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Well, it's technically a new entry but also a glorified rerun of events that have already happened since the end of D-Reaper's Fury. Essentially this is the official Dragon Ball Super adaptation. But what about Cross Generations you ask? It's still partly a Super adaptation (originally intended to be a GT one), but now has since become its own thing with just a bare minimum of existing stories to adapt from. And CG has since been deeply connected with the YuYuGiDigiMoon franchise that's kinda hard to classify it as a full Digimon Fusion/Digimon Fusion Kai story. And there's chapters where the DFK cast don't even appear in it.

So, the purpose of Digimon Fusion Ascendency is to serve as a hub that consolidates all the DFK stories starting from Battle of Digital Gods up to the current Cross Generations arcs (Black Rebellion and Fiction's Closure). So, I am reposting every chapter from the following: Battle of Digital Gods, Resurrection B, and Battle Supremacy. I will also post every Cross Generations chapter that feature the DFK cast in central roles (ex. The opening chapters, Aligned Triad, Whismon's Training, Daemons Strike Back, the entirety of the Black Rebellion arc, and what will be shown of Fiction's Closure; Sojourner's Travels mini-arc and A Dimensional Tourney are maybes). Heck, this may very well be where I drop the Universe Survival arc adaptation down the road.

But there will be some key differences from what you might've read: But before you get excited, I'm not changing any of the plot points, story beats or locations like Super did to the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F arcs. I may incorporate new scenes to help flesh out certain moments and developments. There will be OST changes for some of these rehashed chapters, especially the early material like Battle of Digital Gods. The Black Rebellion arc may be split into several more chapters, but no plot points and events will be altered from Cross Generations.

In order to ensure this isn't a total series of rehashed events, I will include new exclusive chapters. In fact, the first chapter here is almost 85 percent brand new and never before written. This better sets the tone for the events that segue way for Beerusmon's arrival. And that will continue to build to the Black Rebellion arc and other events going forward.

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And this isn't the first time I've done a similar undertaking with my fics. I did this with my YuYuGiDigiMoon entry, Summer Diaries, but this one will obviously have a higher chapter count due to the massive collection of stories I've built up.

Finally, why Ascendancy? Well frankly because the Ascendants have become so deeply rooted & dominant (Ascendancy in fact means 'dominance and influence') in my DFK series and that term will be used for the future chapters of Fiction's Closure arc in Cross Generations. I just thought it fits.

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(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST – Recap Theme (Chala-Head-Chala)

"Hey guys! It's Tai Kamiya! Man, over a year has passed since our epic adventure.

To recap on what's happened to us, my friends and I fought the most terrifying villain we've ever faced, D-Reaper aka Teen-Reaper. Yamato, myself, and all our friends made a final stand. It took all of our energy from Earth and all various parts of the Digiverse. And with it, I made the biggest Life Bomb ever to wipe out the evil alien magic of Teen-Reaper!

We have Yamato to thank. Even Mummymon can take the credit. If it weren't for them, we'd be history. Sadly, we miss Yamato since Matt took back control of his body. Afterwards, we let the good, chubby Dee join our team. We had SliferGigaSeadramon's wish erase the public's memories of the D-Reaper.

Then, me and my friends aided Kensuke Rainer against his old nemesis GranDracmon, who returned for revenge on Ken. With my help, he and I were able to end that monster for good.

And since then, our worlds have enjoyed some peace.

Well, all that's about to change, my friends!"


(Cue Dragon Ball FighterZ - Main Theme)


Digimon Fusion Ascendancy

Arc I: Battle of Digital Gods

Chapter I: A New Beginning


Japan/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Room #122/June 30, 2010/6:30 AM

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Under the Blue Sky)

Awakened by the sound of his alarm, Tai Kamiya's eyes shot wide open. He had a groggy and tired look having spent the other night working overtime. He pivoted his head and smacked his alarm clock, knocking it over. He rose, getting up to do his usual routine that he had been following for as long as he's been working.

Despite clocking out the other night, he now has to wake up for his morning shift.

