A little over a week later and Scully sat at a desk in her temporary office and signed off what felt like about two-hundred reports.

"SAC Scully…" a young agent walked over to her while distractedly reading some papers and then walked into her desk.

Scully laughed as the agent jumped back and then looked at her with embarrassment as he rubbed his leg and swore under his breath.

Eventually, he looked back up with a slightly flushed expression, "I'm so sorry SAC Scully, I wasn't looking where I was going and…"

Scully smiled and held up her hand, "It's fine, agent...and please when we're in the office you can just call me Scully."

Agent Wilson smiled and nodded at his boss, "Of course…Scully. Where is SAC Mulder?"

Scully shrugged, "He and the AD went into town to try and sort out the power cuts at the school, they're due back anytime now. Was there anything I can help with?"

Wilson shook his head, "I just needed him to sign off on some of these reports; it can wait…"

"Give them to me, he won't mind…" Scully held out her hand.

Wilson was a new transfer and looked a little concerned, "SAC Mulder specifically asked me to wait and give them to him, I don't want to…"

Scully smiled patiently, "Mulder won't mind, you know I'm his partner, right? Or a was before all this…"

The agent looked surprised, he'd rarely seen the two senior agents in the office together since he started and hadn't had much time to get to know anyone. He pushed his glasses up his nose and nodded, "Well, I guess," he smiled uneasily, "…I didn't mean to…its just office politics and all…and I'd hate to get off on the wrong foot with a senior agent."

Scully smiled understandingly and took the paperwork. She started scanning them quickly and signing where necessary before stacking them all on a pile with her own.

"You know Agent Mulder pretty well then?" Wilson asked.

Scully looked up, surprised to see the agent still standing there. "You could say that…" She answered slowly. "Actually Mulder and I are…"

Wilson cut in, "It's just I studied some of Agent Mulder's work in the academy…his leaps of reason, the way his mind works…he really is a fascinating man. He went to school in England, didn't he?"

Scully smiled broadly, she was in the presence of the lesser-spotted Mulder-fan.

"I mean, Oxford…that's pretty impressive…and his work on the Monte Propps case…you know he was younger than me at the time and single-handedly came in and solved the case..." Wilson rambled. "I couldn't believe it when I got here and found out I'd be working under him. I mean, I've hardly even spoken to him really but… If you guys were partners you must know him pretty well? Were you partners for long? Is he as amazing in real life as he seems on paper? What is your background?" He pushed his glasses up again, "If you're SAC Mulder's partner you must be pretty impressive yourself…" he stumbled over his words and then smiled shyly, "…I mean your background must be pretty…impressive."

Scully sat back in her chair and grinned broadly at the awkward young agent she had hardly even noticed arrive in their office, it was so rare to meet someone with this level of respect for Mulder, so she took to him immediately. She also couldn't help but compare his rambling line of questioning to her nephew.

"I'm actually a medical doctor, specialising in forensic pathology," Scully told him and then added, "…and, full disclosure, Agent Mulder is also my fiancé."

"Oh…" Wilson smiled, "…now you must think I'm a complete geek."

Scully shook her head, "I'm always more than happy to meet someone who has as much respect for Mulder's gifts as I do. He's a remarkable man, it's one of the many reasons I fell in love with him."

"I'm going to need to see that list," Mulder said warmly as he walked in through the side door. He glanced around the room and seeing that Agent Wilson was the only other person present, and Scully was clearly opening up to him, he leaned and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, "I missed you today…" he added and Scully smiled up at him happily.

Mulder looked up at Wilson and raised his eyebrows, "So what's this? Are you coming on to my girl, Wilson?"

The younger agent looked horrified and stepped back, "No! I mean, goodness…no…I was just asking SAC Scully where you were and we got talking and…"

Mulder laughed and held up his hands, "Hey, don't worry…I was only kidding with you. For some reason, that I will be eternally grateful for, this lady loves me...I have absolutely no reason to be jealous."

Scully smiled up at him and nodded, "It turns out Wilson is a bit of a fan," she explained.

"So I do need to be worried?" Mulder asked and then smiled at Wilson to make it clear that he was kidding.

"Wilson studied some of your cases at the academy, Mulder. I was thinking it would be nice if you took some time to go over your old cases…maybe build on some of the black and white detail," Scully suggested.

Mulder was genuinely surprised and looked over at Wilson, "You didn't say anything."

Wilson shrugged clearly embarrassed that Scully had been so open. "I wouldn't expect you to go to any trouble, Sir. I mean, I couldn't resist asking what you are like when SAC Scully said that you used to be partners…but I had no idea that you were…that… God, I'm so embarrassed now."

Scully smiled at Wilson, he must be about thirty years old but was obviously a desk jockey and not built for social situations. "I'll let you into a secret if you promise not to let it get around…" she said to the agent conspiratorially.

The agent glanced at Mulder and then shrugged self-consciously.

