Heya! Orpheus here! So, if any of you were watching your emails for my stuff, you'd note that I've been working hard on a RWBY OC Team story called From the Ashes. That was mostly due to the fact that I just haven't been able to do anything with my Naruto stories or Naruto crossovers. So, I took a little hiatus from all of those. So, today, I tried doing something with any of my ideas, and this was the one that finally clicked for me. I don't know how often it will be updated, but I'm going to try and bring myself back into the fold, so to speak. I hope what I've got here is up to snuff, so I'd like all of your input. Thanks in advance!

Prologue: A Request from the Dead

It was the eleventh day of October in the 982nd Year of the Sage when everything changed. For the world, it was the night that the Yellow Flash of Konoha lost his life. For the Hidden Leaf Village, it was when the village was nearly destroyed and an enormous chunk of the village's population – both military and civilian – were either eradicated or so injured that they wish they could've joined the dead instead of being left to suffer in the aftermath. For one Sarutobi Hiruzen, it meant that he was more or less strongarmed into taking his old position as head of the village and Third Hokage back up despite his old age. For Jiraiya of the Sannin, he had lost his student and the one person in the world he thought might bring peace to the Elemental Nations. There was so much focus on the destruction, on the death and on the deceased hero that very few placed any worry on the wife of the Hokage.

Uchiha Mikoto was not one such person. With the loss of her best friend, and the adrenaline of the night dying down, the woman didn't quite know what to do. Luckily enough for her clan, for her family, the Uchiha Compound was far enough away from the central areas of Konohagakure – where the demon had seemed to appear – that they were left virtually unscathed in terms of property damage. Deaths and injuries were still being tallied by the Medical Division of Konoha, so there still wasn't a decent estimate as to how many of her cousins she'd lost this day. Fugaku was sure it would be low, but she was going to wait for the report before making assumptions though.

"Mikoto-sama." The onyx-haired woman turned as she heard a voice. As opposed to Mikoto's tall stature, this other person barely reached below her breasts at the highest. Whereas Mikoto was dressed in the Konohagakure Jounin uniform complete with the flak jacket and her favored katana at her hip, the other seemed to be an ANBU with a cat mask, though still wearing a katana – hers was across the back though. "Hokage-sama requests your presence for the reading of the will of Namikaze Minato-sama and Uzumaki Kushina-sama."

"Thank you, Yuugao, I will be there." She responded. While the identities of ANBU were usually kept sealed tightly, Mikoto knew this particular one personally. She was a recent recruit, probably in ANBU for only a year and a few months despite her age. Kushina had taken to teaching the girl prior to her pregnancy, and even then the redhead had done what she could for the girl. If Mikoto recalled, it was something to do with Kushina seeing a bit of herself in the purple-haired girl and wanting to make her the very best in the world, dattebane!

Suppressing a sad smile at the thought of her late friend, Mikoto followed the ANBU as they both triggered simultaneous shunshin and arrived at the tallest structure in the whole village. The Hokage Tower rose so high it seemed to gouge the sky itself with its white, marble-like appearance. Traveling from the first floor to its pinnacle was a short, practiced journey. Ever since she was a simple genin, Mikoto had taken these stairs. As a genin, with her short-lived sensei and team. As a Chuunin, with her best friend from the Academy. As a Jounin, with whoever her squad for a particular mission was. As an ANBU, she'd taken them as she protected the Hokage from the shadows. As a Jounin once more, she recalled taking them for the end of Lord Third's reign and the transition into Lord Fourth, her best friend's husband. She didn't realize the next transition would be so quick…

When she knocked on the Hokage's door and was told to enter, she was surprised at the number of people in the office. There was, of course, the Third Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen. He called her here, so she knew that he'd be here. Behind him were his advisors, Hotaru, Kohaku and Danzo, all of which were just as aged as the leader himself. They were never far from him when an official meeting took place, after all. Looking at the others, her surprise died down when she saw each of them. There was, of course, Kakashi – who was the last surviving student of Minato. Also here for the deceased kage – at least, she assumed so – was Hiashi Hyuga and Genma Shiranui. They were his best friend and the leader of his personal guard. For Kushina, she recognized Yuugao, of course – who had taken her mask off since she was not an ANBU for this instance. There was also Kurenai Yuuhi, a young Chuunin that Kushina had also taken to. That woman was some sort of mother hen, after all.

