The Command Shuttle of the First Order was quiet, at least, quiet enough for the Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren. Outside his throne room, he could hear the Stormtroopers marching in rank, and the distant chatting of other commanders on the ship.

The Rebels had gotten away...again. Rey had gotten away, all because of Skywalker's fancy party trick. Clenching a leather clad fist, Kylo grunted inside his newly created helmet. It had been fashioned to look just like his old one, just newer and still sparkling. It didn't hinder his vision of Snoke's old halls, and Kylo could still see the stains on the black marble where his old master once lay dead. It was satisfying to kill him. But it wasn't satisfying enough.

Leaning on an elbow as he thought to himself, Kylo tapped three fingers against the edge of his mask. The Rebels didn't have anywhere to go in the inner Galaxy, the First Order had footholds everywhere. Which meant they would no doubt flee into the Outer Rim, where they'd be more difficult to track and eliminate. Humming slightly, Kylo crossed one leg over another as he sat back and stared up at the ceiling. If he were the Rebellion, where would he go to hide out?

"Supreme Leader,"

Glancing up, a Stormtrooper stood in the doorway,

"What?" Kylo's voice was muffled by his respirator as the Trooper flinched slightly,

"You have a visitor, sir. Should I escort them in?"

"No, I know who it is. Get out," Kylo waved a hand dismissively as the Trooper nodded and left the room. A second or so later, the door opened as another figure waltzed in, "it took you long enough to get here," Kylo grumbled, glancing up from his thoughts, "what held you?"

"Ever the impatient one, aren't you Kylo,"

Standing before him was a young woman no older then he. She was slender and tall, very clearly female and draped in black fabric. Her cat like eyes bore into him like emeralds, as a long, yet dark and thin braid swished back and forth against her tailbone, "really, with the mask? You look foolish,"

Allowing a harsh chuckle to escape his throat, Kylo lifted his helmet off and set it aside,

"You should have more respect for the Supreme Leader, Rhylex," he then said, staring level eyed at the girl as she rolled her head to one side,

"Please, you're nothing more to me then you were back at the Jedi Palace," sashaying forward, Rhylex draped herself across one of Kylo's knees, "that scar suits you,"

"I didn't summon you here to play games," Kylo insisted, taking up the girls hand in his as she ran her fingers down his scar, "I need you to do something for me,"

"Oh? What kind of something?" Stretching out slightly, Rhylex laid across Kylo's lap as he rubbed his clean shaven chin with a hand,

"I need you to go on a mission. As a Knight Of Ren, you are best suited for the job,"

"A mission? What, am I just your errand girl now?" Rhylex huffed and stood from Kylo's lap, causing him to sit up, "It's been what, five years since I've seen you? And all you want from me is a silly mission? This is about someone else isn't it, she's there in your mind. She's ugly-"

"Rhylex," Kylo rolled his eyes, shaking away his thoughts, "this is bigger then you or me," standing from his throne and walking towards his ex-girlfriend, Kylo wrapped both arms around her, "this is for the First Order. I know you want us to succeed in taking over the universe,"


Pouting slightly, Kylo knitted his arms around Rhylex's thin waist, slowly rocking back and forth as he gently kissed her ear,

"For me, Rhylex? For the First Order? You wouldn't want to disappoint, would you?"

There was a moment of nothing before Rhylex sighed heavily and groaned,

"Ok fine, you win. But I choose my reward,"

"Anything you want...well, almost anything,"

Kylo made a face as Rhylex huffed and stuck her tongue out slightly. Untangling themselves for the time being, Rhylex adjusted her braid,

"So, what's the mission?"

"The Rebels have escaped me for the last time. I'm tired of wasting my resources and failing to apprehend such a small group of scum." Tapping his fingers against the side of his check, Kylo began to pace the floor as Rhylex lifted a brow, "I need you to travel to the outer rim. Disguise yourself, befriend them. Track their movements. And when the time comes we'll strike, and destroy them once and for all,"

"I don't come cheap, Supreme Leader," Rhylex stated, "and I want to bring my own men,"

"Fine, do as you must. Just don't let the Rebellion catch wind of our plan,"

"I'm better then that, Kylo," Rhylex mumbled, rubbing the back of her neck as she sighed, "alright, I'll do it. Any idea where I should start looking?"

"Based on the...General's, connection to Luke Skywalker, there's only one place in the outer rim I can imagine they would go to find allies-"

"Let me guess, Tatooine? Ugh, why is it always that dust bowl of a planet?"

"As unfortunate as it may be for your wardrobe, Rhylex, it is no doubt where the Rebellion is headed." Turning slightly, Kylo held out a hand as he entered into Rhylex's mind, "you will keep me updated on the whereabouts of the Rebels though this mind link. The scavenger girl is Force Sensitive so be weary on when you use it,"

"Fine. What do you want me to do with the scum when this is all over?"

Hesitating slightly, Kylo slowly made his way back up to his throne and sat down, sliding the mask back down over his face as he inhaled deeply,

"No survivors. I want them all slaughtered,"

"Even the girl?" Rhylex lifted a lip slightly as Kylo looked down on her from his l raised view,

"Everyone. The resources of the First Order are at your disposal."

"I'll serve you well, Supreme Leader, you have my word." Turning, Kylo watched Rhylex go, only for her to stop and turn, "you aren't the same man, Kylo Ren," she said, smiling brightly with a sadistic gleam in her eye, "I like that,"

Then she was gone, leaving the throne room empty again as Kylo sunk down in his chair and sighed, closing his eyes for meditation.

The Rebellion didn't have a chance of survival now.