"My fiancé does have a truly beautiful mind," she smiled up at Mulder lovingly and then looked back at Wilson, "…but, underneath that cerebral exterior, he's also a pretty good man. We've all been busy over the last few days, but you might not be posted here for long, and if you're interested in his work you should make the most of the opportunity to learn from him. Life is too short to be hesitant."

"Just a pretty good man?" Mulder asked teasingly as he perched on the side of Scully's desk.

"Well, I think you're wonderful…but then I'm really biased," Scully smiled up at him, her hand coming to rest casually on his thigh.

Mulder was about to reply when the phone on Scully's desk started to ring. He looked in the direction of the tone and started to pick up papers looking for the receiver. "You know this might be easier if you kept your desk a little tidier," he teased.

Scully glared at him as she found the phone and quickly covered the speaker, "This is all your shit, Mulder!" She hissed with a smile and then winked before turning her attention to the phone. "SAC Scully…yes this is she…yes…no that's perfect…yes…today…?" she looked at the time, "…that's in less than half-an-hour! …Yes…yes…no…of course…no, we'll be there. And thank you!"

Mulder raised his eyebrows as she hung up. Scully carefully stood and calmly pulled on her jacket. "Well?" Her partner asked.

"Oh…nothing…" Scully teased with a smile and then bit her lip.

"Scully, tell me!" Mulder asked with excited exasperation. This was obviously BIG.

"Well…" Scully paused for effect, "…we happen to be the brand new owners of our dream house!"

Mulder gasped, "The one on the beach?"

Scully nodded and grinned.

"With the pool?" Mulder confirmed and received another nod, "...and the BBQ?"

Scully couldn't resist any longer and wrapped her arms around his neck. "It's ours!" She smiled and kissed him happily. "But if we want to get in before the weekend we need to get the keys by five."

Mulder looked at the time, "It's twenty-five to!" He rushed to pick up his bag and threw in some papers. "Skinner!" He bellowed loudly.

Wilson watched his previously daunting AD look out of his office and was surprised to see him smile warmly at his lead agents.

"You called, Mulder?" Skinner raised his eyebrows.

"Skinner, we've got to go early…Scully just received a call to say we got that house but if we don't go and get the keys now we won't be able to get in until Monday." Mulder zipped up his bag as Scully turned off his computer.

"Go! If you need any help or any extra time after the weekend just give me a call," Skinner said quickly and ushered them towards the door.

"You can come by Sunday?" Scully asked.

"You're sure?" Skinner checked.

"An impromptu housewarming, just family and close friends…it will be motivating," Scully encouraged him.

Skinner smiled, "Sounds perfect…you call if you need anything, anything at all."

They both nodded gratefully and rushed to the door.

Wilson and Skinner stood watching the door the agents had just rushed out of.

"Your all…friends…then?" Wilson confirmed needlessly, already feeling less cautious around the Assistant Director.

"I was there AD in D.C. before…you know…" Skinner said with a gracious smile.

"They're quite something aren't they?" Wilson said as he pushed his glasses back up his nose.

Skinner nodded, "They sure are…did you hear how they got here?"

Wilson shook his head.

Walking over to a cabinet in the corner Skinner pulled out a bottle of Jameson's and two glasses, he nodded towards Scully's chair and sat down in Mulder's. Pouring them each a glass he handed one to Wilson, once he'd seen the junior agent sit he smiled and began the story. "Well, Agent Scully has family over here in San Diego. The week before the news came out she had taken a weeks vacation to visit with family…"

Scully opened the side door widely and propped it open with her hands as two large men carried through a genuinely massive couch and walked with it towards the fireplace as directed.

'Justin', as he had introduced himself, pushed the furniture into place. "Looks good…" He said with a smooth smile.

Scully looked at the couch and nodded, only to look up and find the delivery guys leering at her. She smiled thinly and then reached into her pocket to get a tip.

"All alone?" Justin asked.

Scully shook her head, "My fiancé has gone into town to get some things for the kitchen, we only moved in last night so the cupboards are a little sparse."

Justin nodded, "So he went looking for kitchen supplies and left you at home to wait for us? If you need a real man you just have to…"

Shoving a single note into his hand Scully directed them irritably towards the door, "Firstly, I happen to be an FBI Agent and more than capable of looking after myself. Secondly, I assure you that my lover is all the man I need. And finally, maybe if you actually knew your way around a kitchen you wouldn't need to be sniffing around your clients."

Justin opened his mouth, clearly about to make a smart comment, when Scully smoothly closed the door in his face.

Her phone rang, Scully looked at the screen and answered with a smile, "Hey, sexy!"

She could hear the smile in Mulder's voice when he replied, "Hey you, has the sofa arrived?"

Scully rolled her eyes, "Sofa arrived. Delivery man tried to hit on me. Delivery men left. Why are men such jerks?"

"I assume you're not including me in that generalisation?" Mulder asked.

Scully laughed, "Including you…sometimes…but I love you, so you can stay."

Mulder laughed and then seriously asked, "You okay? He didn't really try anything?"

