Title: Lost

Author: Lanzer

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or related characters.

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Harry had never been so happy in his life. The burrow was full of Weasley's and the smell of a barbeque swirled around in the rooms. He was at the Weasley's for the summer and they where having a barbeque with the whole family. Everyone was there including Bill and Charley. Harry dove for the snitch while the others Weasley's did their part in the mini game of Quidditch. Grasping the small golden ball he raised his hand I victory.

"VICTORY FOR THE YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!!!" Fred Weasley yelled .

"HEY! Who you calling old!!" Bill Weasley stated as he began to pick up the bowl of salad from the table and aimed for his brother.

"BILL, you put that salad down RIGHT now!!!" Mrs Weasley came marching out of the backdoor glaring at her son. Bill placed down the salad and yelled as loud as he could.


The pounding of feet came fro inside the house and a herd of red heads came jumbling through the back door. Harry and the rest of the quidditch players landed. Unfortunately they weren't the only ones.

A figure clad in black stepped forward.

"Mind if we join you?"
Albus leaned back into the red leather chair and sighed. After over 5 hours of work he finally had time to rest. As he picked up his pipe and lit it his office door swung open revealing a very tired looking Minerva McGonagall.

"Finished all your work?" She gave him a questioning look.

He nodded as he puffed on his pipe. She came and flopped down onto the couch opposite him with her eyes closed. Albus studied her for a moment. Parts of her silver grey hair which had pulled loose of the bun at the back of her head were falling around her face. With the firelight flickering on her face she looked younger . . . prettier. Albus had always treasured his deputy and maybe even loved her. But to her they were just friends.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at him critically.

"Albus if you don't stop smoking you are going to shorten your life." She stated with a frown.

"I have smoked for over a hundred years and I'm still alive." How are you? Gave her that look that told her she wasn't going to win this one. Catching that look, Minerva stood up conjured a glass of water from mid air, walked towards Albus and tipped the water over the smoking end of his pipe. Just as Albus was about to complain a head appeared I the fire. It was the Minister of Magic.

"Albus, Death eaters at the Weasley's!"
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