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was nearly two in the morning. But he couldn't sleep. Dean's eyes flashed from the ceiling to the walls. His arm tightened around the man who nuzzled into his chest. He had woken up half an hour ago. Something burning in the inside of his chest. Something that just wouldn't settle down. The worst about it, this wasn't the first time he ever felt something like this. Absentmindedly he felt the scar that ran over his arm from the last time this feeling came. The shadows of the dark room seemed to dance happily. As if they knew something more than he. This bad feeling was the start of a long string of bad events. Or at least one, really.

Alright so last time he had this feeling he'd gotten nearly a month off of work due to injury. He shook his head and tried to sit up.

A calm hand splayed over the middle of his chest. "You alright?"

Dean successfully sat up as blue eyes pierced the darkness. "Yeah, bad dream." His fingers brushed through his husband's dark hair. "Go back to sleep baby,"

"Where are you going?" Cas sat up as Dean got up.

"Glass of water," Dean looked back as Cas lay back down.

"Just come back,"

Cas didn't see the smile that lit Dean's face. "You know I will."

Maybe the worst part about this feeling, aside from what would inevitably come with it, was that he never told anyone about it. He'd never warn Cas, or even Sam. He didn't need to worry them. They had enough to worry about to begin with. Dean sighed as he flipped the faucet on, filling the glass. He leaned against the counter as he took a sip. The pads of his finger running over the scar. Eyes looking out the kitchen window at the moonlit sky. Everything would be fine.

It had to.

Chomping down on his self-made breakfast sandwich, Dean watched as Cas fretted over his most current work.

"Cas, baby, you're gonna be late if you keep this up." Dean had set his breakfast down and looped his arms around the professor.

"And you'll be late if you keep watching me!" Cas's eyes widened at his sudden outburst. This new painting has had him riled up for days now. He was stressing about it way too much.

"Hey, hey." Dean whispered, rubbing Castiel's arms. His lips ghosted over the other man's neck. "We're on the same team here." A line both had thrown out in the midst of a fight, or beginning of one.

Cas turned in Dean's arms. "I'm sorry, Dean I'm-"

Dean leaned down. His lips melted over Castiel's. "Hey Cas,"

"Hhmm?" Cas's eyes were closed, his hand had moved up, fingers brushing Dean's cheek.

"Shut up."

"Gladly," Cas chuckled with a wild grin. He leaned in for several more kisses.

"Well chief, I'd think you'd want to wash up before you ran around like one of Cas's latest paintings." Benny laughed as Dean walked into the fire house.

"The hell you talking about?" The Winchester's brows furrowed.

Benny snorted. "It's all over your face, man. Cas marked you up real well."

Still confused Dean lifted his fingers to his face. There was a rough texture, and Dean groaned. He made a beeline for the bathroom. One look in the mirror revealed he had an array of blue shades and white on his faces. Mostly limited to the side that Cas's hand had been running over.

That little shit.

It wasn't difficult to clean up, but he sent a teasing text to his husband anyway.

'If you wanted to mark me so badly there are other ways'

The reply came in a matter of seconds.

'I have full intention on taking that offer'

Dean couldn't help the laugh as he went about the miscellaneous chores they had around the house. He preferred maintenance. Saving people, fixing things, his day job. He became entranced in the squad truck that had been giving squad 4 a hell of a time. Dean was seeming to be getting it all taken care of.

He wiped his sweaty brow with a grease covered hand. He tapped the front of the rig. "All right, start 'er up Bobby."

The older mechanic did just that. The big rig coming to life without even so much as a sputter. With an approving nod Bobby cut the engine and climbed out. Rufus, the fire Chief called on his friend to help out with the trucks when it wasn't quite a one man job. "Good work, boy." He clapped Dean on the shoulder. It was getting on to be lunchtime.

Then Dean's phone started ringing. "Give me a sec Bobby." The Winchester walked away, answering the phone. "Sammy," he greeted with a smile.

"Hey Dean, I was wondering if Bobby or Rufus won't be a tight ass if you could swing by-"

"I heard that!" Bobby grumbled. Rufus also mumbled out a "Hey!"

Dean laughed. "Caught red handed Sam." Dean looked back at the chief with a questioning gaze.

"This hard ass is alright with it. Just take a radio." Rufus had heard it all too. Standing with his arms crossed before continuing on to whatever little mission he was on beforehand.

"That hard ass is alright with it. Hey!" Dean yelped when he was suddenly smacked in the back of his head.

"Should get Rufus to put you on mop duty."

"You wouldn't have the heart old man."

"Keep that up and I won't have second thoughts." Bobby snarled jokingly.

"I think the runt was needing a hand with equipment." Dean waved off the had-been fireman.

"Kid has a name Dean." Bobby smacked the young man again. "Not everyone is as big or pigheaded as you. And you walked into that one." With that Bobby went to make sure Alfie was getting along alright. For as much as he was around the house he was just as much of the team as any of them were.

"Having fun there?" Sam questioned from the other end of the phone.

"Just dying Sammy. Be there shortly." With that he put his phone away, before patting the side of truck 67. That was a hell of a good number. "C'mon boys, let's take a ride."

"You're just itching to get out aren't you?" Charlie questioned as she poked her head out from inside the ambulance as Dean pulled himself up front. Benny was at the wheel. She and Jo were doing inventory.

"Little brother calls, so I answer." He pulls the door shut, but hangs his arm through the open window. "Try not to miss me."

Charlie laughs as she rolls her eyes. "Don't flatter yourself Winchester."

Dean gives a cheeky two finger salute as Benny brings the ring to life and drives her forward.

Dean tugged the strap around him that held the radio, before adjusting his suspenders. Sam had wanted to meet him at the Roadhouse instead of his busy office. It happened to be the lunch hour anyway, so when Dean sat down there was a plate of fries that surrounded a cheeseburger. The only question he gave was an arched eyebrow. Sam's leg was jittering under the table.

"What's up with you?" Dean questioned before taking a hefty bite from the seeming peace offering. For what, he was probably about to find out.

And off to the races they went. "There's just something I couldn't wait to tell you-"

"Sam." Dean interrupted. "That's my knee."

Sam quickly straightened up, having shifted to swing his leg. "Sorry, sorry." What had his panties in a twist?

"Sammy if you stole my-"

"No, Dean. I didn't do that again." The elder brother wanted to snort at the phrase. Again.

"Then out with it."

"I was wanting to tell you and Cas at the same time, but I just had to get this out. Jess and I-"

The conversation was interrupted once again, but this time from the radio that rested around Dean.

"Shit," the elder Winchester cursed. "Gotta cut this lunch date short baby brother."

"But Dean-"

"Duty calls Sam." With that Dean bolted through the door before Sam could even blink. Through the front windows he watched his older brother climb into the fire truck. Benny already had the lights going, and the moment Dean shut the door the sirens blared. Sam looked at the near half eaten burger. With a sigh he flagged Ellen over.

"You didn't get to tell him did you?" Ellen placed Dean's food in a to-go box either of them might drop by the station.

"Nope. Guess we'll have to over the dinner Jess suggested."

Little did he know that nearly an hour or so later he'd be getting one distressed phone call from Castiel.