Daimyo Shi gets his LIAC.

The concept of LIAC [live In anime Characters] was brought forth by Tae her LIAC stories can be found at her site. I take tis time to thank Tae for her contributions to Rurounin Kenshin Fan-fiction over the years by hosting the Award site and developing many ideas and stories which I have found useful and enjoyable over the last two years.


Daimyo Shi paces the floor. { today is the day I get my LIAC, and such a good deal, two for one!}

Laying on the table is a full colour flyer outlining the number of different anime characters available with circles around something with a Tenchi Muyo and Rurounin Kenshin logos.

There is a knock at the door.

"Oh Yes they are here!" says a joyful Daimyo Shi.

He skips his way to the door like a Japanese School girl. He opens the door finding a puzzled Ryoga standing there.

"Is this Toronto?" asks Ryoga.

"Hai." replied Daimyo Shi with a puzzled expression {I don't remember ordering anyone from Ranma 2/1?}

"Really?" Ryoga beamed "then do you know where 3330 Keele street is?"

That is here!" replied Daimyo Shi "why?"

"Well this is where Akane is going to be a LIAC." said Ryoga.

"Uh . . . right she not here yet." said Daimyo Shi.

Ryoga sweat drops.

"Come in, would you like some tea?"

"Uh . . Thank you, forgive my inconvenience." says Ryoga bowing deep to Daimyo Shi.

"No problem." said Daimyo Shi smiling as he leads Ryoga to the kitchen. "Is green tea alright?"

"Hai, I mean yes." said Ryoga

Ryoga and Daimyo sip their tea in silence until the doorbell rings again. Both Ryoga and Daimyo Shi walk over to the door and Daimyo Shi opens the door and sees Ranma and Akane arguing and behind them is a happy looking Washu and an indifferent Saitou Hajime.

"Ranma you are begin stupid! We were assigned to different caretakers!" yells Akane. "We knew the risks before we agreed to this!"

"Yeah, but it didn't say you could be assigned to some hentai fan boy ogling you morning, noon and night!" yells Ranma back. Daimyo Shi looks at himself in his formal black kimono and matching Hakama with his Silk Jacket with a white mon with the kanji ko [Steel] on it and then looks at Ranma with death in his eyes.

"Ahem! Ranma what was that?" said Daimyo Shi.

"See what I mean Akane." says Ranma barely looking at Daimyo Shi.

A large cross shaped vain pops on Daimyo Shi's forehead. Ryoga laughs nervously, Saitou's response is a barely noticeable arched eyebrow. "Ranma-kun I don't think was wise." said Washu.

Daimyo Shi right crosses Ranma into the front yard. Akane wears a shocked expression. Ryoga is trying to hide his amusement. Daimyo Shi walks out into the yard in a rather demonic form. "What did you call me Ranma-chan!" Daimyo Shi's eyes turn blood red.

"I called you a hentai fan boy!' said Ranma as he executes a jumping kick to Daimyo Shi's chest sending him flying into his neighbour's red mini-van. Daimyo Shi pulls himself out of the van door that is now dented {ignore the pain!} "Guess I going to have to get serious" said Daimyo Shi flicking the blood away from his mouth. Daimyo Shi charges at Ranma pulling a no-dachi from hyper-space and slash at Ranma with it.

"What the?! how he do that?" asks Ranma frantically dodging the no-dachi.

"I show you hentai, Ranma!!!!!" screams Daimyo Shi.

"STOP IT!!!!" screams Akane.

Both Ranma and Daimyo Shi stop, the no-dachi disappears. Washu is busy taking readings from the fight

"fascinating, I not use to guys being able to use stuff from hyper-space.

"Alright, let's try this again then." said Daimyo she as he walks back to his door. He bows towards Washu, Hajime, and Akane. "Welcome to my abode, I presume that Washu-chan, Saitou-sama, and Tendo-san are here to be my LIAC."

"Hai" replied all of them.

"Ryoga? Why are you here?" asked Akane.

"Uh . . . Well . . . I . . . I am Shi-sama's LIAC too..

Daimyo Shi shoots Ryoga a questioning look and Ryoga responded with a pleadings look.

"Wait a minute you mean Akane is going to live in the same house as Ryoga and this hentai?" stated Ranma.

"Who you calling a hentai Ranma-chan! Shouted Daimyo Shi.

"Ranma are you not going to be a LIAC for Chan Marie?" asks Washu.

"Yeah so?" said Ranma.

"Maire is a girl's name!" shouts Ryoga, Akane, Daimyo Shi, and Washu.

"That different!" states Ranma.

"How the hell is it different?" demands Akane.

"Well you are a girl Akane." states Ranma.

"Oh, Grow Up Ranma. If anyone should know how lust crazed a girl can be it is you." says Akane.

"Ranma crosses his arms and scowls "It is just not right, especially with these two hentai!"

"Hey, who you calling Hentai? Ranma!" shouts both Ryoga and Daimyo Shi.

"Ranma! Die!!" screams Akane as she kicks Ranma sky high between the two apartment buildings across from Daimyo Shi's house. Daimyo Shi raises his arms up like a football referee and exclaims "It is Good!" Daimyo Shi Bows before his new LIAC, who return it. Daimyo Shi asks "won't you all come in now?"

Akane, Ryoga, Washu and Hajime all follow in daimyo Shi to the Kitchen, where Daimyo Shi hands out cups with green tea in them. He then raises his cup and says "Here is to new beginning and new friends."

"Here here." reply all anime characters.


Hai = Yes

Hentai = pervert