A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far


Star Wars



"Harbingers of Doom"


finally defeated the Forces


and restored peace to the


Unknown to all, a new threat

is breeding in the Deep Core.

For the last Thirty years a


SITH has been gaining in


Now Luke Skywalker and

his brave JEDI KNIGHTS

must fight once again to

protect the Galaxy...

Chapter One

The Republic-Class Star Destroyer Griffon lead its task force through the Khomm Systems. Two of the older MC80 type Mon Cal Cruisers followed in formation close behind along with six powerful Rebel Assault Frigates.

Admiral Tealera Meduk stood on the Bridge of her Star Destroyer marvelling once more at how she ended up here. Some thirty years ago she had turned her back on the Empire, leaving the Imperial service after a failed invasion of a distant galaxy. She had spent the next few years gaining the trust of the Rebel leadership and even commanded a small gunship at the battle of Endor.

She had resigned from the Republic Fleet after the defeat of the Cloned Emperor and spent the next few years in relative quiet on Chad. That is until the Yuuzhan Vong came and conquered the planet.

The Vong were defeated now, for the most part driven from the galaxy though some forces remained. The Republic was scattered, many of its member worlds having collaborated with the Vong, were now afraid of the repercussions from worlds that had stood against Vong.

"Admiral," the Captain of the Griffon, Trist Orine, said as he approached Meduk, "We are detecting some strange energy readings on the edge of the system. They do not match any energy type known to the Republic."

"Let me see," Meduk said taking the datapad he was carrying and reviewing the data carefully.

"This looks familiar to me," she said before the realization hit her, "Change course to intercept."

"Bring all combat systems on line, raise shields and be prepared for a fight."

"Admiral, what is it?" Orine asked.

"Thirty years ago," Meduk told him, "I commanded a secret mission for the Empire, these energy spikes are similar to a pattern I remember from that mission. Let's just say it went badly."

"Admiral," the sensor officer called, "We are detecting over three hundred small vessels approaching this position."

"Show me," she ordered.

A wireframe diagram of one of the ships appeared on her holo-monitor, it looked like nothing more than a large spike with four claw-like wings. As the diagram coalesced into a real-time image she could see that the vessel was jet black and glossy, reflecting the small amount of ambient light.

"Battle stations," Meduk ordered, "Have all craft target those ships, I want them erased from the universe."

"What are they," Orine demanded.

"Swarmships," Meduk responded, "Death, the Magog."

Seeing that he wasn't going to get a understandable answer out of her, Orine decided to simply carry out her orders.

"All craft are engaging, Admiral," Orine reported.

That was when it all fell apart.

The Mon Cal cruiser on the starboard side exploded as three strange missiles struck home.

"What in the worlds," Orine gasped.

"They're equipped with point-singularity projectors," Meduk responded quietly, "This fight is too big for us. Captain, take us into hyperspace."

"What about the planet," Orine demanded.

"The planet is lost either way, Trist," she told him, "And believe me, this is much worse than you think."


Power filled him, like no other creature had ever experienced, star, planets, galaxies they would all bow to him and the power of the Abyss. Once he was a Sith Lord, Darth Krell he was called, but he had moved beyond the power of that flesh being. He never realized that flesh could be so limiting.

Now he was a dark and terrible creature with consumed with power that glowed like light from his insubstantial form. And he had servants, Harbingers of the Abyss he called them, who would spread his power across the universe.

Thousands of slaves laboured before him, constructing the artificial star that would power his new vessel. The Emperor had granted Worldships to those of his servants who pleased him and had served him well. Krell had been aware of this and had stolen the plans for the vessels from the Emperor's own database.

This vessel however, was an adapted form. Two planets would be placed in position over the artificial star and directly attached to each other by massive structures and held together by artificial gravity. The best part was that as his power grew he could add more worlds to the vessel and carry even more of his servants with him across the cosmos.

He had already sent his Harbingers, the holy warriors of the Abyss that some had called Magog, to conquer several nearby worlds. Once that had been completed the was able to build the forces he needed to conquer the galaxy.

Swarmships were built, Harbingers were born and fed, and they grew in numbers. It had only taken five years to build a force large enough to bring this galaxy to its very knees.

The Abyss would be served.


The Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, hero of a hundred battles and champion of the Force was laying on the floor of his private quarters at the Jedi Academy located deep in the Kessel Maw, playing peekaboo with his three year old son. Luke was amazed at the progress the small child had already made in the Force. Ben was already able to do things that non of the Solo children had been able to do at his age.

"Daddy," Ben said with a strangely serious voice for one so small, "Bad things. Bad things."

Confused at his child's statement, Luke picked Ben up from the floor and tried his best to comfort him as he grew more upset. A comm. signal interrupted Luke's attempt to make sense of a three year old.

Luke activated the communication system and said, "Skywalker here."

"Master Skywalker," the image of female Republic Admiral appeared, "I'm not sure if you remember me Master Skywalker, I am Admiral Tealera Meduk."

"Of course Admiral," Skywalker replied, "I do remember you, but you haven't contacted me in thirty years. Why now?"

"Master," she began, "Six hours ago, I encountered a Magog swarm in the Khomm System. I believe you remember the Magog."

"I remember," Skywalker replied, "This is bad."

"Very bad," Meduk replied, "They don't seem to be fooling around this time, as they did with the Commonwealth, they are using point-singularity weapons. The Republic has no defence against that kind of weapon."

"I need your help, Master," Meduk told him, "My ship is waiting outside the Maw, as we can't navigate the black holes, I'd like you to come with me to Coruscant to convince the Republic to commit our forces to defeating the Magog invasion before it can spread."

"Of course," Skywalker replied," I'll be no more than an hour."