"Hey, kid." he heard a familiar voice say. "Kid, wake up. Time to go." Then he felt a wet nose on his forehead.

The orange cat yawned and blinked. His vision was a bit blurry for a second but once his eyes adjusted to the light, he could see the scruffy face of the dog that had tricked him into stealing food not too long ago… But he did save him from that Doberman last night. And that was probably the reason he slept snuggled up to the mutt.

"Wha…" the kitten said, still sleepy.

"Mornin' kiddo! Quit grillin' at me and hurry up, we gotta go." The dog said while stretching.

"Where?" the kid asked.

"The city, kid. We got a lot of work to do." replied the mutt as he was heading for the stairs.

"Dodger?" asked the cat.

"What?" Dodger looked back at him, brow raised.

"I'm hungry." Right on cue the kitten's stomach let out a small growl.

The dog felt a pang of guilt because he never really gave the kid his share. Come to think of it, he actually never got to eat his own.

"Aight, wait a sec." A moment later he dropped a hot dog in the small cat's paws.

"Eat up, catto, 'cause it's the last one." prompted the canine.

The kitten devoured the sausage like a starving predator. He did look like a tiger cub because of his tiger like coloration.

Dodger thought the same as he watched the kitten eat and smiled to himself, shaking his head.

The feline noticed that. "Whuth?" he managed, his words barely comprehensible because of his stuffed mouth.

"Anybody ever told ya ya look like a tiger cub, kid?" Dodger asked.

"Wusth ah thigah? the kitten tried once again to speak with a full mouth.

"Ya don't know what a tiger is?" the dog was surpised.

"Wehl." the orange cat gulped "No, I don't. What is it?"

Dodger was about to answer but then another voice joined in on their conversation.

"It's a type of wild cat at least fifty times your size." answered Rita. "Also, we have to hurry, Fagin is waiting on us." she added, looking at Dodger.

"Yeah, right. Come on kid, let's show ya how we live… or die, if we don't find the cash." said Dodger with a smile, contrasting his last statement.

Even though Fagin's scooter was small and barely functional all the dogs – and cat – fit surprisingly well.

The amount of smoke that thing produced, coupled with the loud choking sound and the animals stuffed in the makeshift basket at the back, was quite the sight. Certainly something you'd remember.

The cat was holding onto Dodger's paw for dear life.

"Relax, kid! You ain't gonna fall, I got ya." said the canine.

To be honest, Dodger was growing fond of the cat. He reminded him of himself. He reminded him of himself a lot, actually. Maybe that's why he let the kid sleep snuggled up to him. But the dog would never admit it.

"Okay, Dodge" replied the kitten, trying his best to look like Fagin's driving didn't bother him.

"Hey, ya callin' me Dodge already? Be careful kid, I might start callin' ya-" and it just dawned on him that he didn't know the cat's name.

"Heh, you know, actually I need ya name first."

The cat looked troubled.

"Um… I don't… have a name." he replied ashamed, as though it was his fault.

Dodger's expression changed from confused to sad. But then he got an idea.

"Well… what about-"

"Alright, gang, this is the big one! We have three days to do or die." Fagin interrupted them, while tooting the scooter's horn.

„Dodger, you keep an eye on the little kid…"

And he was planning on doing just that. The kitten had endured too much and was still way too young to understand but he seemed to be coping with it pretty well. He had a smile on his face.

"…I just want you to keep one thing in mind-", Fagin was bad at driving but he was considerably worse at stopping. He almost crashed into an alleyway.

"Dead men do not buy dog food! So big smiles and get out there and fetch!" with the man's command all of the dogs leapt out of the basket and he drove away in smoke.

"Alright, if Mr. Sykes don't see some cold hard cash soon we are Doberman chow. Come on!" Dodger said to the gang. He made sure the kid was still with them of course.

He was going to come up with a name for the little cat. He just needed to take care of this first.