Oddly enough, the teachers of both of them – being Jiraiya and Tsunade of the Sannin – were notably missing. If Mikoto recalled, they were out of the village currently, though she pondered on it a bit. The Hokage had likely sent letters out to them, informing them of last night's events. "Ah, Mikoto-chan is here. That means that we may begin." Hiruzen spoke. There was a scroll on his desk, closed and sealed tight. Mikoto recognized the Uzumaki Spiral that kept it shut tight. "While I will be reading the Last Will and Testament of the Uzumaki Clan Head Kushina and the Fourth Hokage Minato, it will require an amount of your blood and chakra to reveal that which pertains to each of you. Please step forward, if you would, Mikoto."

The Uchiha matriarch complied and stepped forward. Biting her thumb until blood began to flow, she allowed a drop to fall onto the Spiral. Stepping back, she waited as Hiruzen called each of the shinobi in the room, one by one. After everyone had granted their part of the Seal's key, Hiruzen placed a drop of his own blood on the seal. The scroll glowed a moment before opening.

"We, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, being of sound mind, not acting under duress or undue influence and fully understanding the nature and extent of my property and of this disposition thereof, do hereby make, publish and declare this document to be our Last Will and Testament, and hereby revoke any and all other wills and codicils heretofore made by us.

"To Kakashi Hatake, my faithful student and the last survivor of our team, I apologize. I don't know how or when, but reading this means I've moved on to the next world and left you as truly the last survivor of Team Minato. I hope you can find your way through this want you to carry on the legacy of Team 7 that I inherited from Jiraiya-sensei. Until you get your own genin team though, just remember everything I've taught you. For you, I wanted to leave my scrolls containing the notes about my Rasengan, the entire autographed Icha Icha collection that Jiraiya insisted on gifting me and some advice from Kushina. Get a girlfriend already, dattebane!"

Hearing the old man say Kushina's famous verbal tic caused everyone to chuckle a little. It was just like her to do something like that on the will. "To Genma, my loyal bodyguard. I want to give all of you my Hiraishin kunai. The Yellow Flash shouldn't die just because I've moved on. I want someone to take up the title, so I'd like the three of you to continue your training and find someone to become my successor. For having had to put up with me all these years, I'd also like to inform you that I've set up a trust fund for any children the three of you have. If they decide not to partake in a shinobi lifestyle, it will pay for a civilian education for them. I know it doesn't quite make up for what you must have gone through dealing with Kushina and myself, but I hope it helps.

"To my best friend, Hiashi. Stop being so cold to everyone. You have a loving wife, a wonderful daughter who will grow to succeed you and one of the best clans in the entire Elemental Nations. There is a lot I would like to tell you, but I fear there isn't enough paper in the world to say it. I just want to see you and your family happy, so deciding what to leave you was the hardest. Finally, I decided that I want the Hyuga Compound to expand so that there might be more room for your family to grow. I leave to you a plot of land that I purchased which neighbors your Compound. I want your wife to create that garden she's talked about, for you to turn it into something for young Hinata and any other children you have in the future. Just make sure that your family is happy, then I think you will be as well.

"Looks like its my turn, dattebane!" Kushina seemed to be announcing through the ink. Hiruzen smiled at the energy in what he read. "First, I'll start with my students. Kurenai-chan, you're doing great in our studies so far! You're even better than me when it comes to genjutsu – though that isn't saying much, is it? Still, I'm proud of how well you're doing! So, I'm going to leave you with all the genjutsu scrolls from our estate, aside from a particular collection Minato said I'm allowed to give away. That's in a vault though, so its not like you can get to them. I also want to make sure you can keep getting better, so there's a condominium that used to be mine before sensei gave me the Uzumaki part of the Senju Compound. It's now yours. Welcome to the world of owning your own property, dattebane!

"Yuugao, you're doing great too! Kushina-sama really knows how to pick students, doesn't she? Well, I wish you weren't in ANBU so young, but I think that it's right where you belong. I want to leave you with something better than that ANBU-issued katana they gave you, so I'm going to leave you with several swords I reinforced with own personal seals to help you. I also want you to have the scrolls I made detailing my personal style, though it might be a bit too advanced for you right now. I think that eventually you'll be able to use it! Take care, dattebane!"

Hiruzen then looked at Mikoto, the final member of the group and sighed deeply. "Lastly, well, second to lastly, I want to talk to Mikoto. You've been my best friend forever. You believed in my dream when no one else did. You're a good person, and I hate the thought of leaving this world two decades too early, at least. I want you to be the manager of our estate for the time being until Naruto is an adult. I also want you to take care of my son if I die before he's an adult. Everything that we didn't give away we're leaving to Naruto Uzumaki, our one and only son. Please take care of him, all of you."