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"Inuyasha!" I screamed and ran towards his unconscious body, barely paying attention to the tall blur of white that was also moving towards him. "Stop it!" I fell to my knees beside him, the sight before me nearly breaking my poor heart. His hands were still covered in so much blood, and I wasn't sure if it was his, or the thieves. At the moment I didn't care, I just wanted my Inuyasha back.

'My Inuyasha' I thought to myself, and allowed myself the moment of possession.

"He finally stopped moving," came that icy voice behind me and my hand clenched on Tetsusaiga's, hilt as I looked over my shoulder at him, glaring with all the hatred that I felt at that moment. That bastard, he did this on purpose, he was using Inuyasha's greatest weakness against him. Oh, I wish I had tried to stop him.

He was barely breathing under my hands, and I could feel the power of his youkai stirring in his blood. The coppery smell around us only reminded me of the sight that was still floating in my mind. My beloved Inuyasha, a monster, a true monster, taking great pleasure in killing humans. He was actually smiling. I wasn't scared of him, no.I was scared for him, each cry pierced my soul, each slash of his claws hit my heart. This wasn't Inuyasha, I had to keep telling myself, this was some demon that had taken a hold of him.

Sesshoumaru took a few steps towards us and I screamed at him, "Don't come near, baka!" My voice sounded foreign in my own ears, shrill and exhausted. I vaguely heard Sango and Shippo shouting something, but I refused to turn my eyes away from the demon lord. I knew that if he decided on the final blow, I might be the only thing to protect the man I loved, and it was a risk I was willing to take.

'How could this possibly be his brother? How could anyone do this to their own family!'

"If you want to stop him, change his form using Tetsusaiga," he said coldly, and calmly, his voice never shifting pitch in the slightest. "If he regains consciousness now, he'll start attacking again."

I couldn't believe my ears, he was actually warning me, trying to protect me, and save Inuyasha. 'There might be hope yet' I thought to myself

My world was a blur, the shock of all this was almost too much for my poor stressed mind to register. Miroku and Sango stood before me, protecting me, and spoke.but I couldn't hear it. I just kept looking down at the unconscious hanyou before me.

'Oh, Inuyasha, why?'

"I will kill him at another time, "I finally heard through the haze of sound and glanced back at Sesshoumaru in surprise, "but right now, he doesn't even know who he is. Just killing him isn't a victory," and with that he turned silently and walked away.

I couldn't believe it, I stared at his retreating form in disbelief, when I heard a soft grunt behind me. Inuyasha was waking up. I brushed some of his silvery soft hair from his face and leaned over him. He was himself again, the rampage of the youkai blood had passed.

He rose to his feet shaking, and I so wanted to wrap my arms around his waist to support him, but I don't think his pride would let me. There was a look in his eyes, a haunted empty look that I don't think I ever saw in someone before. He stared at the bodies scattered around us. "Inuyasha, you shouldn't move yet."

"Did I do this?" he whispered faintly, staring out at the massacre, with an infliction in his voice that I had never heard before. He laughed, the sad sarcastic laugh as he stared at his hands, "I can still smell them, their blood on my claws," he said softly, and I could see a grin on his lips, a look that shook me deep inside. Was his youkai still trying to come out.was he remembering, and reveling in the memory?

"You did it to save everyone," I pleaded, trying to lighten the burden. The young boy that we saved stood before us, and moved to approach, when the surviving women of the village grabbed him back. "No, don't! He's a monster, he'll kill you!"

I felt Inuyasha's heartache then, and I caught an instant of his life. 'A monster' that's what people have always thought of him, called him. Never accepted by either side of his heritage. It was so unfair, he was a good man. I wanted to scream at them, make them understand.

"I don't care!" came a cry across the stillness, and I stared at the young man as he shook off his holders, "He helped my grandfather, and he stopped the thieves!" I heard Inuyasha gasp, under his breath, and his hands shook for only an instant. The look in his eyes was that of surprise, and then saddened resolve as he stared down at the ground.

'It's not fair' my mind screamed