I hear mommy cry from her bedroom, the mean man is here again but hes always here, I'm hungry and she sounds hurt! I run from my small room and to her door which is closed. I'm gonna get in lots of trouble but my tummy hurts, i slowly open it and see that mommy's on the bed with the man over her.

She cries out as he moves in a funny way "please stop! The kid is here!" I look down as i know she means me and i hear him slap her making her cry out again "mommy? I'm hungry" she gasps as the mean man gets up "no please" i look up and i see his eyes are very very angry. I run to back to the very small room that is mine and get in the closet and cover my mouth with my hands so he doesnt hear me.

But it doesn't work, it never works! I see a cigarette inbetween his fingers as he walks towards me "there ya are you little shit" he snarls reaching out and grabbing my shirt, i get pushed down and the pain starts in my shoulder. I cry silently as i know it will only be worse if he hears me. My back makes me move forward away from the heat and the pain but he yanks me back by my hair and i gasp.

He kicks me in his favourite spot making all the air leave my body "thats for ruining my fun ya little shit" is all he growls and with one last kick he leaves, yells at mommy again then slams the front door. I retch and couch fighting to get air back to my small lungs before shakily standing up and going to mommy and find her on the floor. She looks at me as i join her "cmere christian" is all she whispers with an arm raised and i nestle underneath i forget about my tummy needing food as i get warm next to her.

I fall asleep and so does mommy, i think she will feed me when shes awake again. I wake up in the dark but now im cold and so is mommy, i run even though im not aloud and get my blankie and put it over her.

I gasp and sit up as i take in my surrounding as my breathing starts to turn normal. I rub my eyes as they get used to the darkness slightly confused as to why i am awake.

Then jumping slightly as i realise... My nightmares are back.