A manufactured reality

Prologue: Just a dumb anime game…

"I don't want to play it. It looks boring and it's…it's anime." I humbly explained to an eager friend over a rather heated smartphone. He had been trying to convince me for the past hour now that I should play this dating novel. "Look, can we move over to Steam. My parents will kill me if I go over the contract limit." Hanging up, I sighed. Why was he so eager for me to play this game? Practically throwing the scratched phone onto my messy and unclean bed, I reached for the excuse I called headphones and switched my computer off sleep mode. Instantly I began to receive message after message.

[Just play it. I don't want to give anything away but you will have to believe me that it is good.] He just won't stop will he.

[I'll do it on one condition. That you buy me something in the winter sale, k?] That will throw him off. Heck he might stop messaging me about this stupid Doki Doki thing.

[Okay sure. You are gonna love this game.] I sat back. Well, a deal is a deal. I sat back and thought for a moment. The subtle flickering of my bulb sent me back to my reality. I headed to the store page to download "Doki Doki Literature Club".

Chapter 1: Awestruck

"Can you hear me?"

"YES MONIKA" I desperately called out to her, tears rushing down my face. She was trapped and alone. Every time I had taken a break I had tortured her. I stopped for a minute to calm down, letting the familiar song fill my ears once more. Glancing at steam I realised my friend had tried to contact me for several hours now.

[DUDE. HAVE YOU FINISHED IT? HELLO? MR LOST IN LOVE? ANYONE] The creaking of my chair suddenly brought me back to my room, away from her...

The familiar end letter once again greeted me. At last, after finishing it for the 5th time "With everlasting love, Monika"

"P.S" Wait...was that there before? After finishing the letter I had never noticed a P.S in it. The bulb continued to flicker but I was so spaced out even that couldn't send me to reality. Is this an Easter egg? I continued to read:

"Come find me"