Merry Christmas everyone!

This is the second new story I have started during Christmas, the first being The Miraculous Thief.

Truth be told this one formed as soon as I found A Hat in Time here on the site as an official category.

So without further ado, let this story begin.

Edit: Sorry to all who have followed this story, but I had to delete and completely repost it due to the fact it didn't show up in the archives for some god forsaken reason- I think it would be a good diea to not post stories back to back from now on.


In a dark room, a typical night time dark, slept a young girl in a plush bed that was far too big for a child her size, with curtains to cover each side of her bed.

The girl in question had brown hair tied in a pony tail by a yellow band with bangs going around her ears.

She rolled in her sleep cutely as she snuggled into her pillow.

Suddenly the lights in the room flicked on to full power as an automated voice filled the room "Good Morning and welcome to another day of space adventure!"

The moment the lights went on the young girl jumped out of her bed with such speed that she left a dust cloud going straight up. The young girl landed face first right next to her bed, causing the bedside top hat to bounce off the table and float onto her head, landing in just the right position so it would stay on her head when she stood up.

"You are only, 2.5, lightyears away from your destination, home." The Automated voice continued as the girl stood up and yawned, the yellow cape on her back flipping from over her head and settling on the backside of her purple dress that had a zipper on the front, her white pants smoothing themselves out over her purple boots.

It was easy to see the girl still wasn't fully awake from her face plant as one of her blue eyes were half closed while the other was trying to close.

"The Fuel Tank is missing, 1 Time Piece, and the ship is flying at full speed." The automated voice continued as the girl walked past the mountain of pillows that took up half of her room, which was the size of a mansions main room.

The girl ignored the voices 'To-Do list' proxy as she walked through the automated door of her space ship and into the central section of the ship, nearly tripping over the roomba that patrolled the carpet for any dust.

The girl, now fully awake, walked to the upstairs portion of the main room and up to a large screen that had an exclamation point on it.

"Boop." The girl said tapping the screen she could barely reach.

The screen then changed to a picture of an hourglass next to a fraction, 39/40, under the word FUEL.

The hourglass and number shrunk and moved up on screen to show a small explosion to mark her blast off on the left side of the screen, to a house marked 'Home' on the right side of it, and three quarters of the way to the image of 'Home' was an image of the girls head.

The girl smiled at this before quickly looking over the railing to the glass hatch on the massive glass window that took up the front part of her spaceship, a habit she developed after a Mafia guy somehow managed to escape his planet's atmosphere and float in space in front of it.

She was still trying to figure out how that bald guy did that... As well as how he thought punching a hole in the window would be a bright idea.

The girl smiled and jumped over the railing and walked over to the seat in front of the window, seeing a planet that look a lot like the planet she had been trapped on looking for her Time Pieces.

Oddly enough according to the space guide she had finally managed to find, both of those planets were called 'Earth'.

She then looked at the book that sat on the rather luxurious chair that doubled as her pilot seat. It was her homemade scrapbook of her time on that Earth she had visited. She had filled it with pictures of her and her... friends, though everyone there was a jerk to her.

Even DJ Grooves was a jerk to her, the one person who wasn't a jerk to her on that planet and her turns around and uses one of HER Time Pieces to rig the Award 42 ceremony so he would win... Granted his type of movies really weren't those that were interesting to her, it was one of making her an idol and the other of her leading a parade that didn't understand the meaning of stop.

Shaking her head she reached past the scrapbook to pick up a baby blue umbrella with small stars patterned in a ring, her trusty umbrella, which she stole from a Mafia guy who was keeping her from one of her Time Pieces. Heck the guy was a bit of a baby, seeing as he ran away from her while crying just because she took his umbrella.

The Mafia guys were twice her size with barrel sized chests, they really shouldn't run from a girl half their size, umbrella or no.

She was still a little irked that everyone just called her Hat Kid, but considering that was her nickname back home she didn't bother correcting them.

Hat Kid grabbed her scrapbook and was about to take a seat when the ship started baring alarms, causing her to jump again.

Looking out the window, she saw a meteor heading for her ship, she had accidentally let the autopilot drive her into the course of the meteor.

The meteor crashed into the window, breaking a hole in the hatch, once again, and causing a suction effect due to depressurization.

"Uh oh." Hat Kid gulped right before she was sucked out of the hole in the window, keeping a grip on her umbrella and scrapbook. The suction also undid the latches on the vault on the second floor that contained her 39 remaining Time Pieces, causing the vault door to swing open and suck her Time Pieces out as well.

Hat Kid looked on in shock as one of her Time Pieces flew past her, just out of her reach.

"Deja vu..." She muttered as she was pulled into Earth's atmosphere and toward the surface.

Specifically, the city of Paris, of the country of France.

[Paris- Tom & Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie- Rooftop]

"Finally." Said Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a 15 year old girl with mid length black hair that reflected blue tied in two pigtails at the bottom of her head, and bluebell color eyes wearing a dark gray blazer with rolled up sleeves, the inside being lined in white with pink polka dots, and has black trimming over a white t-shirt with black stitching and a pink flower with black leaf design, rolled up pink pants with the inside lined in white with pink polka dots as well light pink ballet shoes with dark red soles, black earrings, and a light pink purse with a thin black strap over her right shoulder. "A day has finally gone by without any Akuma attacks."

Floating next to Marinette was a small red creature with a black spot on it's forehead, and two more on each side of it's head.

"Don't get too relaxed Marinette." The creature, a Kwami known as Tikki, said, "Hawkmoth will certainly try his best to send out an Akuma today."

"I know Tikki." Marinette said, "But it still feels good to finally have a bit of rest, especially with Manon coming over today."

"Speaking of which, shouldn't she be here soon?" Tikki asked looking at Marinette's phone.

"Huh?" Marinette hummed looking at her phone, "Ah! You're right, thanks Tik-URGH!"

Marinette was cut off from thanking her Kwami friend when an unusually hourglass slammed into her head, knocking her over.

"Marinette!" Tikki cried out.


Well folks, that's the first chapter of this one and I can say this will update faster than Miraculous Thief, if only because with what I plan for that story I need a LOT of time and ideas.

Also, show of hands, who else thinks that Hat Kid is just too adorable?