Scully smiled and sat down on their new sofa, the plastic squeaked under her jeans and she wiggled around a little. "I'm fine, Mulder. I told him that you were shopping for kitchen stuff and he made some crack about me needing a real man…I told him I was already more than satisfied with the big stud that I had and kicked his ass to the curb."

Mulder laughed, "Damn, I'm one lucky guy."

"You sure are," Scully agreed with mock seriousness and then started pulling on the plastic as she sat.

"So, the reason I was calling…" Mulder said humour still laced in his voice, "I was thinking as tonight as our first proper night in our new home…"

"What about last night?" Scully asked.

"I'm not going to count falling off your brother's camp bed trying to have sex in front of a crap makeshift fire. Tonight we have real firewood, a real couch and a real bed. I'm going to cook you dinner and then we're going to sit by the fire and drink wine…"

"I'm going to unpack the homemade blanket mom gave us. I'll pull all the plastic off this huge couch and then tonight I want to get naked and make love at least twice…with the glass doors open so we can smell and feel the sea…" Scully looked out at the sea and smiled softly, already feeling herself getting wet for him.

Mulder groaned, "Scully, I'm in the middle of a food market – can you not?"

"Getting ready for me, Mulder?" Scully teased. "Because I can feel myself getting ready for you…"

"Jesus, Scully…" Mulder hissed and Scully felt a little guilty when she could hear the tension in his voice. "You're going to get me arrested!"

Scully laughed and sat up, "I'm sorry…I'll let you go. You'll be home soon?"

Mulder didn't answer for a second; she could hear him taking a couple of long breaths. Finally, she heard him cough and when his voice returned his whisper was laced with amusement, "You're evil, Scully. You almost made me cum in the meat section!"

Scully hummed, "Oh…I love your meat section...

Silence followed and then Mulder's voice quietly muttered, "I will be home in twenty-minutes," and the phone went dead.

Scully had stared at the phone for a full minute when Mulder hung up, briefly worried that he was genuinely annoyed with her and then laughing when she realised that the day her partner gets annoyed with her for turning him on it will be a cold day in hell.

About thirty-five minutes later Scully was sorting out the books in their office when she suddenly found herself grabbed from behind. A strong arm she immediately recognised as Mulder's wrapped around her waist and then tugged her powerfully towards the desk.

Pushing her down on her front Scully squealed when Mulder quickly tugged her skirt around her waist, pulled down her panties and kicked her legs apart.

"Oh fuck…you make me so hot…" Mulder growled into her ear and then he sucked on the lobe hungrily.

Scully felt heat flow through her body and groaned, "God, Muldddddeeeeer…."

"Need you," He murmured desperately into her ear and thrust his solid cock against her ass, "…fuck, I don't know how I even drove home."

Scully's eyes rolled and she gripped the desk firmly, "Take it, take me…you're so hot like this…take it…"

Mulder quickly unzipped, pulled out his cock and then buried himself inside her in one sharp thrust, "Oh yeah…oh fuck, Scully…I'm sorry, I just…"

"Fuck me, Mulder. Take me hard…fuck…I'm ready for you…need you…hard…" Scully gasped and shoved her ass back towards him. He suddenly took a shuddered breath and pulled back, Scully gasped, "No, Mulder…!"

He turned her around and she looked up to find him smiling down at her, no sooner had she readjusted Scully suddenly felt Mulder pull her close again and simultaneously thrust his cock into her core and his tongue in her mouth.

"Oh, God…Scully…I really fucking love you…" Mulder muttered against her mouth as he ploughed smoothly into her.

Scully grinned and hooked her leg around his thighs, "Harder…" she gasped breathlessly into his mouth.

"Just needed to…see you…" he smiled and sucked her tongue hungrily.

She pushed her hand inside the back of his pants as her orgasm hit and squeezed his ass firmly.

"Oh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh…" Mulder groaned and emptied deep inside her.

After catching their breath Scully giggled lightly against his shoulder and then ran her teeth over his neck, "So…did you at least pick up some dinner?"

Mulder smiled and breathlessly kissed her temple, "I did. Steak…I figured we could use the protein."

"They do say women have their sexual peak in their 30s…but I think it's all you…" Scully teased. "We're hardly kids anymore, Mulder, but at least we still have the energy."

"We were just kids when we fell in love, so I guess we have a lot of wasted time to catch up on…" Mulder reasoned and Scully nodded a little sadly. Then she remembered something, "Oh, Skinner called earlier…said that he was bringing a 'special guest' tomorrow, any idea?"

Mulder shook his head and then carefully pulled back and started to lovingly rearrange Scully's clothing. "A special guest? No idea…surely it can't be a date?"

Scully laughed, "I hardly heard of him dating in D.C. and that would be fast work by anyone's standards."

He kissed Scully softly before zipping up his pants and straightening his shirt. "I'm not sure we're really in a position to judge Skinner on his dating prowess, how many dates have we been on since we've known each other?"

