Written by: LilacRose and Emania

AN: Here she is everyone, the last chapter of Cry.  I know it's been a LONG time coming, but this is finally the last chapter!!  I hope you have all enjoyed this story as much as I have writing it!  It was hard most of the time, to always get the emotions just right, hence why I took so long with this chapter.  Also, I would defiantly like to thank and recognize Emania's contribution with her song fic "You are the Reason" by Celine Dion, and for introducing me to the song "Soul Deep" by Laura Turner, which inspired me in the end!!  (Awww….thank you!  That's really sweet of you to do!)  Here is just a taste of what we're capable of, I hope you all enjoy our first full collaboration!

Inuyasha pulled a loose strand of hair away from her eyes ever so carefully, relishing in the feel of her heart beating against his chest, taking in her heat as it bathed him in a warm glow, savoring in the gentle rise and fall of her breathing. 

How could she ever doubt his feelings for her when it was all he could do to keep from touching her all the time?  Why couldn't she see that he only kept from looking at her because every time he did, he saw forever in her eyes and the depths of it scared him beyond words?  And he had to hide it, didn't he?  He couldn't let her see the real him.  She had stood by him countless times, but she didn't know all of it.  She had seen him loose control once, but she had convinced herself that it wasn't really him, and he hadn't had the heart to dissuade her from that, but she didn't know…she didn't know and she wouldn't…not if he could help it…

He closed his eyes and let his senses immerse themselves in her. 

She couldn't know…not about his past…not about the monster he had been…

~ ~I figured it out / I was high and low / and everything in between ~ ~

Unbidden, the memories came to his mind and he frowned against her hair.  He remembered the scream, the fire…the smell of death and fear…

~ ~ I was wicked and wild / Baby, you know what I mean ~ ~

He couldn't forget those days, no matter how much he tried, he dreamt of it every time he closed his eyes, only…lately…

~ ~ Till there was you / Yeah, you ~ ~

Out of the memories of pain and death that plagued his dreams, he saw her face.  He remembered the feel of her drawing him out of the world of darkness that Kikyo had trapt him in and into which he returned every time he dreamt, except lately…

~ ~ Something went wrong / I made a deal with a devil / For an empty IOU ~ ~

The dreams always started the same…the feeling of pain and the burning piercing of the arrow drawing him deep into the depths of hell where all he heard were screams and all he felt was pain…except lately…

~ ~ Been to Hell and back / But an angel was looking through ~ ~

Lately, just as he was starting to succumb to the pain, he could see her face, shining bright in the middle of all the darkness, lighting his way, showing him an out, calling to him…

~ ~ It was you / Yeah, you. ~ ~

He looked down at her in his arms.  She was bringing him out of the darkness, somehow managing to bring light into his heart, snatching him from the jaws of the pitch black abyss that had called to him for so long.  No, he amended, Kagome not only brought light to his heart, but shone his path…she guided him through the nothing and urged him forward into the light.

~ ~ It's all because of you / You are the reason  ~ ~

 She was his light, he realized.  She snatched him from the jaws of the pitch black abyss that had called to him for so long, she gave him the reason to fight it back, to want to wake up every morning.

~ ~ You are the reason / I wake up every day / And sleep through the night / You are the reason / The reason ~ ~

He was finding it so much more difficult to keep from touching her lately.  It was getting harder and harder not to give in to his instincts to be close enough to smell her, harder and harder to find reasons not to hold her.  But he needed to, didn't he?  After all, what did he have to offer her?  She may think she loves him, and maybe some part of her did, but if she knew who he had been, what he could very well be again, she wouldn't want anything to do with him…and even if for some crazy reason she did, she didn't deserve that and he…

He sighed. 

He didn't deserve her.  He would only bring her suffering. 

He remembered the youkai half that he had fought and shook his head.  He wouldn't let that part of him hurt her, not even if he could control it, not even if it was only in his past. 

But, maybe he could change?  Without almost realizing it, he had already become this whole other person and the monster of his past seemed like it was another life, not his own.  And he owed it all to Kagome. 

~ ~ I'm giving it up / No more running around / Spinning my own wheels ~ ~

He buried his face in her hair again and took in her scent.  Kagome was his second chance, after all- wasn't she?  He had messed it up the first time, he hadn't given his heart completely, he hadn't trusted, but this time…this time he trusted so completely, so entirely, that he was afraid if he lost her, it would really kill him. 

He hadn't been sure he could feel again after Kikyo.  A part of him had been glad to be lost in that dark nothingness because when the nightmares were gone, when the screams were silent and there was just the nothing, he could fool himself that he didn't feel, that all the dreams of belonging that had started to blossom with Kikyo had been just that…dreams…but Kagome...