One year removed from helping save the Digiverse from Teen-Reaper's rampage, Tai like any other normal working person has to wake up to do the adult stuff. As much as he'd like to put in time to train, he knows he still has to make means end and survive on his own.

It's been the same monotonous routine. Get up. Work. Lunch. Work. Go home. Leisure time. Find as little time to put in training when not teaching soccer for a local team. Sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Tai pulled out of his pajamas and put on his work clothes.

"Another work day here we go." He muttered as he went to wash up and brush his teeth.


Local Market/11:30 AM

"Here you go," Tai carried two big sacks of potatoes on his shoulders with little effort. He placed them in carts.

"Thanks Kamiya. We're glad we have a strong hand like you on our staff."

"You're welcome," he nodded, taking the praise, but deep down he knows he can put his Ascendant strength to better use. Man the pay is ok, but I'm not going to get stronger this way. Lifting and carrying loads pale in comparison to all the high gravity training. He then paused and remembered his promise. "But all this work is going to pay off, especially for Sora."

"Taichi, can you give us a hand?!"

Sighing hard, the Bearer of Courage called back. "Coming!"


12:15 PM

"Here you go. I'm glad I have a key to your apartment. You really shouldn't forget your lunch." Kari dropped by handing a bento box to Tai.

"Thanks, sis. What can I say? I woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Kari sighed, folding her arms. "I'm the youngest between us, but yet I'm more responsible." She concealed her annoyance with a smile. "But I'm always happy to bring you your lunch."

"Ah, thanks for the grub!" After opening the box, Tai quickly dug into his lunch.

After wolfing down his lunch, Tai clapped his hands in prayer.

"That was great!"

(End theme)

Kari sat down next to Tai and gave him a napkin to clean his mouth with.

"So, how's work been, Tai?"

"Same routine like usual, but the pay is ok I guess."

"Why not find another job? Something you'll find enjoyment?"

Tai finished wiping his mouth and thought. "Sure I guess, but this job lets me use my strength. See, I haven't had much time to train."

"What are you talking about? Don't you even try putting in time during your breaks?"

As this idea was sprang to him, Tai jumped up and gasped. "Oh crap! Now why didn't I think of that?! I could've trained some instead of lounging on my ass!"

Kari giggled. "You can thank me later."

Wasting little time, Tai used the remainder of his break to do some shadow boxing and kicking. He jumped up and flipped around, unleashing a flurry of kicks to get the blood circulating. He landed on the ground and focused on his Ki.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Like That Cloud)

"Nice! I wish I can be committed like you, Tai, but I've been plenty busy," she said, throwing her purse over her shoulder.

"Oh yeah, you're still committing to being an instructor, right?"

"Yeah, but I have to take classes to get my certification. And then there's my part-time job and volunteer work. I barely have time to do any training. My free time goes to spending time with TK, Davis, and the others."

"Have y'all been to the Digital World lately?"

"A few times, but mostly to see Gatomon and the others. By the way, Agumon's…"

"Coming back. Yeah, he's been training with Piximon lately and is set to return any day now. I can't wait, it's been boring without him."

"Y'know our Digimon still need to spend time in the Digital World to replenish their strengths, Tai," Kari reminded him. She turned and watched him sit with a solemn smile. "But why bother training these days? The world's have been at peace."

"Yeah, that's true. And a whole year since we last saved the Digiverse feels like forever ago. But, let's face it. D-Reaper was so strong and nearly defeated us. Even with our other dimension friends like Takato, Takuya, Karin, Dimitri, and the others, we barely came out of that ordeal alive. So, why not keep up training so I'm strong enough to protect you guys!"

"You're right about one thing, Tai. Peace doesn't always last, but as for training to get strong to protect us? You aren't the only one who's strong, Tai. We still have Matt, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, BW, and even X. Hey, speaking of X, haven't you considered going to see X? I'm sure he'd be ok letting you train on his world?"

"I should've, but I didn't want to be a bother. He probably wants focus on his Watcher job."