Scully nodded, "One or two…" she conceded. "Although that was all on you…the first one ended thanks to an SOS call – and the second was quite literally an X-File."

"Hey, you can be flip if you want, I threw up at least four times after your second dating adventure…" Mulder joked, but the joke fell flat.

"Mulder…I…" Scully started slowly.

"It's fine, Scully," he tried to brush it off with a sad smile. "You were right, not everything is about me."

Scully sighed, "No not everything..." she bit her lip and then continued, "…but I think that was…at least a little…"

"Scully, I…" Mulder started to say and then stopped when he saw a tear slip down her face. He walked over quickly and pulled her into a tight embrace, "Oh God, Scully, I'm sorry, the last thing I wanted to do was upset you."

She shook her head against his shoulder and sniffed, "You didn't…not really…that wasn't an easy time. I already suspected I was ill, a suspect on a previous case had said something to me…and…"

"You didn't tell me!" Mulder pulled back and looked at her urgently.

"I didn't know what to say, 'Gee Mulder, this guy suggested I might have cancer and I've decided I'm going to do some tests'? It sounded crazy, even in my own head…and I was used to listening to your theories!" She smiled at him and Mulder returned her smile warmly. "But in spite of that I needed you, and in some ways we never seemed closer…but in a million painful ways we had never seemed so far apart. I knew I loved you…but I couldn't…or maybe I wasn't ready to admit that."

"So you went to him…" Mulder said sadly.

"I fell into him, I didn't want him…but for some reason, at that moment, he was what I needed," Scully shook her head and then corrected herself, "No…you were what I needed, but he was what I got."

Mulder nodded, "I guess I get that…when you were gone, the first time, I had a one night stand…she wasn'twhat I needed, but that felt like what I deserved."

Scully sighed, "Maybe we shouldn't be worrying about our lost time, Mulder. Considering how truly hopeless we both are we should concentrate on celebrating the fact that we're here at all!"

He laughed, "I adore you, you know that right? I think you could add up what I've felt for every woman I've ever been with and the sum of those feelings would be a drop in the ocean compared to what you mean to me. I never want you to doubt that again."

"God, I wish I'd known that when Diana was around…now she made me want to bring up my lunch!" Scully rolled her eyes and then remembering the way she had died stopped and apologised. "I'm sorry, I know in the end she was your friend and…"

Mulder shook his head, "I don't know what I was thinking…I did, think about it…"

Scully looked surprised.

"I mean, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have gone through with it, but Diana sometimes seemed like the easy option. I knew I loved you, but I also thought I didn't have a chance. I'd become irritated with myself, I was blinded by the fact that I'd fallen for this unattainable woman and terrified that if I had to watch you fall in love with someone else my jealousy and bitterness would destroy what we had. There were times I thought being with Diana might have…"

"I couldn't have endured that…I think that could have driven us apart," Scully said tearfully and Mulder combed his hand into her hair and pulled her cheek to his chest.

"I love you so much. All the mistakes we almost made, all the times we unintentionally hurt each other, they're behind us now. We're here, we're together, and I sure ass hell am never letting you go…" Mulder said firmly and held Scully close.

After a few minutes, Scully pulled back and sniffed, she smiled up at him through watery eyes, "I'm sorry…that time in our lives was…"

"It's over," Mulder said and took her hand with a happy and determined smile.

Scully nodded, "Over." She leaned up to kiss him lightly and then slid to her feet. "I need a shower…"

Mulder grinned and waggled his eyebrows, "Shall I…?"

"No!" Scully said abruptly and way too quickly, then looked back at him and smiled as she left the room. "We have work to do, I don't want to be still at this at ten tonight."

Mulder rolled his eyes and nodded.

She stopped and leaned on the doorway, "Can you set up the stuff in the kitchen? Maybe empty out the bags of clothes we picked up for you last night? The wardrobes arrived just after you left so they can be unloaded…and I have three cases of stuff that Bill dropped off, I left them in our bedroom as well…if you get around to it."

"Can I do your cases first? Is there lingerie in there?" Mulder's eyes lit up.

Scully laughed and turned towards the stairs, "It's a good job I love you."

Mulder walked through to have a look at their new couch. He briefly thought of his old beat up leather couch which was probably lying underwater in D.C…he remembered lonely nights watching TV, moments of trauma and heartache…then he remembered evenings sat with Scully; drinking beer, eating pizza and arguing over paperwork and movies. Yeah, he smiled, it sure as hell was a good job that she loves him.

Later that night, Mulder stood balancing precariously on a dinning room chair attaching an outside light over the BBQ.

Scully walked through and sighed, "Mulder a asked you to wait…"

"It's almost done…" Mulder said impatiently and then swore when he caught his finger.

"And if you'd fell while I was inside?" Scully said with irritation as she walked quickly over.

"Well, I could still fall with you here," Mulder retorted smartly as she reached his side.

Scully tensed her jaw and then tutted loudly, "But I would have been here…"

"To catch me? Scully I'd probably break every bone in your body," Mulder teased and smiled down at her in a way that completely broke the building tension.

