will end. Peter will get a kick out of this when I tell him. No more late night snacks for me." Anna pinched her arm hard enough to bruise the skin which then rapidly began to heal but nothing else happened. She didn't wake up because this was no dream this was harsh reality.

"No, no, no, no, no," Anna said shaking her head vigorously. "No, no, no, no, no, no!" Anna slammed her balled up fist into the stainless steel examination table denting it severely. To her surprise, her hand remained unharmed. Anna stared at her hand in wonder flexing her fingers experimentally. "Black Cat is one strong girl," Anna said. Her scientific curiosity getting the better of her Anna could not help but speculate on what just transpired. She remembered reading somewhere years ago that Felicia Hardy's father had somehow memorized the Super Soldier Formula he later used it on his daughter. "Which would explain my I mean her prodigious physical strength and durability. Hitting that examination table as hard as I did should have fractured every bone in my hand yet it is clearly unharmed."

Anna slumped into a nearby chair her head in her hands. "What am I going to do?" She said aloud. At that moment Anna noticed the robot called Living Brain who was standing in the corner quietly observing her actions. "Is Otto using you to spy on me?" She demanded to know infuriated her suspicions would be proven correct.

"Master is concerned about your wellbeing, Mistress Marconi." Living Brain reported in its squeaky electronically generated voice.

"Don't call me that, not anymore," Anna said.

"Whyever not mistress? Anna Maria Marconi is your formal designation." Living Brain beeped.

"Before yes not so much now," Anna said glancing down at her strange new body.

"What shall be your new designation mistress?" Living Brain beeped.

"Black Cat I guess," Anna said uncertainly. "It'll have to suffice until I can think of something more appropriate."

"Very well Mistress Black Cat." Living Brain beeped.

"Where is Otto?" Anna asked following a moment of silence.

"I do not know master's current location, Mistress Black Cat. Master has disabled the onboard tracker unit in his suit." Living Brain beeped. "Master appeared distraught following your conversation with him. Are you displeased with master, Mistress Black Cat?"

"I sure am," Anna said. She got out of the chair and paced around the room. "Otto had no right to do what he did."

"I am confused by your reaction, Mistress Black Cat. Master preserved your continued physical existence by placing your consciousness in a new biological shell after your previous biological shell was critically damaged beyond repair. Why are you displeased by this action on the part of master?" Living Brain beeped. His computation circuits worked overtime but a logical reason for Anna's apparent disapproval eluded his logical mind.

"Because one he didn't consult me," Anna said counting off the reasons on her fingers while she continued to pace. "Two, he murdered another person so I could go on living. Three, he's been lying to me about his true identity since we met."

"Master is far from perfect by biological standards." Living Brain beeped. "However, this unit is certain of one thing."

"And what would that be?" Anna asked. She had stopped pacing and now stood directly in front of the blinking robot.

"Master loves you Mistress Black Cat. After your accident master told this unit he could not go on living without you. Master requires your presence to function at an optimal level of efficiency which is why master did what he did." Living Brain beeped. "Don't hold master's flaws against him."

"I don't know if I can ever forgive him. I'm sorry." Anna said.

"This unit does not require an apology, Mistress Black Cat, as this unit is incapable of emotional responses and thus offense." Living Brain beeped. "This unit will assist Mistress Black Cat anyway this unit can."

"Could you fetch me some proper clothing?" Anna asked.

"At once Mistress Black Cat." Living Brain beeped before it rolled off. Anna had no idea where or how the robot would locate clothing for her but at the moment she did not care much assuming it did so soon.

Anna sat alone with her troubled thoughts for about an hour before Living Brain returned with a pair of blue jeans, a red long sleeved shirt, panties, and a bra each in her size. "Where did you get these?" Anna inquired while putting on her clothes.

"This unit replicated the items of clothing via master's matter rearranger device." Living Brain beeped.

"What did you use for raw materials?" Anna asked.

"The clothing of your former body and those of Ms. Hardy." Living Brain beeped.

"I see," Anna said suddenly unnerved by the feel of her new clothing.

"Is something amiss Mistress Black Cat?" Living Brain beeped having picked up on Anna's dismay.

"Nothing you need concern yourself with," Anna said. 'This is going to take some getting used to.' Anna thought as she finished putting on her clothes which were snugger that she would have liked especially in certain places.

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

I decided to save this story from the chopping block. Expect a new full-length chapter sometime early in March. Also, I've decided to give Black Cat (or in this case Anna) super soldier type powers like she had in the old Spider-Man Animated Series from the 1990s.