Save Me the Waltz by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: this is a cryptic, sad little poem based on the final episode of Cowboy Bebop, although it was inspired by months of musing over the twenties/jazz era. These words flowed from my mind after I listened to the song "Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright. It is the best song ever. It should be the ending song for an anime.

Disclaimer: A genius owns Cowboy Bebop (and so does Sunrise). Zelda Fitzgerald owns the title "Save Me the Waltz", which is the title of a book.

Enjoy this farewell poem.


Dyed images bleed in the sunlight

As forever becomes a passing moment,

So I just prefer to walk in the rain.

Those gray clouds overhead don't make me blue,

Oh no, I just keep on walking.

Cigarettes that burn out at dawn,

Lost melodies from some summer night,

All are lost within a blur of color.

Beyond the city, beyond the night,

The rain doesn't end but keep on drumming.

Keep on drumming, you raindrops of the past.

Scrapbooks of dreams are ripped up

And carelessly thrown to the wind.

They land at the feet of a saxophone man,

And he keeps on playing his sad tune.

Keep on playing, saxophone man.

Do you remember those promises I made?

Well, I still intend to keep them.

They'll fade out, like those summer nights,

But eventually I'll fulfill all those lies.

Those careless words of youth that spilled from my mouth

Like rain from the November clouds....

"Don't you worry, this won't end here.

The night isn't over. I'll save you a waltz."

Hold onto that dream and maybe we'll dance.



end notes: This will be a long and sad endnote! This is to be my final Cowboy Bebop fic. I did not tire of this anime; in fact, I still often think of it. Instead, this is a final tribute to a show that I don't see as much anymore. It has not faded from my life and I'll always remember it, but..... like the show tells more than once: life moves on. I have other interests, and this final poem concludes all of my thoughts on the sad and beautiful show that is Cowboy Bebop. It changed my life last summer and autumn, and I'll always love it for that.

See you space cowboy.....