~ ~ You came out of my dream / And you made it real ~ ~

With Kagome, he realized what dreams really were.  She more than made his dreams a reality, she made him forget his dreams and cherish what was beyond any dream he could have had right in front of him…sleeping peacefully in his arms…

~ ~ You are the reason / The reason ~ ~

She offered him things that he had never even hoped to dream about, never thought he could possibly have, and yet she gave it to him, willingly…

He traced the line of her jaw and she smiled, responding to his touch, even in her sleep.

The memory of her stubborn words when he refused to allow his youkai back inside him, the persistent set of her jaw as she told him in no uncertain terms she would have all of him or none of him floated through his mind and he resisted a chuckle for fear of waking her.

Yes, she had offered him his dreams on a plate of silver and she had done it willingly, even obstinately. But…

He felt it as her breathing changed just before her eyelids started to flutter open.  He started to pull a little away from her, so she wouldn't be frightened by the press of his body against hers when she awoke, but she held onto his shirt, burying closer as she made those little noises she always made as she awoke.

He couldn't help but smile as she seemed to sigh at the persistent sun.  Then, his previous train of thought intruded in the tender moment and he frowned.  Yes, Kagome was the very reason he was who he was now, but what would she think if she knew who he had been?

"It's too early to be thinking so seriously," he heard softly, and glanced down at her warm smiling face.  He reached down to gently brush a lock of hair from her forehead giving her his classic tough guy look.

"Feh, I'm used to being up early.  You should sleep some more," he added with a moment of thought, and she shook her head, curling up closer to him.  His cheeks flushed furiously with embarrassment, and something else, as she sighed and wrapped her arms around his waist, and pulled him close.

"Ka-go-" he whispered, his voice shaking as she nuzzled her cheek into his chest and let off what he could only describe as a purr of contentment.  Everything inside him lit up like a candle and it was all he could do to keep himself under control was to hug her back tightly.  She sighed and slowly lifted her head, straightening her body along his in a manner that made him shut his eyes tightly.

This isn't happening, this isn't happening, he kept repeating to himself as he felt her cool breath brush his cheek.  I won't let this happen, he thought loudly as her arms moved from his waist to his neck and hands wrapped themselves in his hair.

"Kagome, listen-," he said quickly, "You don't want- I mean you don't know," he stammered and felt her laughter ripple through her and into him.

"No, I think I know exactly," she responded softly, and he felt her lips brush his jaw. She pushed against him slightly, and in a last ditch effort to avoid what was becoming inevitable, he leaned away from her body.  That of course never works, and only aided Kagome's efforts as he slowly fell backwards to the ground, with her weight now firmly atop his.  Everything in his body froze, in a strange mixture of panic and disbelief.  This was really happening, really and truly happening.  Adolescent fantasy and adult dreams were clashing together in a weird, realistic sort of way, and as much as his stomach was a jumble of nerves, he was excited.

Wait, he though in a last ditch effort to drag his self control back, this is Kagome!  Sweet, innocent, kind Kagome!  She's never this aggressive, never this forward!  This isn't how we do things!  I know she likes me, and I try to ignore it, she doesn't know how I feel, and keeps trying to find out.  She never tries anything-.  That last thought was pushed away by the soft feel of lips pressing against his own, and more weight pressing down against his chest.  A soft weight.  Don't think about that, don't think about that, his mind screamed as deep inside, the youkai began to stir.  Her scent was everywhere, and it was driving his blood into a frenzy.  All his instincts knew what he had to do next, what he should do next.  Don't misunderstand, it wasn't only his instincts that were at play, hormones were cheering him on, and his emotions were screaming from the stands.

I can't do this to her, she doesn't know what this means, I couldn't put her through that, he cried out against the roar in his blood.  Just then, a miracle happened.  Kagome's lips slowly pulled away from his, leaving with a parting brush of fragrant breath, as she sat up, her legs around his wais- don't think about it, he thought feverently as he stared up into her eyes.

"The next move is yours Inuyasha, I've told you my decision, its your turn now," she whispered, her voice breathy.  He stared up into her soft brown eyes, and felt his heart freeze.  His choice, his decision.  He'd tried that time and time again, hadn't he?  She lifted a hand and ran it up along his cheek into his hair, smiling softly, and his skin began to tingle.

She was willing, she had chosen him, despite everything that it could mean, all the dangers, she wanted him, just as he was. 

"Kagome," he began, and it felt like his tongue was swollen in his throat, "I- it's not that easy," he whispered and saw a familiar sad look cross her face.  Before she could even whisper that name, he grabbed her arms in his hands, a firm, serious look on his face.