"It doesn't hurt to ask, Tai. I doubt he'd say no to you," Kari said, waving bye to her brother. "Just something to think about, Tai. It was good catching up with you."

"Kari…" Tai called to her, causing Kari to stop.


"Thanks, and you wanna know something?"

"What is it?"

"Do you know why I decided to tackle more work hours?"

"Because it pays the rent?"

"Well, that, but there's a goal in mind. I'm doing it for Sora."

Hearing this, Kari's lips curved into a genuine smile. "For Sora?" She noted the happy demeanor on his face. "You're saving enough to buy her something, huh? I wonder, could you finally be asking her that question."

"Can you make it between us?"

"Sure," Kari nodded, turning around and flying off.

"It'll all work out in the end, but y'know you're right, Kari. I should ask X if he's not busy."


Local Cafe/5:30 PM

Following another long day from work, Tai met with Sora as they talked about their usual weekly activities. Sora noticed a trend of Tai showing less interest in everything not pertaining to their relationship.

(Cue Digimon Adventure tri OST - Sora no Theme (0:04 - 1:11))

"Tai?" Sora asked, setting down her tea. "Are you sure everything's ok? Are you making ends meet?"


"Say that to my face."

As Tai turned and faced Sora, he put his chin under his hands.

"In all honesty? I kinda miss the thrill."

"Thrill of what?"

"Y'know,saving the world and fighting strong guys like Burizalor, Virus, Yagami, D-Reaper, and GranDracmon!" The Bearer of Courage almost yelled out, causing everyone in the cafe to turn toward him. He quickly and awkwardly sat down drinking his milkshake. "Great, they're all staring to me."

Sora leaned forward, whispering to him. "Well, you did kinda cause a scene there." She sighed, leaning back in her seat. "Tai, I know resuming normal life again is huge drag, but we should take advantage and enjoy these times of peace. And besides, who said you couldn't train with X?"

"Well, I figured you'd want me to stop that. Since there's no reason to…"

"Whoa, I didn't say you could stop entirely. Just take things moderately, that's all, stupid Tai," the Bearer of Love had to remind him. "Besides, you do owe it to visit X every once in a while. He's done a lot for us and for you. And you know what…"


"There's something about him that draws me to him. Don't you feel the same way when you're around him?"

"That's exactly how I feel. It's like I'm talking to a brother or something when we're together."

"Then go and see him," Sora encouraged him. "Besides, you look like you can use a break from work."

"I was hoping Agumon would come back first."

Just then, Tai heard his Digivice beep, prompting him to take it out. He read the Digivice and got up from his chair.

"Tai?" Sora asked as her Digivice, too, beeped. She looked it over and smiled. "Talk about great timing. Looks like our Digimon are ready to be picked up."

Grinning from ear to ear, Tai gripped his Digivice. "Yep, great timing is mildly putting it. I'll pay the tab." He said, taking out enough to pay for their drinks.

"Thanks for the invite, Tai," Sora called over to him. "Hey, I just wanted to ask."


"Are you sure you're making enough ends meet?"

"Yeah… I got money saved up, but I'm taking out whatever I can to pay rent and stuff."

Sora nodded. "Ok, but if you're saving money for me. Don't. You do you."

"Yes, ma'am," Tai sardonically said as he smiled and turned to leave.

"You take care of yourself," she watched him leave.

(End theme)


Japan/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/6:15 PM

After picking up Agumon from Izzy's place, Tai and Agumon headed back for the apartments.

"So, training with Piximon went ok?"

"Yeah, but he told me there wasn't anything left he can teach me."

"Kinda figured that. You're way above Piximon's stuff these days. So, how about a home cooked meal?"

"As long as you don't overcook it!"

Tai chortled sarcastically. "Haha, I'll try not to."

Just then, Tai and Agumon noticed a black limo pull up near them. Alarmed, they jumped back and stood in defensive stances, almost ready to fight whoever tried to run them down.

"Hey, jerk! Watch where you're going!" Tai yelled out at the limo driver.

