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Chapter 1

When it comes to the great wide galaxy, there were few secrets left to be found. That was what most people would say when asked if there was anything left in the galaxy to discover. However if you were to look more carefully, the galaxy actually had thousands of secrets that were just waiting to be discovered, or in some cases rediscovered as they were once lost to the sands of time.

One of these secrets were about to be rediscovered.

In the great void of space, a massive ship came out of hyperspace. It was a Venator-class Star Destroyer. A capital ship that could engage in ship to ship combat, while also able to fight in atmospheric conditions. Capable of carrying 192 Alpha-3 Nimbus Class V-Wings, 36 ARC-70 Starfighters, 40 LAAT Gunships and an assortment of AT-TE Walkers. The ship was crewed by about 7,500 clones and able to carry 2,000 troopers and about 20,000 tons of cargo aboard.

This ship was being led by Admiral Yularen, a man in his early 40's with a distinguished career. He served the Republic during the battle of Malastare Narrows, to which he was promoted to the rank of Admiral at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. He currently stood next to his Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker who along with his Padawan Ahsoka Tano and his master Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi staring at a large nebula that had within a massive asteroid. Surrounding the asteroid were smaller asteroids that seemed to be pulled to the larger asteroid.

"Are you sure we are in the correct co-ordinates master?" Ahsoka asked her master.

"Well this is where Master Yoda said that we should go. Although he didn't exactly tell us what we are looking for." Anakin answered.

"Why are we here anyway?" Ahsoka asked.

"Master Yoda said that he received a vision that told him that something of great importance would be found here. Something about the past re-awakening." Obi Wan answered.

"Good, you have arrived." A voice suddenly spoke.

Everyone, from the bridge crew to the Jedi were startled as they looked around, looking for the source of the voice.

"Corporal, report! Is there something wrong with the speakers?" Anakin asked, turning to look down at one of the crew members.

"No sir, everything checks out just fine. All systems are green." The corporal replied, looking at his monitor.

"Please do not be alarmed." The voice spoke again.

From seemingly out of nowhere a person walked forward. Except he had a bluish hue to him and that he seemed semi-transparent. This person had short black hair that was combed back that stopped at his neck. He also had a light stubble across his face with brown eyes. He wore what seemed to be a combination of black robes with armour at the top. What drew everyone's attention however was the numerous scars that seemed to shape around the man's face.

"Who are you? How did you get on this ship?" Ahsoka demanded, igniting her green lightsabers.

"Peace young Padawan. I am simply a Force Ghost and as for who I am, my name is Revan." The being known as Revan answered.

"Why are you here Revan?" Obi Wan asked.

"I am here to guide you on your mission. It was I who sent that vision to Master Yoda and I who will see its completion." Revan answered.

"Why, what is it that is down there?" Anakin asked, signalling his Padawan to shut off her lightsabers, to which she did.

"An old friend. He served alongside me for many years and I consider him my greatest ally." Revan answered.

"If I remember correctly, didn't you die around four thousand years ago? How is it your friend is still alive?" Obi Wan asked.

"I believe it best if you go down there and ask him yourself." Revan asked, a smile playing on his lips.

"Go where? There's nothing out here except a giant nebula." Ahsoka asked as she pointed at the nebula.

"It is what is in the nebula that you shall find your answer." Revan answered as he disappeared from the bridge.

A quiet, tense moment passed as everyone processed the information that they just received.

"Well, I think it best that we see for ourselves what this whole thing is about and who our friend is." Obi Wan stated as he walked out of the bridge.

Walking through the large hallways, the group which consisted of Obi Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, Captain Rex, Commander Cody and a small force of ten Clone Troopers kept a look out for any traps or ambushes. When the group had landed on the asteroid, they had learned that it actually was a massive mining complex that was still operational as they saw thousands of droids being manufactured. The Jedi led the group forward as they felt the Force guiding them to their destination.

"Man if the Sepies ever got their hands on this station, we would have a numbers disadvantage on a monumental scale." One of the troopers commented.

Entering in to the next door, the group was met with a large hall. On one side there sat an old Defender class light corvette that had its paint faded and some parts of it rusty. At the end of the hall were two large pods that the group knew as stasis pods. Near the two pods was a console that showed the pods functionality and the vital signs of the people in them. To the left of the pods were two footlockers that seemed to be sealed tightly and with no way to open them.

Walking over to the console, the three Jedi stared at the console and noticed that the pods were actually in critical condition and that if not fixed, the occupants would eventually die. Anakin walked in front of the console and typed in a few commands and the pods soon began to slowly open up with a hiss. As the stasis pod opened, a large amount of cold air from the pod was released and the first body of a young man, most probably at the age of his early twenties was dropped on the floor. The next person to drop was a young twi'lek, also about the age of her early twenties was dropped next to him.

There was a groan as the man and twi'lek stirred and slowly began to get up as they began to regain their bearings.

"Wha- What? Where am I?" the young man asked.

"Are you ok young man?" Obi Wan asked as he gently helped the young man up as Ahsoka did the same to the twi'lek.

The young man nodded as he held a hand to his forehead and kept his eyes closed. Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka were shocked as the young man began to channel the Force and heal and also rejuvenate himself. Soon the man stood up straight and went over to the twi'lek and placed a hand on her forehead and did the same to her. Once she was standing up right and looking less like she could stumble around drunkenly did the two of them turned to look at the others around them.

The young man had unruly black hair, emerald green eyes, a light stubble of facial hair on his face and a shaped scar upon his forehead. His eyes though, instead of being filled with youthful energy had a wise and tortured look to them that showed that this young man had seen things that no one his age should have.

The young twi'lek next to him fit the stereotypical features of their species as being extremely beautiful and with her youthful and rare skin blue colour, it made her impossible to resist.