"I told you Kagome, it's not about her.  It's about me!" he shouted, and her eyes stared into his, patient and quiet.  She would listen, but could he tell her?

"Kagome, I'm not the person you think I am, I've done-" he took a breath, "I've done horrible things, cruel and horrible things-"

"I know this," she whispered and he shook his head, wanting to push her away and run, but something inside wouldn't let him, or perhaps he relished her weight on him.

"No you don't!  You don't know what I was like before I met you, the cruel things that I used to do, the people I've hurt," he screamed at her, and was met with her surprised eyes.  He couldn't pull himself away from those eyes, and so he continued, now that the gates were open, here was no going back.

"Before you met me, I was uncontrollable, I would destroy villages, houses, chase terrified mothers and children, only to hear their screams as their fear of me took over.  I have done so much harm to this village alone, to deserve a lifetime of punishment," he said softly and was finally able to pull his gaze away from those perfect eyes. 

"Inuyasha," she whispered and gently tilted his head up to have him look in her eyes again.  He stared at her as she smiled, "I knew that already."

He blinked, and she smiled, "Don't you think I've asked Kaede everything about you?  I wanted to know so much about you, but you would never open up to me, so I asked her.  From what she could remember from her childhood, she told me stories about the tricks you used to play, all the mischievous deeds you did-", she saw the look on his face and added quickly, "Yes, they were just mischievous.  You didn't really harm anyone, just scared them, but you were so mixed up back then, that I can understand why.  You probably hated humans because of the way you had been treated by them, but you never killed anyone, and that is what makes you so different from what you think you are."

He couldn't speak, couldn't respond to what she had just said, all he could do was pull her close and whisper her name in her ear.  That precious name that was all the prayer he would ever need.  If anyone else had tried to tell him this, he would never have listened, but to hear the words from her soft lips, her tender voice, telling him and forgiving him all at the same time, it was more than he could have ever hoped for.  She forgave him, for everything he did once, and he knew deep inside, that she would forgive him anything he may do again.  She loved him that much.

He slowly pulled his head back to look into that beautiful face, and something inside of him melted.  Perhaps it was the years of solitude and distrust, perhaps it was the thought that he was never worthy enough for her, he wasn't sure.  All he knew, as he looked down into her loving eyes, was that he would never have to fear loneliness again.

"You told me it was my decision, and you had made yours, but Kagome," he took a deep breath, "What is your decision?"

She looked up at him, as merriment slipped into her gaze and she grinned, "To marry you, bear your children, and live out the rest of my days by your side."

His eyes widened and his face paled.  He almost looked like he had swallowed his own sword.  It was enough to make her laugh softly.  It was the sound of the laughter that brought him back from the slap of shock and whisper, "You were only joking?"

Her laughter faded, the teasing in her eyes growing intense and sultry, "Oh no," she whispered shifting her weight closer to him, "I was quite serious."  His skin tingled at the feel of her warmth, and he swallowed nervously.

"You want to-" he paused and whispered faintly, "bear my children?"  She nodded, and smiled, "Well, our children."

"Things aren't- things aren't that easy," he stammered, "We still have Naraku, and then your school, and-" he paused as she held up a finger to his lips.

"Since when have you been sensible?" she said warmly, and he stared at her, "Kagome, I'm serious!  I won't have you pregnant and fighting across the country."

She blinked and slid her hand up his collarbone and around his neck slowly, "Why, were you planning on starting right away?"

Kagome did all she could to keep from turning beat red and pulling away from him.  Whatever was possessing her, she couldn't describe it.  It was almost this sense of need, of the knowledge that it was something she had to do.  She was so afraid, she couldn't believe he couldn't smell it.  What if he said no?  What if he turned her down?  She wasn't sure she could ever have the strength to take this risk again.  She had decided, as he held her that night, that she would take this step, make this decision.  She was tired of waiting, tired of seeing when he would make the first move.  He was just as scared as she, and perhaps he had even more reason to be afraid.  He was the one who had suffered through the pain of a broken heart already, not her.  Yes, she could do this, she had to do this.  Everything inside her screamed to know once and for all.  She had made up her mind, this is what she wanted, this was the future she knew was right for her. 

He stared at her again, wherever this was coming from, it was incredible.  Never had he seen her in such a state, and he wasn't objecting in the least.  But-

"Wait, what are you saying?" he whispered as he felt her body begin to grow a little warmer.  It was becoming distracting, his body was screaming less talk, more action, but he had to be sure, absolutely sure she was saying what he thought she was saying.