Then, to their shock, the limo driver opened the door and out came Mummymon dressed in a white business suit. Arukenimon, Dee, Meryl & BlackGatomon walked out behind him.

"Mummymon? What brings you here?" Tai asked him.

"You almost ran us over!" Agumon called out.

"Apologies for that, you two. I asked my driver to put the gas on full accelerate to catch up to ya. So, my fault!" Mummymon waved his hands around, pleading apologetically to them. He beckoned Dee to hand him a silver briefcase. "Anyway, I'm glad I can find ya here. By the way, did you catch the news straight from the Digital World?"

"Well, no I haven't been keeping up. Work's kept me busy and all."

"Ok then, I'll tell ya. I just happened to get a grand prize award today from the Digiworld Peace Assembly helping save the Digital World from certain doom."

Tai blinked at this. "Really? You don't say."

"Oh, I heard about that! Congrats, Mummymon!" Agumon said.

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - Compromise)

"Yes, thank you, Agumon. Well, there's a bunch of people there that still credit me for saving the Digital World from certain armageddon. That's what this prize is for and the money they gave me is quite substantial. According to your country's monetary standards, it translates over to 100 million yen."

"WHAT?! A 100 MILLION YEN?!" Tai and Agumon spat out.

Mummymon quickly silenced them, causing them to cup their mouths. "Sssh!"

Meryl chuckled. "They're so loud."

Dee scratched his head. "Why Mummymon not need the money?"

"Just watch Dee," Meryl said.

Mummymon handed the briefcase to Tai. "To be frank, I really do think you and your friends deserve this dough more than me. So, I'm handing this over to you."

"Whoa! I can't really accept that!" Tai tried declining the offer.

"C'mon, don't be modest, good sir. You earned it!"

Tai shoved the briefcase back. "No, I really should earn my money. And besides you fought with us, too. You should have that money."

"But I'm already loaded with enough money to support me, Meryl, Arukenimon, and Dee! We wouldn't know what else to do with the extra money. And besides, I offered it to Matt and he said no, too."

"Well, I don't know what we'd do with that amount of money! Besides, it's not like I have…"

Agumon tugged Tai's pant leg. "Hey, you can use some of that money to help pay rent and that other stuff. And you'll have enough money to save for Sora. Right? And look at it like this, you can probably work less and train more, right?"

"See? Your partner's a smart guy and a voice of reason," Mummymon nodded to this.

"Oh gosh, you're right. I didn't think about that," Tai said, patting Agumon's head. "Thanks, buddy. I knew I'd be lost without ya!"

"No problem, Tai. Just take the money."

"Go on. I swear this money won't bite," Mummymon handed the briefcase over to Tai, who mulled over his decision and finally grabbed it out of his hand. "I'll ask this once and for the last time: are you sure you don't want it?"

Mummymon nodded with a smile.

"Ok then. Thank you."

Meryl's face softened seeing her father perform goodwill. "Daddy's not so greedy like I thought."

Arukenimon added. "Only because I talked him into it."

"Just one thing, Tai. Can you keep this between us and your friends? I don't want the Digiworld to think I'm becoming too charitable."

"Sir thing, Mummymon."

(End theme)


Japan/Odaiba District/Odaiba Notama Apartments/Room #122/7:00 PM

Later that evening, Tai called each of his friends about the prize money given to him. It was agreed that the money would be split among each other. Tai told them to come meet them at his place to collect their money.

Sora & Biyomon and Kari & Gatomon were the first to come get their money.

"I know Mimi's gonna be happy when she gets this early birthday gift," Sora gleamed over the large bundled yen stashed inside the opened briefcase.

"I can't believe Mummymon gave his own award money to us. That's very thoughtful of him!" Kari said.

Gatomon sarcastically muttered. "Yeah, I bet someone put him up to it."

"Regardless, now we have money to save," Sora said, holding a handful of yen, grinning like mad. "So, are you going to use it to pay the rent and whatever you're falling behind on?"

