Silvan Soldier


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In no time at all, the festival swiftly wrapped up at the end of the week. The décor was being taken down and the guests had begun to leave. Thranduil felt sad. He was just getting used to Lindon and he could even remember the way to the bathroom now. And he had to leave Galion behind....who knew when they would ever meet again?

"Goodbye Galion..." Thranduil said morosely, giving his newfound friend a tight hug.

"Goodbye Thranduil. Do you think...maybe you could come back sometime soon?" Galion said hopefully. "Lindon is not ALWAYS boring...."

"Ada? Can I?" Thranduil looked up eagerly at his father, who was patiently waiting.

"Perhaps. We will see," Oropher smiled. "Come, my son. We must hurry home before darkness settles in the forest."

"All right, Ada. Just one more minute! I must say goodbye to Gil-galad," Thranduil spotted the high king and bounded over the grass and pavement stones to hug him. Galion, still uncomfortable with being close to the intimidating high king, stayed and shuffled his feet in the light dirt. He shyly looked up at Oropher.

"Um....Thranduil is very nice. He's...very interesting. A good person, you know. Um..." Galion babbled. Oropher chuckled.

"You do not have to talk about Thranduil. In fact, you know, I would like to learn more about you,"

"Me?" Galion looked at him in astonishment.

"Yes, you," Oropher confirmed.

"I am eight years old....I live in Lindon," Galion turned around and gestured for emphasis, then lowered his voice to a whisper. "To tell you the truth, King it Orpher? Oh no, wait...King Oropher! Sorry, I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to...."

"It's quite all right, young one," Oropher nodded.

"Um....I don't like it very much in Lindon," Galion continued to whisper.

"And why is that?" Oropher was intrigued. Lindon was beautiful with smooth white buildings and towers, beautiful and intricate architecture, sloping hills, and massive gardens...It was a fantasy land compared to Greenwood's stone palace. No wonder Thranduil was so enthralled with the place.

"It's too quiet. Nothing happens. And we are not allowed outside the borders..." Galion scowled.

"There is a good reason for that, you know. There are things in this world that you would not like to encounter, especially without the protection of your elders," Oropher patted Galion's shoulder.

"That is what everyone says..." Galion sighed dramatically.

"I'm back!" Thranduil landed between the two elves.

"Well, wait until you reach your majority. Then perhaps you will be able to wander free. I believe I understand what you are feeling, but Middle Earth is not safe enough for a small elf like you to roam about. If you will, you are welcome at Greenwood should you pass by sometime," Oropher put a hand on Thranduil's shoulder and began to bid farewell when Thranduil cried,

"Wait a moment!" He ran towards a familiar older elf that seemed to be searching for someone.

"Thranduil," The elf smiled and bent down.

"I'm leaving now and I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my archery and to say goodbye," Thranduil said forlornly. "What is your name? You never told me."

"My name is Coirín," The elf adorned a wistful smile.

"Remembrance of life? Why are you called that?" Thranduil pondered aloud.

"I should ask the same of you, halls of star-shadow. For you do not look dark to me..." The elf's eyes intently searched Thranduil's.

"Father said it was mother who named me before...she passed to the Hall of Mandos," Thranduil said quietly. Coirín put a hand on Thranduil's shoulder.

"I am sorry. I understand, for my mother has passed as well," Suddenly, Thranduil found a strong connection between them and sighed.

"Well, I must return home now. Perhaps we will meet again?"

"The future will tell us soon enough. Farewell!" Coirín waved and Thranduil headed back down towards his father. When he turned around, Coirín was gone.

Coirín walked a little ways down a wide path and arrived at his home. He went straight to the stables and took down his prepared pack and stroked the nose of his horse.

"Why do you talk to him? That...prince! Answer me!" Coirín's younger brother appeared and his eyes flashed angrily.

"I talk to whom I please, Morfeän. His heart is good and pure, unlike your stained one. You have been corrupted by false hatred and fail to realize it. I am leaving Lindon. This place holds no joy for me anymore," Coirín leapt swiftly onto his horse and urged him out of the open stable gateway. "Goodbye, Morfeän. Maybe your heart is not too late for change. I head to Imladris. Give my regards to father. Hyah!" With that, Coirín dug his heels sharply into his horse and galloped off towards the smaller west exit. Morfeän was stunned. He knew his brother had never really liked him and was different than him and their father. But he had never expected a departure at all, much less a sudden one.

"What have we done?" He whispered to himself and headed back into his house. That would be the last time the two brothers ever saw each other.

Thranduil turned at the sound of a distant galloping horse and saw a rider, too far away to be discernable. For some reason, that caused a feeling of gloom to wash over him. He shook his head and clambered onto his black pony.

"Goodbye Galion! I'll try and come back soon," Galion nodded and waved as the party left towards Greenwood. Gil-galad was seen sharing farewells with Oropher and his advisors and waved until the horses left the edge of the borders.

"Well, we are heading home now," Oropher looked down from his grand chestnut horse to Thranduil on his pony.

"I know. I missed my room. And our food," Thranduil grinned, his pony cantering twice as fast the horses to keep up with them.

"Of that I have no doubt," Oropher laughed. Once they had been cantering for about an hour or so, the king set his horse at a faster pace, everyone else following.

Near nighttime, the exhausted party reached the western border of Greenwood. Elven horses (and pony) had remarkable speed and agility, able to cover distances no regular horse could match up to. They entered the darkening woods and lit up torches when they neared the center and began to turn northwards to Oropher's kingdom, when a small request halted the journey a bit.