Scully grinned, "Well...I'd break your fall."

"Aw, baby…you'd be my crash mat?" Mulder said laughing softly as he jumped down to her side.

"I'd do anything for you, you know that," Scully teased and reached to pinch his ass.

Mulder smiled lovingly and pulled her into his arms, "Hell, I know that."

"You finished?" Scully asked and looked around from her snug spot in Mulder's arms.

"Done," Mulder said proudly.

"A housewarming BBQ on the beach…perfect…" Scully hummed happily.

Mulder nodded, "So, have you finished?"

"Mmmmm," Scully nodded. "Salads and potatoes are done, I've left you to do the steak because…'big boys playtime'."

Mulder smiled, "There's nothing like grilling a good steak"

"So food, and then…?"

"Then we will pretend to be grown-ups; pour two glasses of wine, go sit on the couch to watch an extremely worthy Oscar winning movie…"

"…Which we will see about half an hour of before you get handsy and I lose track of what's happening…?" Scully finished with a smirk.

Mulder grinned, kissed her forehead and then headed towards the kitchen on a mission. As he stepped through the door he called back happily, "At this rate you are going to be activities coordinator every damn night!"

"I'm going to let you in on a secret," Mulder whispered only forty-five minutes into their film, "…I don't even care where Miss Daisy is going."

She wiggled on his lap and sighed. They were both lying on their couch with their feet up, Scully lying between Mulder's legs, his hand resting on her belly.

"Watch the movie, Mulder," Scully said with a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"It's a good movie, I like it…" Mulder said thoughtfully as his hand trailed up her torso his fingers starting to play with the lace at the v of her camisole.

"It's a classic," Scully said as she felt her nipples tighten and her breath catch.

"Yeah, it is…" Mulder agreed, his voice already sounding rough. "But you know I think Morgan would understand, I mean…look at you…he's a man of the world, he gets it…"

Scully bit her lip as one of Mulder's fingers brushed a taut nipple and then flicked lightly.

"In fact," Mulder continued softly, "I'm not sure I'll ever need movies or TV again…I mean, what's the point? What could possibly be worth watching when I could be watching you?"

Scully laughed, "So you're saying that we're never going to see the end of a movie again?" She flipped over to face him and smiled broadly.

Mulder ponder the thought, "I do like movies, and I can see the potential that one day I might be able to sit with you in my arms long enough to watch a whole one…" he bit his lip and then leaned forward to capture her plump lower lip between his teeth then give it a gentle suck, "…but we're talking a long while."

"What if I want to watch it?" Scully asked, the direction of her hands belying any desire to watch the film.

"You can watch…" Mulder smiled graciously, "…maybe I could play with you a little while I wait?"

Scully licked her lips and scanned his face hungrily, "You think I could passively sit watching a movie while you just…?"

"I was thinking I'd really like to taste you again..." Mulder suggested calmly and Scully groaned.

"Fuuuuuckkkkkk," She rolled back and pulled her skinny top off, her breast swaying free, "…turn it off, I can't do this with them watching…"

Mulder looked up at the TV and grinned at Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy, "They might like to watch…"

"Off!" Scully growled and began to tug at his sweats.

Mulder gasped, unsure if Scully was still referring to the TV or his pants – but quickly sat up, flicked off the TV and bucked up to push down his sweatpants.

Scully moved back to pull them off his feet, stood to yank down her yoga pants and then quickly crawled up his body. "Oh fuck, it blows my mind how much you turn me on…" she growled and Mulder dropped his head back as Scully's mouth descended over his cock and her tongue began rolling around the tip as she bobbed up and down and sucked steadily.

"Oh, Jesus…I can't believe this is my life now…" Mulder groaned and looked up to see Scully smiling up at him with her eyes as she devoured him enthusiastically. "God, do you know how many…times I came…imagining your sexy little pout sucking my cock?"

Scully dipped and sucked twice before letting him loose with a wet pop and sliding up towards her mouth, "The thought of you…in that apartment…" her wet soft mouth melded with his lazily, her tongue sliding against his lightly as she spoke, "…stroking your cock and thinking of me. God, your so sexy…"

Mulder smiled against her mouth, tasting himself on her lips and trapping her legs between his thighs as he thrust up against her hot wet core.

"I've never seen anyone as beautiful as you, Scully," he said with quiet reverence, "…your body, your mind, your humour, your beautiful face…combine that with the fact that no one in my life has ever shown me the love that you gave me. I loved you without question," he cupped her face and kissed the end of her nose gently, his other hand slowly gliding down to grip her waist, "…but that you loved me in return…that you need me as much as I need you, that is the greatest miracle this universe will ever reveal to me."

Scully's eyes welled up and tears fell down her cheeks as she lifted and slowly lowered herself onto him.

"I'm never going to get used to this feeling, this is heaven on earth…" Scully smiled and kissed him as she started a slow and steady roll against him.

"You are heaven," Mulder smiled up at her happily as he lifted his hand to comb her hair off the side of her face and then stretch up to kiss her lips.