"Yeah, I have enough to cover rent for a long while. I'll still work and earn money on the side like I've been doing, but I'm definitely planning to ease back on working. This gives me time to train."

"Oh definitely! If I were you two, I'd take advantage!" Gatomon encouraged Tai and Agumon. "Go as much as your hearts please."

Tai got giddy over this. "Yeah, we definitely plan to, Gatomon. Agumon and I are planning to leave in the morning."

"Sure. By the way, tell X we said hi, ok?" Sora said as Tai and Agumon left to pack. She then turned over to Kari, who folded up her money share. "Ok, Kari. I know Tai's hiding something. What's he saving his money for? Is it a gift for me?"

Hearing this, Kari smiled and zipped her lips.

"Great. I can't pry anything out of you. Guess, I'll have to wait then," Sora sighed with a defeated smile.


We're coming to your place tomorrow, X. So make room for us. Tai telepathically communicated with the masked watcher. So make plenty of room for us.

What is this? Some kind of slumber party sleepover? X replied telepathically. Sure, can't wait to see y'all tomorrow. We got plenty of catching up. See you then.

With a grin etched on his face, Tai pumped his fists. "Yes, this is gonna be sweet! Time to work off some of that rust!"

"And it'll be good to get some of X's challenging training regiments."

Nodding, the Bearer of Courage greatly anticipated training on X's high gravity world.


Central Planet

(Cue Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods OST - Deep Dark Space (The God of Destruction Awakened))

Several beings with omnipresent eyes scoped the whole Digiverse. They sensed the awakening of a surreal being with a destructive, divine power beyond their own.

"You're sensing it, too, I take it?" An elder man addressed the low gasp of his colleagues.

"Yes, he's certainly waking earlier than expected," a younger man replied, his tone conveying a hint of dread. This divine individual was the Supreme Digi-Deity Shinmon.

"Father, what's happening? Who's awakening? Wait, you don't mean him?" A youthful voice chimed in, sounding equally worried as the second individual. This was Shinmon's son and prince to his seat Shintomon.

The elder man, Gosenzomon, muttered. "It's always something, so much for our long-lasting peace..."

"The dust has barely even settled since worlds were made anew," Shinmon added.

"I assume the Digi-Deities, Watchers, and Sovereigns have noticed, but we shouldn't take any chances," the elder suggested. "Perhaps we should let them know just in case."

"Good idea, I'll tell them now," Shinmon nodded.

Standing together outside a majestic marble palace were five divine beings. The first being the Supreme Digi-Deity, Shinmon, with his trusted aide Kibitomon. Standing with them are the Supreme Prince, Shintomon, and his assistant the wise panda sage, Buddhamon. The fifth individual is the elder, Gosenzomon, used his divine vision to scope the Digiverse.

"X, are you getting this?" Shinmon asked, turning to the sky.

(End theme)


Other World/X's Planet/July 2, 2010/6:30 AM

"Loud and clear, Lord Shinmon," the masked watched answered vividly. He stood watching Tai and Agumon jogging a lap across his small world. "Yeah, I definitely have. His energy is like a freight train!" He quickly turned and called out to the duo. "Hey, could you two pant a little quieter, Tai and Agumon? I'm trying to talk!"

Tai and Agumon both paused curious as to whom X was conversing with.


Central Planet

"Taichi and Agumon?" Shinmon asked.

"Ah, father! Those two shouldn't be in the know!" Shintomon interjected.

Both Kibitomon and Buddhamon sweatdropped.

"You mean those two are with you now?" Shinmon lowered his tone.


Other World/X's Planet

Looking over his shoulder, X noticed Tai and Agumon giving him curious looks. He turned around whispering.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so. These two have been using my world to train!"

We can't let either of them find out, X, am I clear? If one learns of the other, I don't even want to imagine the disastrous results it would bring!

"Ah, yeah, yeah! Things would go south fast!" X muttered. "My mouth's zipped on Lord Beerusmon." He let out a deep breath and folded his arms.

Just then, Tai and Agumon sauntered over behind X having overheard X accidentally let slip.

