Sunset burned the steel gaze of ancient cursed sword, silent dawn of eldritch wispers in the stygian

halls of time disturbed the monolitich bloody clouds of transcedental dust. The black swordsman beheaded

the ancient demon sending crimson sparks to meet the emerald sea of primodrial earth. He grabbed the

sword like a bronze titan of forgotten days "I do it alone!" he screamed to the iron sky of Odin's pride.

Mountains tramble as he cleaved the skulls of dozen deamons in his blinding ethereal rage.

"Earth weeps the tears of iron, day is beggining of the tyrant!" The swordsman ejaculated gripping

his sword firmly while the green blood of the demon spawn still oozed. "Let sun fall from the sky! Let

oceans burn! We are endless steel. born of galaxy!" The words escaped froom his mouth while he fihed his

emerald orbs on the stygian abyss of toughtless time. But then the world shaken. "Something is amiss!"

he tought with pride of the lightning eagle. From the pits of time and space, like an elder god

crowned in flame, stepped the Doom Slayer to greet him. "Join me brother, let our swords meet!

Together we make worlds!" said the Slayer. "Yes brother become me, I feel you inside me as always!"

answered the Swordsman. From this manly ejaculation came forth the stories of the fine adventure.

"Ride now, brother, ride! We ride the wind and the setting sun tonight!" excreemed the Swordsman.

"Blessed are the brave and the strong, we ride the rainbow of steel!" exclemated the Slayer in return.

They started to decapitete the demon hordes of inner light in orgiastic tornado of blinding steel.

"We are the crows of Odin and wolves of Ragnarok!" enjaculated the Doom slayer like the song of blood

sirens. They were like silver stars and blood moon at the and of time. "Together we stand like

gods before paradise!" coejaculated the Black Swordsman as he gouged the demons sight organs like

amorous bear made from the finest bronze. "Skys smile on us!" erected the Swordsman while thrusting

his sword in the Cthulhu spawns flesh!. "Heavans tremble!" answered the Slayer caught in trance

like flame in the halls of Hades. They raged across the land like two gods of old, killing friend and

fow alike. "Wind, wind give me strenght!" climaxed Black Swordsman. "Worlds burn for us!" continued the


"We live like kings, we fight, we diw, we live again!" orgasmed the Doom Slayer. " Leave none

alive!" finished the Slayer while covered in demon life flyids. " We are wet from the slaughter!" observed

The Black Swordsman. " Let us embrace each other and change our clothes!" tremored the Slayer like giant

spider from Mars. But then demons attacked like savage dogs in blinding fury, their swords wet with precious

life fluids and their mouths gaping open. "Blood sings in me, witness me blood bags!" rampaged the Slayer

and the Swordsman in unison. "They started cleaving the demons exposed skulls with their mighty and long

swprds, "Dawn may fade, but the light surenders not!" gasped The Swordsman. Sun was halfway across the sky

schorching the bloody earth. "Ragnarok embrace our naked bodies!" they gasped in unison while covered with

dead but stil warm bodies of demons. Hour was late like howling of monstrous witched so they wisited the

tavern for some well earned sustenance. They choked on beer like lions from distant and exotic lands.

But the foul demons didn't gave them peace, they bursted in tavers naked, hot and wet with crimson life

fluids. " Face my wrath!" exscremulated the Black Swordsman like mountain kissing the jade sea.

"Long have I waited for this carnage to unfold!" extremized the Slayer in sweet agony of this mortal coil.

"Anger pours through my weins!" screaminized the Doom Slayer while ruining demons skull with his titan

forged blade. "My blade trembles with vengeance!" gasped the Swordsman like stygian reaper from the

river Styx. "Entropy reigns supreme!" shrieked the demon with his last dying breath in the world of

living. "Take us to your leader!" Gasped the Black Swordsman in manly anger with dissonance. They

reached for the forsaken portal wich transcended them like bronze lightnings to another realm where

souls dwel in eternal unrest.

"This will be our final battle!" ejaculized the Doom slayer in heights of

bloody extasy. They were greeted with final demon, his brain large, his muscles tight. Their swords were

firm in their gasp. Final carnage was in the wind. They leaped as one embracing the infernal destiny.

Light stygian sword edge skull iron flash emerald orb blaze sky crimson doom flyid rage Ragnarok.

"On your knees!" extrapolated the demon like wounded beast grabbing thair wet bloody swords in his

manly gasp. " Oh crul fate, oh all gods, is this the end!" ejactualized the Doom Slayer.

"Do not dispair, son of Ragnarok, we fight, and if we die, we die like kings of old in towers of gold

under the bronze sky!" he continued. "Lets finish it!" ejumulated the Black Swordsman. "Horizon awaits

us!" they both screamed. "To VALHALLA! thay gasped. And the demon was no more, but the slayer was mortally

wounded, such was the cruel Vagnerian fate. "Last goodbyes my comrade!" ejaculated the Black Swordsman

for the one last time, before the stygian angels carried his fallen brother th the realms of eternity.

The Swordsman wiped his tears, there is no time for pain, the sun is rising againg and there is time for

another adventure. But that is the story for another day.

So long for now my readers, may the crystal lights carry you to Ragnarok and to the home of the old gods!