When Scully walked through from the bathroom in a dark green bikini and matching floral wrap Mulder's knees buckled and he dropped to sit on the end of the bed.

"Scully, you're breath-taking…" He looked her up and down and then held out his hand to beckon her closer.

She smiled a little awkwardly and bit her lips as she walked over. "Mulder, you're biased…" She said as she took his hand and then moved to sit sideways on his lap.

"I am so biased…but this is also a completely objective opinion, you're stunning," Mulder smiled and brushed his lips lightly along her jaw.

"You can't have an objectively biased opinion," she laughed.

"I can, you're beautiful...find one man who disagrees and I'll kick his ass," Mulder teased and pulled her close as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I don't care what anyone else thinks, Mulder, this is all for you," Scully tilted her neck a little as Mulder returned to kissing her neck.

"I'm not sure if you mean this outfit or you, but I'll take it…I'll take all of you," He paused and then smiled against her neck, "…and with that in mind, can I take it off?"

Scully laughed and quickly stood up, suddenly aware how easy it would be for him to convince her if she stayed that close.

"They're going to be here in less than ten-minutes, Mulder. I'm still recovering from the embarrassment of Charlie walking in to find me perched up on the kitchen counter!" She flushed a little an walked over to pull a towel out for both herself and Mulder.

"We were fully dressed!" Mulder protested with a smile.

"That was luck not judgement, a few minutes later and we'd we paying for Charlie's counselling sessions," Scully laughed and threw a towel at Mulder's head.

He caught it in the air, "He's a grown ass man, Scully, I think he knows we have sex…" he grinned and then pulled off his shirt, pants and boxers before walking over to a chest and digging out a pair of board shorts. "…Lots and lots of sex," he added, waggling his eyebrows as he pulled his shorts over his slightly erect cock.

Scully took a deep breath, scanned his body and then licked her lips, "I have to be careful around you sometimes, your body alone can lead me to careless decision making…" she stepped closer and just as it looked like she was about to kiss him Mulder felt her palm playfully slap his ass. "Besides, he may be a 'grown ass man' but he'll always be my little brother."

Mulder smiled at her as she walked to the bedroom door, then she glanced back at the last minute, "Baby, can you look out our sunglasses before you come down? The pair we bought for you should be in the bag next to the dresser…"

He nodded dumbly and watched her saunter away, clearly teasing him with a little wiggle of her ass. She'd called him her baby...like it was the most natural thing in the world…and suddenly his whole life seemed perfect.

When Mulder arrived at the bottom of the stairs (wearing two pairs of sunglasses on his head) he heard a knock at the door and walked through to answer it.

Matt ran passed Mulder excitedly and straight towards the sea view he could see at the back of the room, "Hi Uncle Mulder, bye Uncle Mulder!" He called back as he disappeared through the nearest door.

Bill smirked at Mulder and rolled his eyes, "He's been excited ever since we told him that you and Dana were moving to the beach."

"Will he be okay?" Margaret asked leaning up to kiss Mulder's cheek as she watched her grandson run outside.

"We have a locked gate before the beach and plenty of floats in the pool, but it might be worth someone going through with him…will all be out in a minute," Mulder said reassuringly.

Margaret nodded and walked after Matt.

"Sounds like you planned well," Charlie said as he appeared at the top of the stairs carrying his niece in her carrycot.

"More like I'm marrying the most organised woman I've ever met," Mulder confirmed needlessly. "Although I did choose the pool toys!"

"A match made in heaven," Tara teased and leaned up to kiss Mulder's cheek as she walked by. She walked into the living area and looked back at her host, "Mulder, it's stunning I can see why you and Dana snapped this place up so quickly."

"It's perfect…Scully said it's better than anything she ever imagined," Mulder agreed as he walked down to join Tara.

"And you?" She asked with amusement in her voice.

"I could live in a cardboard box with Scully and I'd be happy," Mulder laughed but then looked contently around the bright room, "…but it is pretty perfect."

Tara smiled warmly at Mulder, "Something tells me that a big part of what makes this house Dana's dream home is getting to wake up next to you every morning."

"Hey!" Bill teased as he and Charlie walked down towards them.

Tara laughed and wrapped her arm around her husband as soon as he came close enough, "You know you're my dream man," she confirmed happily.

When Scully left the family to answer the door a couple of hours later it took her a second to register what she was seeing.

Walter Skinner, Agent Wilson and…

"Dan? Dan from Georgetown?!" She gasped breathlessly and instinctively wrapped her arms around the man…in spite of his obvious broken limb.

When she pulled back Dan smiled down at Scully and shrugged, the two had barely met but between his friend's incessant talking about her and her heartbreaking arrival in their temporary med bay he almost felt like he knew her.

"Agent Scully, it's genuinely good to see you again…" Dan said so warmly that Scully felt tears spring to her eyes.

"Dan…please, call me Dana. I'm sorry, I'm a little speechless. How...?" She looked up at Skinner and Wilson, who were both grinning broadly at her apparent shock.

