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On November 16th 2017 there was an episode of BB that screwed every Steffy-fan over completely and based on spoilers for the next few weeks, I posted a suggestion over at soapcentrals message board and here's what I came up with. I am going to assume that Steffy, for an unknown reason right now, follows Bill to the boat and here the story starts.

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Floating memories


December 4th 2017

Mediterranean Sea

Stella Maris

4:52 am

This would be the only chance she'd have to leave him, so she got out of the bed they were sharing and walked out on the deck to look out on the ocean. She sighs and walks back inside.

She had decided that she was going to tell Liam about sleeping with Bill the moment she comes home. She was going to take the concequences of her mistake and live with the repercussions. Living like this was not something she could do.

She looks over at the man in the bed with disgust in her eyes. She couldn't believe that she had fallen for all those sweet words he had told her while she broke down. It had felt nice knowing you were needed and loved for just being you. When he first kissed her, she felt complete in a weird way, it didn't make sense, because she felt complete when her and Liam kissed as well. She guessed it was a piece left behind from their affair six years ago and maybe she was experiencing a flashback to the night they almost made love before her mother interrupted them because she was just going through the motions.

The feeling of his hands all over her back felt nice and she just let herself go. Waking up after it was over caused so many emotions to flood into her body that she panicked and she knew what they had done was a mistake. She knew she'd been a willing participant, but deep in her heart she knew she hadn't wanted to have sex with Bill. But it had happened and she would take responsibility for it, it wasn't that she wanted Liam to know, but it was taking a toll on their marriage and she just couldn't let this continue.

Coming home to Liam that early morning was like coming home, she just wished she had the courage to tell him right then, but he'd been so sweet and comforting that she had just let him sweep her with him. The vow renewal had been the wrong thing to go along with and Bills reaction to it just made it more clear then ever.

He had screamed at her and almost struck her. It was the first time she was actually scared of him and she knew that the friendship they had before they slept together would never be possible again. If Liam did decided that he could forgive her, she knew he'd never forgive his father for it and that was just something they'd have to live with.

Then he said that if she didn't come with him on this trip, he would tell Liam that she'd seduced him and she knew that Liam would never forgive her if he was told that lie. So, she had resigned herself to her fate and gone home to pack her bags.

She lied to Liam that she was going to go on a trip to buy fabrics and Liam told her to have fun because he couldn't come seeing that his father had put a bigger workload on him then ever before.

But she couldn't do it anymore. She needed to free herself from Bills clutches and free Liam from this marriage if he felt he couldn't stay in it.

She leaves the yachts bedroom once again and goes to the back of the boat. She sits down on the edge and as she's about to slip into the water, her nightgown gets caught in something and she hits her head on the railing.

She slowly slides down into the water and hears the yacht slowly move away. A few minutes later, she looses conciousness and drifts off in a dream of long forgotten memories.


This is a multichapter story, how many I have no idea, but at the time of posting this prologue I have _ chapters written.

I plan to post one chapter potentially every 3 weeks until I don't have any more, so we'll just have to see how many updates this story contains.