Things in the Cullen house had been going smoothly for a while. Esme was resorting a house Port Angeles while her husband, Carlisle, was still working in the hospital. Emmett and Rosalie had told people they were spending the year studying at the University of Arizona. That's what they told everyone at least, They had been spending at Isle Esme. Edward, Bella, Renessme moved to Alaska, where they had homeschooling Renessme. Jacob came up every single weekend. The time apart was hard for Jacob, but he was rebuilding the pack. Alice and Jasper actually continued their education at the University of North Dakota. A big school allowed them to blend in. Two weeks before Christmas came and everyone home for the holidays. The holidays had always been a big part of the Cullen's family. Once the big happy family settled in Carlisle said a toast, with an empty glass of course.

"To being back together, I missed each of you. I can't wait to hear all of your wonderful stories."

The group clinked empty glasses while welcoming each other home, everyone apart from Alice. She stared across the room.

"She is having a vision" Jasper held tightly on to her arm. Esme rushed upstairs to retrieve her notebook and charcoal. Alice took the notebook and started sketching. Her hand moved so fast it would not have been visible to the human eye.

"it's a girl" Edward called out across the room. When Alice finished drawing she looked up slowly. Her hands touched Carlisle's shoulders.

"Promise me you will save her."

"Who is she?" Esme asked before Carlisle had a chance to answer.

"I do not know, but she will be powerful." Alice dropped the charcoal, before turning Jasper with black eyes." I need to feed." As they left in a rush. The rest of the group looked at the drawing and at each other. They knew something was coming.