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Walking into Alice and Jasper's house always causes the most depressing feelings to wash over me these days. It was once as full of love and happiness as my own house, but now it's all sadness and regret, never to be the same since little Joyce died when she was only three days old.

It could've happened to any of us just as easily. Rose and I are always with our husbands; they all have a price on their heads. The war with Jersey was very similar to what it was like when Roger King was after us, so many years ago.

It was different in a way, with Roger King. I never felt scared, maybe because we were so young and had nothing to lose. But now, with three kids all under fifteen, and our parents getting older, we have so much more to fear. Not for me, and not even for Killa, but for my kids. For the Chief who had a heart attack two years ago, and now is half the man he used to be. For Esme, who has started forgetting things more and more and some days can't remember where she was the day before. For every innocent child in our family that never signed up for this life.

I don't regret it, hell I love it even, but when the war with Jersey started, and each attack came closer and closer to us, it made me realize we weren't invincible. And as the wife of Edward Killa Masen, that's a crazy motherfucking thing to realize. Hell, as Bee Swanatori, I'd always been untouchable, but finally, it wasn't only about us.

It wasn't a long war; in fact, it seemed to happen very quickly … they hit us, we hit them. When Killa thought he had it all in hand, a few foot soldiers decided they could do what no one else was able to do—take down the heads of one of the most dangerous crime families in the country.

It was a perfect summer day in New York, where we all were because I threw Alice the biggest and best baby shower for her third child. Alice loved New York and still considers it home, so I wanted to throw her a party there.

She swore she was done after Brandon, but then Jasper surprised her with a trip to Italy and boom, Joyce was conceived. At eight months pregnant, she was tiny and round and happy she was having another girl, as her one boy was driving her mad.

The night before we were all to return to Boston, we went out to dinner, just the adults, happy to leave all the kids with our parents, who had taken grandparenting to a whole new level.

I remember as if it happened yesterday. Killa and I were the last to come out of the restaurant. I was so tipsy that we were making out like teenagers and ready to get back to the Brooklyn house. I was giggling, whispering in Killa's ear about all the things I was going to do to him. Alice and our friend Debbie were ahead of everyone else, both laughing.

It all happened so fast; a dark SUV slowed down, and Killa was the first to notice. I felt him stiffen, and then he yelled a warning out to everyone else before he tackled me to the hard ground. I couldn't move or get out my own gun as I was covered by my husband, who stood quickly, shooting back and running after the car. My only thought was going after him to end those who dared try to hurt us, but then Debbie let out a gut-wrenching wail, screaming my name.

And that's when I saw Alice …

It's been three days since Kate's heartless ass dropped the kids at my house. Since then, Killa's been … off. I don't know what it is, but he's acting strange, so tonight I plan to find out what's going on. I just hope it's not another fucking threat. I don't think I can take it not after seeing Alice like that and baby Joyce dying in my arms at the hospital. It changed me.

Walking to Alice's bedroom, I pause outside of the closed door, taking a deep breath, trying to prepare myself for the sight of my best friend.

Before I can push the door open, my phone buzzes, and I pick it up, finding a text from Killa. "Going to be late."

I'm annoyed as all fucking hell. This is the first night in days that we will be alone. I love Alice's kids, but honestly, Carly Bee gets on Felix's nerves, and Brandon annoys Angie, and Hayley annoys Brandon. It's constant bickering whenever they're all together. They're cousins after all and aren't afraid to show it. Besides, raising a teenage girl that is not my daughter is simply too fucking much, especially when I get lip from Carly.

Sending my husband a quick angry emoji with curse words on its mouth, I put my phone in my purse before pushing the door open.

Alice is in bed, staring off into space. The TV is black, and nothing is on. She's just sitting there. My heart breaks in pieces seeing her like this.

Slowly, I walk over to the bed, putting my purse on the nightstand. Crawling in, I quickly wrap my arms around her. For a moment, she doesn't move or say anything, and then she transforms … her arms going around my body, her head burrowing into my neck as the tears begin to fall, sobs rocking her.

"The kids are here … you need to get up." I say gently. Unlike the rest of the family, I don't want to rush her or push her, but she has other children, and they're alive.

There was a time we thought we would've lost Alice too. Baby Joyce died seventy-two hours after she was born, and her mother was still in surgery from three gunshot wounds.

"I can't," she whispers, her voice weak, not at all like the Alice I know and love.

"You can. Brandon and Carly Bee still need their mother." Squeezing her shoulder, I release her looking into her eyes.

