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The Ultimate Sacrifice
Chapter 1

It was just like any typical non-school day for Elizabeth. Sitting in front of her computer and playing her favourite game, Final Fantasy 7, was the kind of thing you would normally see her doing for the entire day.

She was most upset when her parents had refused to buy her a PlayStation saying it was too costly. So all she could do was content herself with her computer and miss out on all the tactics and cheat codes.

If you knew her, you would even think that it was normal for her to have played 'Final Fantasy 7' a hundred a five times (and counting) to start more new games. To her, 'Final Fantasy 7' was not a game one could be bored of playing, and she thought that Squaresoft was one of the most brilliant companies ever.

However, something interesting to note was that she never really liked any of the other final fantasy games and would refer to the others as 'considerably normal' compared to 'Final Fantasy 7'. The fact was, though she would not openly admit it, she had fallen in love with one of the characters in the game. He was none other than Sephiroth. This was also one of the reasons she wanted to have a PlayStation; she wanted to use the cheat code where Sephiroth could be in her team. Just seeing him fight beside Cloud in Cloud's past mesmerised her, and she thought that he had to be one of the coolest guys around.

Every single time she played 'Final Fantasy 7', she would just long to see him once again. For her, it was like a secret and private affair that she had with him, a rendezvous with the one that she loved. She always insisted on changing the name of the main character from Cloud to Elizabeth, even though the main character was a guy, just so she could feel as if Sephiroth was really talking to her. Without fail, at the end of the game, when "Elizabeth" killed Sephiroth, she would cry her heart out and caress the computer screen whilst saying, "Sephiroth, don't die, please don't die".

She was very sensitive with regards to the issue of Sephiroth and felt that those who disliked him just did not understand him as well as she did. Elizabeth felt that he was actually the victim, having never ever been loved even till death. Having found out that he was a research specimen must have dealt a great blow to him, and Elizabeth always wished that she could be there for him at that time, perhaps then, he wouldn't turn out to be the villain.

Elizabeth looked at her bedroom clock, and realised that it was already 2 A.M. It was way past her bedtime and her parents would soon storm into the room and scold her for using the computer at such a late hour. She glanced from her computer to her bedroom clock, and back again. Perhaps it was time to say goodnight to Sephiroth. She waved goodbye to him, and waited until her next save point before exiting the game. Switching off her computer, she lay down on the bed, which was barely inches away, and dreamt sweet dreams of Sephiroth being her boyfriend.

Elizabeth was quite pretty, with big round eyes, ruby red lips, long flowy hair, a nice figure and a fair complexion. She was well liked by most people, her but no one dared approach her, because she was just too obsessed with Sephiroth.

That night she was awoken from her sleep by a tapping on her shoulder. At first, she thought it was her parents and tried to brush them away, but the tapping was persistent and she slowly opened her eyes to see what was the matter. She was shocked by what she saw and rubbed her eyes to see if she was hallucinating. The figure was still there. It was a beautiful lady, not unlike the elves she had seen when she watched the Lord of the Ring movie. In fact, she looked a little like Galadriel, a queen of the elves.

There was an intense white light coming from her that reached even the darkest corners of the room. Elizabeth pinched herself to see if it was all a dream, but the pinch hurt and she stopped pinching herself. The lady smiled as she spoke in the gentlest voice Elizabeth had ever heard.

"Elizabeth, I am the angel of freedom and destiny. I am here to give you a choice."

"A choice?" Elizabeth asked, curious to know what this apparent angel was talking about.

"Yes, a choicem, to choose the someone you desire to be with the most. But it can only be one person. Choose carefully."

"Sephiroth!" Elizabeth blurted out, without even thinking, she just knew that she needed to be with him.

The angel smiled and continued, "So be it."

Elizabeth felt herself swirling around in a mist of colours as the images of the

angel and her room slowly faded away. She was just thinking about the surrealness of the situation when she hit against something hard.

Wincing slightly, she opened her eyes with much difficulty and sat herself upright. She was in a room that looked more like a rock cave. Somehow, she felt she had been here before.

She glanced around the room and saw the back of a figure that she had seen countless times before. He was easily recognisable even from the back, in his black trench coat with his long silver hair. His sword, Masumane, lay beside him on the floor and he seemed to be talking to someone in the corner of the room.

"Sephiroth." Elizabeth muttered in the tiniest whisper as she continued to gaze at him.

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