Be careful what you wish for

Just a little break from my main story. I had nothing better to do (other than write my main story that is :P ).

Kagome sighed in relief as the hot spring came into view. She quickly set down her bathing supplies and was about to undress when she noticed a certain hanyou sitting up in the treetops. Inuyasha had a faraway look in his eyes indicating he was thinking deeply about something. He heard a sound coming from the nearby hot springs. He turned his head, curious, to see Kagome with her shirt half way pulled up staring at him. "SIT!" She shouted angrily as she straightened her clothes out and stormed over to the hanyou as he came crashing down to hit the ground. "What the hell was that for wench!" Inuyasha shouted angrily.

"You pervert! What are you doing sitting up there to peek at girls!" Kagome responded. Inuyasha feh'd. "I'm not that pervert monk woman! I'd never act like him!" Kagome sighed a little and said softly. "Sometimes I wish you would." Inuyasha blinked. 'Did I just hear right?' he wondered. Kagome turned around so he wouldn't see her tears. "At least Sango knows Miroku likes her. You're just so off and on it seems like." she murmured, talking to herself now more than Inuyasha. Inuyasha felt a pang of anger. 'How can she not know? Why else would I put up with all of this crap?' Well Inuyasha was about to change that. And seeing that her backside was the right in front of him... Inuyasha closed the short distance between them and copped a feel that would have made Miroku proud.

Kagome turned around. The expression on her face said 'Oh my god I can't believe you just did that.'

Meanwhile Inuyasha's expression said 'There are you happy? I acted like that lech.'

Kagome's expression quickly changed to an angry one that said 'You are so dead.'

Inuyasha's changed to one that said. 'Oh gods I am so dead.'

"SIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!" *Wham*

Never again did Inuyasha grope Kagome. And Kagome never again wished Inuyasha acted more like Miroku. She had decided that maybe it was best to leave things the way they were.

I've been carrying that idea around in my head for a while but this was the first time it actually came to me in a story form. Please review.