"Well, it seems the decision to draft agents in the east to San Diego and use this as a local base has worked in our favour…" Skinner started to explain.

"Wait…wait…let's get you all inside and you can tell everyone," Scully smiled up at Dan and shook her head in wonder. "I can't tell you what this will mean to Mulder, to see you…" Tears welled in Scully's eyes at the relief she felt knowing that her partner would not be able to hold himself even partially responsible for the death of another friend. He had hidden it well to the rest of the world but Scully knew driving away from Dan had scarred him badly.

"Oh, God…Agent…I mean, Dana…the last thing I wanted to do was upset you…maybe I should have called first…" Dan reached out towards her with concern and glanced back at Skinner.

Scully rushed to shake her head, "Oh no, I'm sorry. I'm not upset, just relieved…"

"Scully, what's...?" Mulder paused in the doorway, his attention automatically focused on Scully. "Oh God, what's wrong?" Without even looking at their guests he rushed to her side and tugged her into his embrace, closing his eyes and kissing the top of her head as he rocked her slowly. "You're upset…" He asked softly.

Skinner, Dan and Wilson watched the couple in silence for a few seconds – slightly overwhelmed by the sight of the tall man cradling this tiny woman in his arms like she was his whole world…and then silently acknowledging that she was.

Even Skinner was a little taken aback, he'd suspected their love for a while, and had known they were together since they met up again…but seeing them like this was…different.

After several long seconds, Dan spoke up, "I'm afraid it's all my fault, Mulder. I think my arrival took Dana by surprise. I was just apologising for not calling first…but, to be honest, I didn't know what to say. I mean, 'surprise!' sounds awkward and trite…"

Mulder looked up at the sound of Dan's familiar voice and his jaw almost hit the floor. His old friend stood in the doorway, one arm in plaster, several stitches running in a line across his forehead - but otherwise alive and well.

"Dan?! I don't…" Mulder stuttered out in shock. He didn't really want to leave Scully so he tugged her along still curled into his side as he rushed to shake his hand. "How is this even possible? Did you fly out…?" He paused and looked at his arm, "What happened?"

"Let's go through…then Dan can sit down and explain everything…" Scully suggested as she pulled back from Mulder's side and slipped her hand into his.

Mulder smiled and squeezed her hand, "Sounds good."

The five walked through and found Scully's family scattered around the BBQ and pool in the back. Matt swam to the side as soon as Mulder was near and reached up his arm, "Lift, Uncle Mulder?" He asked with a grin.

Scully smiled and watched Mulder bend to grip his arm and pull him out of the pool, she was starting to suspect he was doing it on purpose now and Matt confirmed her suspicions when the boy immediately ran around the corner and jumped back into the water.

"Uncle Mulder?" Dan asked with evident surprise in his voice as he sat on a chair near the pool. "I thought you said you had no family?"

Mulder smiled over at Matt as he clambered on a blow-up duck in the centre of the pool, "Matt's Scully's nephew…I guess you could say I've been adopted into the clan."

Dan smiled warmly at the fact his friend was obviously so happy.

"And that's a bit like joining the Navy - once you're in, you're a Scully for life," Bill said walking over from a small table in the corner that had been set up as a temporary bar. "Walter Skinner, right?" Bill said shaking Skinner's hand warmly, "it's good to meet you under strangely happier circumstances."

Skinner nodded, "You too."

"And?" Bill smiled at Dan and Wilson warmly.

"Agent Dan Wilson," Dan said happily and shook Bill's hand, "and this is my kid brother Adam."

"Wait?! You two are brothers?" Mulder asked with understandable shock as he looked between the two.

"Dan?" Charlie asked stirred from the sun lounger that he had been dosing on next to the group. "As in Dan…from the evacuation centre in D.C.?" He clarified with surprise as he sat up.

Scully smiled at her brother, happy to hear that Mulder had obviously been talking with her family about what had happened.

"No other…" Dan confirmed and then nodded in answer to Mulder's question.

"I am so confused right now," Scully said laughing softly and sitting down on another sun lounger.

Mulder chuckled at Scully and moved to sit next to her, their sides almost blended together and his hand slipped naturally around her waist and to her hip.

Scully smiled and kissed his upper arm softly before reaching to side her hand into his.

"It's good to see you two so happy together," Dan said affectionately.

Mulder smiled at his friend and nodded, "The love of my life flew in to save my ass from a natural disaster…she's stuck with me now."

The small surrounding crowd chuckled happily and then Charlie stood to go and pour everyone glasses of juice, as he walked away he called back, "We already know Mulder and my sister are nauseatingly in love," he teased gently as he poured, "...but I want to know your story!"

Dan laughed and nodded his head with thanks when Charlie brought him a drink.

"Well, long story short...Walter here told my brother a story Friday night...a once in a lifetime story about two FBI agents who fell in love, but were too…" he looked over to check where Matt was and then continued, "…chicken-shit to do anything about it…"

Mulder smiled and tightened his hand on Scully's hip.