She smiled and lifted her arms, pulling her long hair up from her neck into a tight bun, her eyes never leaving his.  He stared at her long slender bare neck and swallowed.

"Sango explained what happens," she whispered and he turned his gaze back to her face.

"Kagome, it's not just-" he tried to explain, but his voice was so thick, it almost didn't come out.

"Youkai mate for life, I know that, and I know exactly what I want.  I want to be your mate Inuyasha."

All resistance, confusion, and rationality swiftly left the area in a wave of emotion and amazement.  He pulled her close, his lips capturing hers roughly, and she melted in his embrace.

Something happens when you kiss me /
Don't know where you end and I begin /
Closer than skin

'I want to be your mate Inuyasha,' her words echoed in his head, and he felt his heart speed up.  You can't ask for a more direct answer, his heart told him emphatically and he wholeheartedly agreed.  Only because their bodies needed oxygen did they eventually pull back from each other.  They each saw the passion reflected in the other's eyes, felt the way their breath was warm and trembling against their faces. 

Time stops /
And I'm suspended /
Far out on the edge where true love is /
Wanna' go there again

"You still haven't given me your decision," she prompted coyly, and he grinned.

"Just like you Kagome, you have to have things exactly your way," he murmured as he nuzzled her cheek, his mouth close to her ear.  She smiled brightly.

"Of course," she admitted, "and you are avoiding the question."

You get into the heart of love /
The secrets inside me /
I can't help but fall each time you touch me /
It's soul deep /
Oh, there are places only you can reach /
Baby, you know you get to me /
Soul deep

"Just leading up to it," he purred against her earlobe, nipping playfully.  He exhaled deeply, sending a wave of warm air along her bare neck and shoulder.  Her skin goosebumped not from cold, but from the effect it had on her senses.  Almost painfully slow, he lifted his head stopping so his lips were just by her ear, as if he were telling her some profound secret.

"Kagome, daughter of Higurashi, I wish to take you as my mate, as is my right as alpha male in our pack," he took another deep breath as he tried to remember all the right words that he had heard once as a child.  "I pledge home, hearth, warmth, and protection to you and our pups.  Do you accept?"

She didn't respond at first, so he added, something that was not part of tradition, but screw tradition, "I love you Kagome, I love you so much that even those few days you go home for those blasted tests are the longest days of my life.  I feel more alone and in the darkness without you by my side, than all those long years sealed to that tree."

All night /
And all day long you're /
With me at every single breath I take /
I feel so away /

Very slowly her hand slid into his hair, and began to massage the back of his neck as her own words whispered faintly in his ear, "What am I supposed to respond?"

He pulled back to look at her eyes, having smelled the tears before he saw them.  His thumb slid along her cheek gently wiping it away, "I would hope you'd say yes," he said softly and she shook her head.

"Of course I accept, but do I have to say something special?" she whispered confused.

He grinned, pulling her close. "No, you've said more than enough to make me the happiest man in the world," he whispered sincerely and she blushed, he could feel the heat rush to her cheeks and warm his.

You get into the heart of love /
The secrets inside me /
I can't help but fall each time you touch me /
It's soul deep /
Oh, there are places only you can reach /
Baby, you know you get to me /
Soul deep

Gradually , one last bit of tradition nagged at him, till he sighed and slid his mouth from her cheekbone down her neck, leaving a trail of soft, smooth kisses in its wake.  He felt the shiver run along her skin and smiled, pleased that he was enticing as much in her as she was in him simply by being there.

"This might hurt a little," he murmured thickly against her skin, as instincts began to overtake his mind.  Deep inside, he felt the youkai rise up beside his conscious mind.  It was rather like sitting next to someone, watching the same scene.

Mark mate, it growled softly and he turned his head to look at it.

We can't hurt her, he replied.

The youkai turned his head to look at him as well, and did something even Inuyasha didn't expect: he gave him a withering look.  A look that clearly said, Of course I wouldn't hurt her you idiot, she's our mate.

Inuyasha nodded, and a small part of him was pleased that at least on this, they could agree.  As wild as his youkai side was, it too recognized Kagome for the precious creature that he did.  And now, their-his mate.

Deep as the rain /
Deep as the sun /
Deep as the sea /
Deep as a rose /
Deeper than deep is what we begun /
This emotion

Kagome waited in anticipation as Inuyasha seemed to pause at the base of her neck, as if something were wrong, but she didn't say a word.  She didn't want to break the spell of the moment, no matter what.  Very slowly his lips brushed against her skin, right near the juncture of her shoulder and neck, close enough to touch every nerve in her body, but far enough away from any hazardous blood vessels.