She shakes her head. "They don't need me. I feel so empty inside, Bee." She takes a deep breath running her hands through her long hair that's grown out since she stopped caring. "I've lost Jasper," she chuckles without humor. "The funny thing is, I think it's for the best. He needs someone who isn't dead inside."

"You haven't lost him, and you're not dead inside." I stand, pulling the covers off her. "Now come on, get your ass in the shower. You stink, bitch."

She laughs, crawling out of bed. I busy myself by straightening up their bedroom. It's a fucking mess and needs some attention. While I'm cleaning, my phone rings, and I look down, noticing it's Charlotte, a designer we hired two years ago straight out of college.

She's young, ambitious, beautiful, and talented with a needle; exactly what we needed. She also has a head for business. Charlotte become extremely valuable to the company and close to all of us, even coming by our house for Thanksgiving.


"Hey Bee, I'm sorry to do this, but my mom took a turn for the worse, and I have to go home to California for a couple of weeks." Charlotte's voice is distraught.

"Oh, no, I'm so sorry. Don't worry about anything at the office, take your time returning. Rose and I can handle things without you." I assure her, not wanting her to feel bad.

"Thank you. You've been so great to me, everyone at Bumblebee has," she says, sounding as if her trip will be more permanent.

"Of course. Call me to let me know your mom is okay," I say, trying not to pry.

I, more than anyone, understand someone's privacy, so I don't want to push her, especially since she's mentioned her mother's health a few times since she started with us.

Finishing up the cleaning of Alice and Jasper's room, I go to check on the kids and see what their cook is preparing for dinner.

When Alice is finally up and talking with Brandon, I decide I need to get home to my own kids. As I prepare to leave, a frustrated Jasper comes into the house.

"Did you all finish early?" I ask, picking up my purse.

He looks up from his phone, confused. "What?"

"Weren't you just with Killa?" I ask again, something uncomfortable forming in the pit of my stomach.

"Oh, um, I left him and Jacob about an hour ago." He looks over to Alice, who is clean and out of bed. "You're up?" he asks, shocked.

"I am," she says simply, sitting back with Brandon on her lap and settling in to watch a movie.

"Good, I actually got to run back out in a bit," he says, distractedly looking at his phone again.

I go to the door, trying not to think the worst. Killa told me he would be late, and yet, one of the people that usually stays late with him is now home.

What the fuck am I supposed to think?

When I'm outside, I take out my phone, calling Jacob before I do something fucking crazy.

"What's up, Bee?" Jacob's voice is aggravated as the sounds of baby cries come through the phone loud and demanding.

Rose and Jacob decided to have another baby using their frozen embryos. She gave birth to twin girls, Maddie and Margarette.

"Have you seen my husband?" My voice is carefree, with no trace of the betrayal and rage I feel.

"Naw, left him about an hour go. I had to get home; the girls were driving Rose crazy. Rachel is refusing to go to the potty, and the twins won't stop crying since they're both cutting teeth." Jacob rattles on as usual. "Is Killa missing or have you just not heard from him in fifteen minutes?"

"I haven't heard from him in fifteen minutes. Go, it sounds like you have your hands full." I hang up from my brother, looking down at my phone.

I trust my husband completely, but why the fucking secrets. Before I know it, I press 'find my phone' in my apps and look at where Killa's second phone is, he has two one for business and one for the family. Having kids, sometimes we never know who has our phones. It's usually Hayley these days looking up 'Baby Shark' or some other baby video she loves. She often abandons our phones in the strangest places, so we have 'find my phone' on each one.

Killa doesn't have a GPS tracker, so he can't be tracked by the feds, but this still helps me in knowing where my husband is.

And right now, he's at our old apartment, which is strange. But if something's going on, he may need a place to think. Calling Rosa, I tell her I won't be home and to make sure the kids go to bed on time, before I begin my drive to the old penthouse.

By the time I reach the apartment, my mind is swirling with why he said he was going to be fucking late, and the more I think of it, the more upset I become. He'll be lucky if I don't squeeze him by the balls.

Parking in the underground lot, I see Killa's security detail sitting outside their car. They look confused to see me. I say nothing as I walk into the building, my heart pounding in my chest as if something is going to happen.

When I reach the penthouse, I hear voices … two. One a woman's and … familiar.

"Take the money and don't fucking come back. I see you in The Hub again I'll kill you." Killa's voice is hard, with no sign of kindness.

"Wow, I didn't know you wanted to get rid of me so badly." Charlotte's voice is a little unsteady, but she hides it well with a sexy but nervous giggle.

Taking out my gun, tears sting my eyes, and betrayal coursing through my veins, I push the door open to find my husband sitting on the couch facing the door, with a duffle bag full of money on the coffee table in front of him. He stands as soon as he sees me taking a step forward.