"Lord Beerus-mon?" The Bearer of Courage curiously prodded. "What's that?"

"WHOA!" X freaked out as he jumped back. "Um, nothing just mumbling random words! Nothing you and Agumon need to be privy to!"

Agumon tapped his snout. "Is that a name of a root beer?"

Sighing with relief, X waltzed over clapping. "Yep, Lord Beerus-mon's Root Beer! Tastes great with a float with a cherry on top!"

Tai laughed. "Aw, c'mon! Nah it can't be something that simple! Otherwise, you wouldn't sound so nervous about it!"

"Ugh..." The masked man nervously sweatdropped having been caught.

"Wait, it's not the name of a new root beer?" Agumon blinked. "Aw, shucks."

"Oh, fine," X resigned to filling them in. "The truth is... it's top classified information within the Digiverse."

"Aw, but that just makes us in suspense!" The big-haired male whined, hopping around X. "This sounds juicy!"

"Drop it, you two. I'm not telling you."

"Fine. You were talking with Lord Shinmon and Prince Shintomon, right? I'll just go ask them myself. C'mon, Agumon!"

The masked watched immediately flipped out and conceded. "Augh! All right, all right!" He barely stopped Tai and Agumon from relocating to Central Planet. "No Instant Movements! Just drop those fingers and we'll talk!"

As they lowered their fingers, Tai and Agumon chuckled innocently.

(Cue One Punch Man OST - Raise a Fist)

X beckoned Tai and Agumon over into his garden. After turning on one of his virtual training programs, the garden converted into a back lot similar to one where Neo fought the Agent Smith clones in Matrix Reloaded. X rushed Tai and Agumon as he traded blows with them. Tai dodged and parried the masked watcher's flurry of punches. Agumon did the same, too. As X spun around kicking Tai, the Bearer of Courage caught X's foot and pushed him back. Tai tore a pole from the ground and spun it around, X ultimately found himself cornered. Behind him, Agumon shot forward expelling Pepper Breath from his mouth.

X easily batted the fireball aside and turned as Tai swung the metal pole for his face. The masked watcher narrowly dodged and backed off. Swinging the pole around again, Tai dropped into a stance and beckoned X with a hand wave smirking. X smirked as he phased out and reappeared on Tai's right. X pressed his hands against Tai's chest and sent him flying back with force. As Tai went flying into the air, he somersaulted in mid-air and landed on the ground. Agumon raced over to his partner's side.

(End theme)

"Listen you two. Just promise me you won't tell Lord Shinmon about what I'm going to tell you," X explained. "Let's put it this way, Tai and Agumon. As you know, there are deities whose sole purpose is to give life in the universe. Y'know to watch over and protect."

"Kinda like you and the Supreme Digi-Deity?" Agumon asked.

"Well, I can't give life, but I can sure watch and protect what I can under my jurisdiction. But, there are those whose sole purpose is to destroy."

Tai, Agumon, and X then sat together eating while continuing their conversation.

"So, that makes this Beerusmon guy bad then?" Agumon inquired. "One of these evil destroyer guys?"

X gave a dismissive nod. "It's not a matter of him being evil. Put this into perspective, he's a Digital God of Destruction."

"I still don't get why gods gotta destroy things," Tai said. "That's pointless."

(Cue Dragon Ball Super OST - The Earth's Fate (0:57-2:07))

"Simple. Creation and destruction, you two. Both forces are necessary to check each other. Without them, the universe, both physical and digital, would go out of balance."


Central World

Shinmon speculated. "I wonder how many Digital Worlds will fall victim to his rampage this time."

"Beerusmon, the Digital God of Destruction," Gosenzomon spoke up, garnering the attention of the Supreme Deities and their aides. "He's awake already. I can hardly believe it, especially after several digicycles of calm. Couldn't he have delayed a little longer?"

"The last time he went on his rampage, it was scary," Shintomon gulped. "I can't imagine what worlds he'll destroy now."

(End theme)


Next chapter: Beerusmon's Awakening


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