"...When news of the asteroid hit they were on opposite ends of the country, but knowing that her partner was going to die the woman moved heaven and earth to get to his side…so they ran and the lived…" he smiled at Mulder and Scully, "…together. Well, that kind of love is not commonplace, so obviously when Adam heard the story there were far too many similarities to the one I had told him to be a coincidence."

"So you've been here the whole time?" Scully asked.

"No…I ended up in Los Angeles, with Adam…but then he was posted down here for a couple of weeks and fate stepped up. As soon as he called on Friday evening I started making plans to come down here."

"How did you get out of there?" Mulder asked, still trying to catch up.

"I was hit by a vehicle…" Dan laughed.

Scully's face lit up when she realised what had happened, "So you became a medical emergency and were evacuated out!"

"Exactly," Dan confirmed. "A drunk driver arrived on campus a couple of hours after you guys left, driving all over the place…I remember he almost hit a group of agents, then careered off to the right towards me. When I came around I was in a helicopter surrounded by medics."

"I can't believe it…" Mulder said shaking his head.

"The ironic thing is the agents he missed are probably dead," Dan said sadly.

The group shook their heads at the thought.

"Life rarely turns out as you expect it to…" Charlie said softly.

"I couldn't believe it," Adam said adjusting his glasses. "Dan hadn't even mentioned Agent Mulder's name to me…he'd barely talked about what had happened at all…but he had mentioned this great guy that he'd met and the woman who had turned up out of nowhere to save his life. I told Dan the story AD Skinner had conveyed to me...and Mulder's name…and here he is."

"I'd planned to look you up as soon as things had settled down, but of course tracing people is a practical nightmare right now," Dan rolled his eyes. "I've been feeling much better over the last few days, my headaches have stopped and my head has cleared."

"Are you sure you should have travelled?" Mulder asked with concern.

"The doctors cleared me for travel…and I assured them that one of my new friends is a highly skilled medical doctor," Dan smiled at Scully.

"It really is a small world," Scully smiled happily. "Are you staying down here for a while or do you have to get back to LA?"

"A few days, but I do need to go back for a while…there was a little girl medevac'd out with me, she lost her hand and temporarily lost her sight in an accident on the way to Georgetown. As far as we can tell she lost everyone…she still in the temporary hospital at the moment but I feel some responsibility to the kid. I was the first person who she saw when her sight started to come back."

Scully sighed, "That's awful…how old is she?"

"She doesn't seem sure about a date at the moment, but almost five…she said that her daddy was planning her birthday party. It seems possible by the way she talks that he may have been a single parent."

Bill nodded, "Rushing to save his child…"

Dan shrugged sadly, "I guess."

"You're thinking of adopting her?" Mulder asked.

Dan shook his head, "No…I mean, she's a great kid but she needs more than I have to offer her. I'm single, I work full-time in a dangerous job, I have limited financial security…I guess I just want to make sure she's okay and taken care of properly."

"My brother, always trying to save the world," Adam teased.

Dan laughed, "One kid…I need to know that this one kid is going to be okay and then maybe I can start to move on."

Everyone nodded understandingly.

"So…are we going to eat, ever?" Scully looked at Mulder with an impatient smile.

Mulder grinned at Scully, "You want me to feed you?"

"I want you to feed all of us, but yes…I am hungry," She admitted.

"Your wish is my command," Mulder said and brushed her lips softly with his before standing and walking towards the BBQ.

"If you two weren't so gorgeous you might be genuinely nauseating," Charlie said with a smirk as he lay back on the sun lounger and closed his eyes.

"I'm thrilled that my happiness brings you such joy, Charlie," Scully said rolling her eyes.

"He's happy for you," Bill said genuinely and draped his arm over his sister's shoulder. "We're all happy…after everything you've both been through."

"You decided to buy out here?" Dan asked after sipping his drink.

"My family are here and they're Mulder's too now…nothing is set in stone but we're here for now and I do love this house," Scully explained.

"It's gorgeous, and perfect if you decide to have a family..." Dan observed looking down towards the beach. He felt some people nearby flinch and looked back to see Scully looking a little sad. "Sorry? Did I say something…?"

"No…no…I mean, I'm afraid I can't have children…medical issues and…well anyway…" Scully stumbled through.

"Oh, Dana, I'm so sorry, this really is none of my business…I shouldn't have said anything," Dan apologised genuinely.

Scully shook her head and smiled brightly, "No, it's fine. Mulder and I have both come to terms with it, separately and together. We would have liked a family, but we have each other and, in the end, that's everything. Sometimes life works out the way it is meant to, even if it can be difficult to understand why."

Dan watched Scully smile adoringly over at his friend, who was already starting the food on the BBQ. He didn't say anything, now wasn't the time…but he couldn't help but feel that these two people had love in abundance and more than enough to share with a little girl who had no-one.


I left scope for a potential sequel...one day...or at least in my head! haha