Why is my biology coming into my head right now?! She thought quickly and shifted her attention to what Inuyasha was doing.  She didn't want to miss an instant of this.  He seemed almost as nervous as she was, and as excited, she could feel his heart fluttering in his chest.

She tasted like fire and spirit, water and wind.  Everything about her was in her taste.  It was even more potent than her scent, and he loved the feel of her smooth skin against his lips.  He could feel her skin grow warm, and he grinned inside.  He was doing it to her, she was feeling excited because it was his touch, his kiss.  No one else's- never again. 

"Please, accept this mark as a sign of my everlasting love," he whispered very softly as he curled his lips back, and brought his fangs into that soft, tender flesh.  He felt the jolt of something powerful as he touched the nerve inside, felt her miko powers rush over him and through him.

I do not harm her, I would never harm her, please accept this mark as my promise to keep your mistress forever in my care, he thought as the power burned in his soul, causing him to unconsciously tighten his grip on her shoulder.  She didn't seem to notice, her body had gone limp in his arms, her breath faint and he knew without looking that she was floating in a sea of bliss.  This was a good sign; she didn't seem to be in pain, which meant her body could handle the mark.

The power subsided, seeming to have found the answer it was looking for, and after he felt the wave leave his body, he noticed rather humorously that the youkai surfaced, rather like a guilty puppy with its tail between its legs.

You weren't expecting that were you, he laughed internally and felt the growl rise up in his blood.  His human half had no reason to fear the miko's power, but the youkai did.  He found it amusing that it wasn't expecting that.  You were the one so desperate to mark her, you should have been ready.

Very slowly, he pulled his fangs from her skin, and watched as two small drops of blood pooled and slid down the soft skin.  He nicked the tip of his tongue with his tooth and brought it across the wounds.

"My blood, your blood, our blood", he whispered softly against her skin, watching as the wound closed up before his eyes, leaving two neat red dots, encompassed by a crescent of white.   He stared at her skin for a moment, relishing in the sight of his own unique mark on her.  She was now completely his, and he was hers.


You get into the heart of love /
The secrets inside me /
I can't help but fall each time you touch me /
It's soul deep /
Oh, there are places only you can reach /
Baby, you know you get to me

"Please, accept this mark as a sign of my everlasting love," she heard him whisper softly, his breath tickling her skin and causing goose bumps to rise up on her skin.  His head bowed and she felt a sharp pinch pierce her shoulder, rather like a muscle spasm, but instead of a lasting ache and stiffness, her whole body seemed to freeze and then float.  She closed her eyes, searching for any sense left at her disposal, but her body wouldn't move.  She didn't want to.  She was happiest right at that moment, in his arms, bound to him in a way that would never change. 

What will my mother say?  What will everyone think? Came the sensible voice in her mind.  But she didn't care, she didn't worry.  She had faith that her and trusted Inuyasha. Kagome knew that her mother would accept this.  Souta would be ecstatic, and it might take some convincing with her Jii-san but he would come around in time.  All she cared about now was that her heart felt so light, and howdeep inside, it felt like something new had awoken.  Even if for the moment she couldn't even open her eyes, she knew that Inuyasha was experiencing the same sensations as she.  She felt connected with him, a connection deeper and more profound than she could have ever imagined.

She didn't even realize he had released her, until she felt his arms loosen from around her back, and her body fell backwards in slow motion.  She opened her eyes as she looked up at his face, seeing the worry, concern, and fear in his eyes as he wondered if she was experiencing regret, but how could she regret feeling as if she had finally become complete?  It was like thinking she could regret finally finding her other half, or…or coming home.

"I'm fine," she whispered, wishing she could move her arms to touch his face, to reassure him.  "Um, why can't I move?"

He smiled softly, "That'll wear off in a minute, at least that's what I was told.  Are you in any pain?"

She closed her eyes for a moment since she couldn't shake her head, "Not at all," she assured him.  "It didn't hurt.  Pinched, but didn't hurt," she said softly and watched as he smiled even brighter. 

Good, that means her body has accepted the mark, he thought to himself, and pulled her close.

"Rest now Kagome, we've got a long journey ahead of us today," he spoke softly, tenderly.  It was a different tone than she had ever heard in his voice before and she found she couldn't object to it.  On the contrary, she loved it. She could feel something changed about herself, and about him.  Perhaps it was this change, this knowledge at the depth of his soul that he wasn't alone, and would never be alone again that gave him more courage to show her his feelings.  As she did drift off to sleep, she realized that for the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt no fear, no anxiety, no anger and no worry, because she knew that nothing could separate them ever again.

Soul deep...