"Ada?" All eyes turned to the small voice of Thranduil. Uncomfortable, he asked his pony to stop, thus causing all the other horses to halt, and got down. He stood close to Oropher's horse, head barely brushing the beast's stomach, and whispered,

"Ada, can I go?"

"Go where, Thranduil?" Oropher looked down at his son.

"You know...go..." Thranduil gestured subtlely at the trees behind him.

"Oh! Of course you can. Don't stray far and come straight back," Oropher smiled and turned to his advisors and their wives, "We will be resting for a few minutes." They nodded and sighing, dismounted and stretched their tired limbs.

Thranduil pulled up his leggings after doing his business and spotted a rabbit looking curiously at him.

"You better not have seen me before I pulled my leggings up," he narrowed his eyes. The rabbit just twitched his whiskers. His ears were unusually long. Thranduil, being his curious self, walked over and reached out to pet the silent creature. It bounded away in one leap, sat on its haunches, and continued to look at Thranduil. "I won't hurt you," Thranduil whispered and reached out again. Again, the rabbit bounded away, sat, and looked at the Elven prince. For a few minutes, the frustrated prince followed the rabbit this way.

Suddenly, the rabbit disappeared in one fell swoop. Startled, Thranduil looked around wildly. Where did it go? Rabbits could not disappear like that! A clicking noise from above captured his attention. Thranduil's eyes followed the noise and he stumbled backwards in fear. Eight piercing-red eyes glowed and hungrily stared down at the lone child. A massive body of a giant spider emerged from the shadows of the trees and advanced on Thranduil. His heart pounded painfully and he attempted to get up, but his hands were shaking too hard to support even his small frame. He opened his dry mouth and let out a loud scream,


Oropher was brushing the coat of his horse when the bloodcurdling shriek reached his ears. He reeled in fear and clutching his torch tight in his hands, he dashed in the direction of the petrified voice of his son. He halted suddenly in the view of the tremendous monster and though he was frightened himself, he steeled his nerves with the thoughts of love for his son and drew his long, bright sword. The light of the torch hit the smooth metal and the sword shone in the spiders' eyes. A few advisors had run after the king, the rest remaining to protect the females. They had on hand their bows and immediately drew their bows back, arrows notched securely in place. The spider recognized a group of protective armed elves when it saw one and hissing, it scuttled back into the dark shadows, loudly clicking its pincers. The elves widened their eyes at the close-by responses of more clicking. Oropher sheathed his sword and swiftly picked up a shaken Thranduil. He clutched him close to his body and once they got back to their horses, which by now had sensed the presence of evil and were nervously snorting, Oropher spoke quietly and quickly to Thranduil. Thranduil looked up and what he saw frightened him. He saw his father's eyes not filled with laughter or joy or even somberness, but with uncalculated fear that consumed them.

"Ada?" Thranduil clutched at his father's clothes and buried his face into it. Oropher bit his lip and held his son closer.

"Listen, Thranduil. This path towards home is not safe anymore. You MUST take a different route. Do you understand? I am putting you in Saldor's care for now. And you will head straight home. The other advisors are coming with me to find out the intrusions of these spiders and to hunt their lair. Then I will meet you at home, all right? All right, Thranduil?" Oropher's voice began to shake. "Be safe! I love you." Thranduil was confused.

"Ada, I don't want to go! I want to stay with you. Stay with me, ada," Thranduil eyes looked up pleadingly.

"No. This is for the best. Go with Saldor. Hurry!" Saldor came over and with a gulp and nod from Oropher, he plucked Thranduil from his father's hold and placed him on his horse. Saldor leapt up behind Thranduil and held him tightly around the waist. Saldor said no word as he turned to face the west again and silently urged his horse through the trees. A few advisors would lead the women the same way a few minutes later. Thranduil struggled as he cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Ada, don't leave me! DON'T LEAVE ME, ADA!...." Oropher's heart pained at this desperate plea from his son and he tried to tune it out.

"We are ready, my lord," an advisor came up behind the king, who was staring into the in the direction the spider went. The others were readily armed and they mounted their horses and took off with quick speed after the spider.

After swift riding near the edge of the western border and turning northeast into the forest pocket under the two crossing rivers, the tired pair reached the entrance of the stone palace. Thranduil was still silently weeping, muttering incoherent words and pleas. Saldor quickly gathered the child into his arms, dismounted, and opened the enchanted doors of which only the hands of elves could open. Immediately, the Elven inhabitants rushed forward and were shocked to only see the two instead of the expected party.

"What happened?" and "Where is everyone else?" fell from many lips. Someone led Saldor's horse to the indoor stables.

"Spiders have begun to infest the south of this forest. Two or thirty, we do not know. It seems evil has begun to creep upon us. The king and half the advisors are pursuing them and attempting to find the lair and the women and the other half are coming soon. Someone alert our eastern patrols, for they are closest, and tell them to head south down the center. We must make sure the king and councilors come back safely," Saldor spoke quickly. Everyone looked with pity at the sobbing child in Saldor's arms. "I'll take him to his room." Saldor glided through the worried crowd and through the corridors. Errand runners and messengers were sent on the smaller sprinting horses to the eastern border to inform the patrols there.

"Shh, your father is a brave lord. He will be back soon, don't you worry...." He whispered soothing words and the flow of tears on Thranduil's face seemed to slow a bit, but he refused to sleep.

"Ada.....come back....." Saldor could discern from the mumbling of the clearly shaken prince.

"Just wait. He'll be here soon. Just wait," Saldor enveloped Thranduil into his arms and the prince buried his face into the soft cloth. Waiting for his father would prove to be one of the longest waits of his life.


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