Charlotte jumps up and gasps when she sees the gun in my hand. "Oh, my God!" Charlotte yells, and I shake my head.

"Shut up, you ungrateful bitch!" My hand is steady as I hold the gun and point it at my husband, tears falling down my face. "What the fuck is going on?" I ask, my voice shaking.

"Bee, put the gun down," Killa demands, walking closer to me.

"Don't. Talk to me now!" I yell. "Or I swear to God I'll make our children fatherless right here, and then I'll kill your little whore!"

Killa holds up his hands, shaking his head. "She's not my whore, she's nothing to me. You know I would never betray you. Put down the gun so we can talk."

"Then why the fuck is she here in our apartment, and why are you paying her off?" My voice is hoarse and full of emotions.

Charlotte starts crying, shaking her long blonde hair. "I should've believed what I heard about all of you … you're fucking crazy! I should've never let myself get mixed up with him."

I shoot her in the thigh, causing her to cry out before she can finish her sentence. "You fucked my husband?" I ask seething, cocking the gun again and pointing it at Killa.

"Listen to me, Princess, I love you. It's only been you for me since the first day I saw you at my parents' house." He walks closer to me, the gun now pointed at his chest. "I was trying to get rid of her to save this family from more fucking heartache and pain."

Words are stuck in my throat, feeling betrayed, the weight of the gun feeling like bricks in my hand.

He lowers his head, shaking it sadly. "You're my fucking heart and soul, I'd never do anything to lose you, not in this fucking life, baby, believe me."

Lowering my arm, I shake my head as he pulls me into him, kissing my lips. "What the fuck is going on, and why were you hiding it from me?" I ask, looking up at him.

Charlotte continues to cry in the background, but we ignore her. The front door opens, and Jasper walks in looking from us to Charlotte.

"Charlotte! What are you doing here?" He runs over to her, kissing her forehead and tending to her wound as if she was a precious flower. "You shot her? Killa I fucking told you I was going to handle it?"

"Well you didn't did you? It was bad enough finding you and her using my fucking place as your love nest, the bitch was wearing one of my fucking shirts!" Killa yells getting frustrated with Jasper.

"You slimy motherfucker! Hasn't your wife suffered enough?" I raise my gun at Jasper, so fucking mad at him and fire, hitting him in the fucking shoulder.

He cries out, falling to the ground beside his stupid, fucking little girlfriend. Clicking the chamber back, I take aim, but Killa grabs my wrist, and I turn to my husband, furious with him for keeping Jasper's fucking secrets and for making me think he betrayed me. "You're not killing anyone today. And besides, Jasper's family."

"You better start talking, Killa." I push him away from me, walking past Jasper and his little traitor, fucking girlfriend.

He follows me into our old bedroom, closing the door behind us to shut out Charlotte's cries. It's just a fucking flesh wound, crybaby bitch.

Turning to my husband, I cross my arms, glaring at his lying ass.

"Look, I know I fucking lied, but I had to make it fucking right. Alice being shot, even the kidnapping, it was all my fault." He takes a deep breath, his hands pulling at his hair. "If I would've just handled Jersey and not let my guard down, then Joyce would've never fucking died, Alice wouldn't be so damn lost, and Jasper wouldn't have fell prey to that fucking she-bitch." He sits down on the bed, his hands running through his hair. "It's all my fucking fault."

Walking over to him, I intertwine my fingers through his hair, and he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. "It wasn't your fault. You can't control everything, Killa."

"The first time I found them here, I fucking lost it. It was four months after the accident, and when I saw her, it felt like fucking Vanessa and the kidnapping all over again." He took a deep unsteady breath. "I was wicked pissa mad and saw red, thinking she was trying to get to you. I slapped the fuck out of her and started choking her, demanding she tell me who she worked for."

I gasp, remembering the time Charlotte was out of work for a week, saying she fell. And when she came back, there were traces of a bruise on her cheek.

"Jasper stopped me from killing her, but we got into it so fucking bad. We've never fought like that before." He takes a deep breath. "He told me he was ending it, but then I found them here a few days ago and I nearly lost it on her again. Felix is probably rolling over in his fucking grave, seeing me hit a woman like that. It's then I realized I'd do anything to fucking protect you and the kids. I don't give a fuck about anything else. I wanted to protect Alice too, after all I felt responsible for Joyce's death. All the rules I was taught by Felix be damned if I can prevent you from ever experiencing something like the kidnapping or Alice losing her baby." He pulls my head down, kissing me fiercely, and I return the kiss, gripping my husband for dear life.

