He walks back to me with a tube of lipstick and places it in my hand before taking a step back as i open it and see its harlot red much like the stuff Elena wears "thank you taylor" i say before walking off and he goes back into his office. But im left wondering what he even has this for, it cant be for gail it just isnt her colour and more importantly when and why did he get it? I walk upto ana's room and see shes on her computer scrolling then reading something thats on there, being curious i walk over and see shes on a mde doctor thing for a personality disorder.

I smirk knowing that shes on there because of me, she looks up now noticing me beside her and tries to close the lid "on there for a particular reason miss steele?" I ask playfully and she looks at me before giggling a little "research into a difficult personality" i smile a little as shes doing this to try and understand me a bit more "and have you come to a conclusion?" she looks at me again "your in need of an intense therapy session" i dont know if shes messing with me or completely serious and wants to call dr flynn!

I sit crossed legged on the bed "i have been thinking" i say pulling the lipstick out "what about?" she says with a little worry in her tone "i liked your road map idea and i want to do it" i say whilst putting the lipstick into her hand "i was joking christian" she says looking at me like I've lost my mind. Hey maybe i have "im not ana" i say softly she moves across the bed her laptop forgotten about and she moves onto my lap in a very suggestive way.

Shes leaning back and hands are resting on my knees so im calm for now, she looks at the lipstick then at my chest as if figuring out what she's going to do. At least shes not rushing into it shes thinking first but giving up She looks at me and i gently take her wrist into my hand and bring it towards the danger zone. She presses down and with the help of my hand draws a line over my ribs and down to my stomach, without taking it off she changes direction and her little finger accidentally drags across the danger zone of my chest and my breathing picks up and ana is changed to the image of the pimp blowing horrid smelling smoke into my face.

The finger immediately lifts away from my skin as i take a deep breath in somehow not moving away from ana and yelling 'no' i let her do the otherside on her own and slowly she does it, all her attention is on that small line. I make a line at the base of my neck close to the burn scars and ive never been so apprehensive in my life. She does it once again focusing on the line although she stops half way for a spilt second and i know shes seen every single one of them. Once shes done she moves her hands behind her and pulls herself back onto the bed as she looks at the boundary we just did together.

She looks angry for a couple of seconds but i know its not at me but at the person that did it to me "those are my boundaries" i say softly and she nods resting her hands on my knees and kneeling "i can live with that but i want to launch myself at you" i smirk a little as we can finally get around to that rain check "im all yours ana" and with that she pushes against my knees and kisses me which makes me fall onto the bed but ana doesnt fall on top of me like i thought would happen, she holds her self up using my hips smiling with that mysterious glint in her eyes.

She strips whilst i yank my jeans and underwear off before i kiss her passionatly and once again her fingers tangle in my hair whilst my hands work their way ovet her body i tease her nipples making her moan against my lips. I pull away smirking as i kiss her neck and she groans as her head falls backwards giving me more of her neck to kiss, i need to feel her "you, on top" i say panting and she jumps off the bed to get a condom, she rips it open and slowly puts it on me before slowly pushing herself down onto me so i fill her.

She moans softly as she moves up and down slowly her hands wrapping around my forarms to keep her steady as she gets faster het head falls backwards again and she starts panting as my hips meet hers thrust for thrust. Holding her hips we get faster and her eyes close as she moans loudly "open your eyes baby let me see my ana" i say between each pant and she moans "yours" out as we get faster but her words are my undoing and i find my climax seconds before her.

She falls on top of me nestling her head on my chest, although i know its there it isn't bothering me as we get our breaths back. I watch her smiling softly as she nuzzles the piece of skin shes resting on unknown to her that is a place no one has ever touched until now "your beautiful" i say in a soft whisper and she picks her head up to look at me. I kiss her softly "you. Are. Beautiful" i say between each one and she blushes with a shy smile "and your amazingly sweet" she says before kissing me.

She moves back on the bed and i take the condom off and throw it into the bin beside the bed "i want to go exploring" ana says suddenly causing me to look at her confused "the apartment?" she doesnt need permission to do that but she shakes her head and runs her nail up and down my arm "no, you. The line is still intact" she says sweetly. I nod slowly "touch away baby" i say softly trying to hide my rising apprehension and she smiles her fingers running over my arm.

Her fingers move over my ribs and onto the line and much like when she was drawing it she pays close attention to where her fingers are but as she gets to my lower stomach i flinch, the place her fingers run over is the place the pimp used to kick me the most because there was nothing to protect me from the blow. She looks up at me instantly as she moves her fingers further away "i dont have too" she says looking concerned but i shake my head "im adjusting, no ones touched me this way in a long time" she nods and mouths her nickname for elena before moving her fingers again.

Thankfully she doesnt go any higher than where she previously was but im suprised when her fingers run over my happy trail and i see a smirk on her face "again miss steele?" Shes insatiable! I grab another condom from the draw and run my hands down her body making her moan as i slowly move inside her, this time our love making is slow as we hold each other and give each other gentle kisses until we reach our climax. Once im finally out of my after glow i leave ana to her after glow nap and go for a shower.

I look at myself in the mirror as i wait for it to warm up and i have to stiffle a smile at how goofy i look with the armor of lipstick on my chest, but at the same time im kinda proud of myself for showing ana my boundaries instead of just pushing her away any time she gets too close for comfort. Once out of the shower i dry myself and like usual taking extra care on my chest, one part so i dont do anymore damage to the scars littered around it and also so i dont wipe off the lipstick before getting a devious thought that could spice things up tonight.