"Hey, how's it going?" Hunk asked, wiping his hands after working on Yellow as he walked up to Pidge.

Pidge paused in her typing to stretch and she gratefully accepted the distraction. "A bit slow. He had everything encrypted but I'll probably break through by tomorrow. He's not a specialist in code so my programs aren't having too much trouble." She shrugged. "So far, as much as I can tell, he was working on something for the druids. I keep seeing the word quintessence pop up."

"Ugh, that's probably not good." Hunk grumbled as he settled next to her.

"Still, that was something." She grinned up at him. Pidge knew she wouldn't be able to express how grateful she was that Hunk and Lance had put their feet down and stood up for her. She didn't mind dressing up every now and then, but dressing up and going into a bar had given her goosebumps.

Besides, she doubted that she could have handled herself half as well as Lance.

"Yeah, I think Lance enjoyed himself." Hunk admitted. "Well, when he wasn't having to deal with creeps hitting on him."

"True." Pidge nodded, before she remembered something. "Oh, hey, check this out." She minimized her work, letting the programs do their thing, and instead pulling up the intergalactic communication system.

Lance called it space Internet.

She leaned to the side so Hunk could get a better look at what she'd found earlier. He got closer, squinting at the screen and then rearing back.

"Is that…" Hunk glanced between her and the screen, disbelief coloring his face and voice..

"Yep." Pidge giggled, a mischievous grin taking over her face.

"How - Why - " Hunk didn't seem to know where he should begin.

"It seems Lance enchanted pretty much everyone in there." Pidge continued snickering at all of the posts and calls for the beautiful and mysterious "Elaine" to contact them.

"Lance would be the one who could walk into a room and instantly have everyone become infatuated with him." Hunk concluded.

"Yeah. But I don't think we should ever tell him." Hunk nodded his agreement and the two scrolled through the multitude of posts. Pidge leaned back just before a terrible, horrible thought occurred to her. "Hey, want to go spy on how awkward he and Keith are? I think they're both at supper now."

"Do I?" Hunk grinned. Pidge returned the look as she hopped off her desk and both of them scurried off to watch how Keith and Lance continued to dance around each other.

About five minutes later, Coran walked in. "Number 5, how are things - " He paused as he noticed she wasn't there. "Well, I guess I'll just check myself."

He strolled over to the laptop and raised an eyebrow at what was on the screen. "Hmmm." Coran hummed as he looked over the contents. "The crowds really love him, huh." He twirled his mustache as he tucked the thought away for another time.

After all, Lance's skills at wooing a crowd could come in handy sometime.

AN: And thus the seeds for Loverboy Lance were sown. Again, this is just something that I came up with after everything that made me laugh, so I thought I'd include it. There was a post going around way back before I started this about Lance walking into the room, enchanting everyone, and leaving with everyone just a bit in love with him, so I thought I'd include that here. I have no clue about exact post, I reblog way too many things to find it. So just enjoy this bonus with Pidge, Hunk, and Coran.

Also, Xylod was trying to help with figuring out how to mine quintessence if you were curious.

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