Straddling his lap, I deepen the kiss, pouring out my love for this crazy insane man who would do anything for our family and me. I chuckle as the image of Killa slapping Charlotte fills my mind. "I'm glad you slapped that bitch," I say against his lips.

"God, I fucking love you. Let's go home." He slaps my ass, signaling for me to stand.

Killa grabs my hand, leading me out of the room, but I stop him. "If you ever lie to me again, I will shoot you."

He laughs, shaking his head, pulling me closer to him, and I want him so bad right now, but I can still hear Jasper and Charlotte's cries. "You'd really kill the father of your kids?"

"I didn't say it'd be fatal. I'm an excellent shot after all, cocksucker." I kiss his lips again, wanting to go home.

A knock on the door alerts us, and Killa looks up at Stevie, one of his security guards. "What's doin?"

"Um, boss, what do you want us to do about Jasper and Charlotte?" Stevie asks, looking highly confused as to why the number two in command is shot.

"Take them to get fixed up by Doc, then make sure Charlotte gets on a plane and never comes back. I'm going home, then one of you get Bee's car back to the house," Killa instructs, taking me by the hand and leading me out of the room and past a bleeding Jasper who just glares at me.

I give him a daring look; all I need is one excuse to end his ass. Killa pulls me past, knowing I could blow up on them any damn second. When we reach the elevator, he presses the button pulling me close to him.

"No more lies," I whisper against his neck.

"Never fucking again." He shakes his head before kissing the top of my head.

1 year later

"Action!" Felix says from behind his camera, pointing to us.

We're set up in a little makeshift studio in our back yard where our family and friends are gathered to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Felix is obsessed with everything video these days. He insisted he film it and make a video for us and that Killa and I do an interview.

"So, Dad, how did you meet Mom?" Angie asks, looking professional in a bright pink suit. Hayley is on my lap in a matching pink outfit all made by her sister.

"How did I meet your mother?" Killa ponders the question, and I turn to him, seeing if he's going to tell the truth.

Our parents stand around looking at us, happy to be retired. They just returned from a joint trip to Italy. My mother has one of Jacob and Rose's twins on her hip, while Esme stands next to her with a sixteen-year-old Rebecca by her side.

"How did you meet me, Edward?" I ask, very sweetly. I try not to call him Killa in front of the kids, I think they just believe it's a nickname, like Princess.

"When I first met your mother, my Princess for life, she punched me in the nose." Killa smiles at our daughter.

"What! Mom, did you really?" Angie asks.

"I didn't know that!" Felix adds from behind his camera that he got for Christmas.

"She did! Broke his nose, too!" Dad yells.

"That was some funny shit!" Carlisle adds, slapping my dad on the shoulder.

"In my defense, he was staring, and it's rude to stare." I remind everyone.

"Okay, Mom, what do you think is the secret to being happily married for fifteen years. That's older than all of us!" Angie asked, excited to be chosen as the interviewer.

"I think the secret for us is that we love each other so much, and your dad is really my best friend, and we're always honest with each other, no matter what." Killa pulls me into him, pressing his lips to mine.

"No kissing!" Hayley yells between us, putting her hand on my cheek.

"Get a room!" Jasper yells from his seat next to a smiling Alice.

"Don't lie Bee, you know I'm your best friend," Alice loud voice joins in.

It's been a long road to recovery for them. Charlotte is long gone without the money Killa was bribing her with. In the end, she was too scared shitless that I would actually kill her to stay around. I should've killed the bitch. It's been so long since I buried a body, and it would've been fun reliving the glory days. Once she was out of the picture, Jasper came clean to Alice, in which she almost reverted back to herself, but then she recovered and kicked his ass. With a good marriage counselor, they are on the road back to each other, and I couldn't be happier for them. Even if I should've served her his balls on a silver platter.

"I have a secret," I tell my husband, who looks at me in confusion.

"What's your secret, Mom?" Angie asks, ever the journalist.

"I'm pregnant," I say simply.

"Another baby!" Felix yells. "Man, I just started liking Hayley."

"I hope it's a girl!" Angie yells.

"I'm the baby!" Hayley says, pouting with tears in her eyes.

I look over at Killa, who sits in shock. "How?"

I raise an eyebrow at him, but I know what he means. I refused to try for so long, but then, after the whole Charlotte, Jasper debacle, I just felt I couldn't stop living my life because of what happened to someone else. I mean, things are always going to happen, even if we were a straight and narrow family. So, a few months ago, I just decided it was time.

"How do you think?" I ask as he pulls me in for another kiss.

"I'm so happy, Princess."


We kiss, again, just Killa and Bee in our own bubble. Ignoring our family, but so happy with all the fucking chaos around us.

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