"Might we ask who you are?" Obi Wan asked courteously.

"You may." The young man replied with a slight smirk on his face.

Silence was met as neither group spoke a word. The man continued to smirk while the twi'lek giggled softly. Even Ahsoka was softly giggling while the Clones simply looked at the Jedi, amusement clearly in their faces, but with their helmets on, it was impossible to tell. Anakin also had a small smile on his lips as he stared at Obi Wan before shaking his head.

"Aren't you going to ask their names master?" Anakin jokingly asked.

"What? Oh! A very clever trick. Very well, what are your names?" Obi Wan finally asked.

"Well since you asked so nicely." The man said, smirking. "My name is Jedi Master Harry James Potter and next to me is my wife Mission Vao." He introduced himself.

"Jedi Master? How is it that someone so young could be made into a Jedi Master?" Ahsoka asked, scepticism clearly written all over her face.

"That would be because I was made into one soon after the Jedi Civil War." Harry answered.

"But still to be made a master at such a young age." Obi Wan stated, a hand rubbing his beard in thought.

"Yes well, the council had decided that with our heroic deeds in stopping the Sith and ending the war, it called for a promotion. Not that I stayed with the Jedi anyway after the war." Harry said.

"I thought Jedi were forbidden from forming attachments?" Captain Rex asked.

"True, but I was never one to follow the rules." Harry said with a smug smile.

"And that was why you had gotten into a massive amount of trouble with the masters, old friend." Revan's voice sounded out.

"You should be one with the Force. Finally at peace." Harry said as he looked to the side, his smile gone and his eyes showing nothing but sorrow.

"It has been a long time my friend. I don't think being peaceful suits me." Revan quipped as he materialised in front of everyone.

Harry shook his head and stared at Revan. "No I don't think it would, but you out of everyone deserve the peace."

"The same could be said for you. You and Mission both." Revan replied.

"Maybe, but I'm not one to sit still and not move around. As for Mission, she's not one to listen, and I'm her husband!" Harry exclaimed.

"Hey!" Mission shouted indigently, poking Harry in the ribs.

"Ow! See!" Harry whined, rubbing his side.

Revan laughed as he saw his oldest friends be their old selves. He then turned to the others and thanked them for freeing his friends before vanishing.

"Well now, since we seemed to have freed you of your stasis, I think it best that we leave this station." Obi Wan stated.

"Agreed. Mission, why don't you start up the engines for the Perseverance while I get out things." Harry asked as he walked over to the two footlockers next to the stasis pods and used the Force to float them in the air and drag behind him as he made his way to the ship, the others following behind.

Walking into the ship, Harry put the two footlockers in the master bedroom quickly changed into his Jedi battle armour. His robes were all black with a hood attached at the back, while he wore a mostly dark grey with some streaks of dark red along the outlines. He then stared at the helmet that had served him throughout the years. It was an old Mandalorian helmet that he had found alongside where Revan would find his iconic mask. It had the same colour palette and design of Revan's mask but instead of a simple visor, his was more angular, with sharper points and far more menacing. Alongside Revan's mask, his was also equally iconic in that he never took off his until the Mandalorians were defeated.

Grabbing his helmet, he wore it and relished in the feeling of familiarity with his old gear. He then looked into his footlocker and noticed two holocrons within and his old lightsabre. Unlike many of the Jedi in his time, who used the cylindrical variety of the lightsabre, he opted to use the ancient variant with the two crossguards. He had found out about the lightsaber variant in his studies at the Jedi temple and that it was something that suited him better that the normal cylindrical variety.

Flipping the activation switch, Harry watched as his blade sprang to life and bathed the room in a purple hue. Giving the saber a few twirls to regain his feeling for the blade, he was pleased to know that he could still use his lightsaber. Shutting off his lightsaber, he clipped it to the right side of his robes, where it was easy for him to quickly grab and left the room and headed for the cockpit.

As he entered, he noticed that Mission was in the co-pilot chair while the main pilot's chair was vacant. Sitting in the chair, he began a diagnostic check of the ships system and was disappointed to learn that the ship was on its last legs as it were. The fuel cells were at critical levels and that without a new set, the ship would run out of fuel and float in space. Even the power cells did not have that much left in them, enough to perhaps only power the engines and life support systems, but other than that the rest of the ship would be without power.

"That's not good." He stated.

"What's wrong?" Mission asked.

"Fuel cells are at critical levels while power for the ship is enough for the engines and life support and nothing else." Harry explained.

"Well the Jedi did say that they had a ship that could help us with getting back." Mission explained.

"Mind getting them here as I fly us out of here?" he asked as he prepped the ship for take-off.

Harry heard her leave as he continued to do some last minute checks before activating his engines and flying off. Only problem was that the engines refused to start.

"Come on baby, don't do this to me now." Harry whispered as he continued to try and start up the engines.

He suddenly heard a familiar set of chirps and whistles that he had not heard in a long time. Turning in his chair, Harry say his old astromech droid T3-M4 wheel into the cockpit and up next to him.

"T3? Is that really you?" Harry asked as he kneeled down.

T3 let out a series of beeps and chirps, confirming his question.

"Well it's good to see you my old friend. I missed you." Harry said as he rubbed T3's large cylindrical head.

T3 responded with a short burst of beeps.

Smiling, Harry sat back on his chair indicated at T3. "You think you can help me with the engines? It doesn't want to start." He asked.

T3 let out a few whistles as he rolled to the port and began starting the engines and taking off. Feeling the ship lift of from the ground and move forward, Harry let out a whoop of joy.

"Great work T3, now let's get out of this place!" he exclaimed as he steered the ship out of the Foundry and into the nebula.

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