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Chapter 4

Elizabeth woke up enveloped in a blue mist. She couldn't recall seeing this place before, yet she felt so relaxed to be there. It was weird, but just being in that strange and beautiful place, she had an unusual sense of tranquility that she hadn't experienced in such a long time. Slowly closing her eyes, she laid back to rest yet again.

Suddenly, she sat up with a jolt as the memory of the previous events struck her. She recalled being killed by Master Tonberry and hearing ominous chuckling behind her, could the chuckling have been a sign of her forecoming death? The death that had brought her to this place…

Her thoughts strayed as she wondered where she was. Perhaps in heaven? After all, she was of God's creation and being the devout Christian that she was, surely he would have allowed her into heaven? However, there was another fact to be considered. The last place she was at before she had been killed was in the world of Final Fantasy 7 and she knew full well that all living things that died there, returned as energy to the planet.

She was silently debating these thoughts in her head, when she heard footsteps approaching her. Turning to the direction where the sound was coming from, she had half-expected to see God but instead, the sight that greeted her calmed her down to an almost unbearable sense of ecstasy.

She must have been staring because when he approached her, he had a strange look on his face and seemed as though he was attempting to reach out for Masamune in self-defense. Elizabeth looked away hurriedly, hoping that she hadn't gotten herself into more trouble, something she was getting better at these days, especially with him around. Suddenly, there was the same chuckling which she had heard just before she had fallen into unconsciousness. Looking up, she saw that it was him who was laughing…

Did she dare question him? Yet, she let her curiosity get the better of her as she stood up to do so. Sitting down and asking him questions could be tantamount to death, or so she thought.

"Sephiroth…if it's no trouble, could you please explain why you did not come to my aid when you knew I was defenseless against Master Tonberry?" She felt a kind of firmness as she said those words and she was more than ever determined to get her reply. Now that she thought of it, she must have looked a fool in front of Sephiroth, no wonder he was chuckling…

He looked at her strangely before answering her question. "Well, I thought it was be pretty obvious. I wanted to see how you would be able to fare against Tonberry." He paused for a moment, as though pondering over a serious matter, before continuing. "It seems to me that I have overestimated your power…perhaps yours is one that is only used to break through barriers?"

This was the second time that Sephiroth had mentioned her powers and at his last words, she finally understood what he was talking about. Sephiroth had assumed that she had somehow, using her "powers", broke through the barrier surrounding the northern crater and managed to get inside. She shuddered at the thought of what he might do if he realised that she in fact possessed nothing except a lousy pack of cards.

Before she could even answer his question, Sephiroth spoke again. "It doesn't matter, take this…" he said, passing something that looked vaguely like a rod to Elizabeth. It was strangely familiar, but try as she might, she could not remember where she had seen it before. The rod must have been very heavy because Elizabeth staggered under its weight and she felt as though the Earth's gravity had somehow shifted to a side of her body and she felt quite unbalanced.

Finally, when she was able to get a firm standing, which took quite a considerable amount of time, Sephiroth nodded. "You do know who that belongs to, do you not?" he questioned Elizabeth, staring straight into her eyes. Debating silently whether she should tell the truth or not, Elizabeth shifted her focus to the ground and shook her head slightly.

Sephiroth smirked, and said in a softly, "As I thought…"

Elizabeth knew he had not intended for her to hear him, but she did and she was puzzled. Did Sephiroth think of her as ignorant? Or was the rod so well known in the FF7 world that she should have been able to tell whom it belonged to? As these questions passed through her head, Elizabeth finally understood that her initial feelings for Sephiroth had mysteriously disappeared. Yet somehow, she was still reluctant to leave the place. She didn't know why but she felt as though she had something to do before she would or rather, could leave. It was by no chance happening that the angel had come to her, and she felt sure that there must have been a motive behind it, she just didn't know it yet.

She snapped out of her thoughts just in time to see Sephiroth draw out Masamune. Startled, she stepped back a few paces, and out of the way of the sword that he held so dangerously in front of him. Seeing her reaction, Sephiroth smirked and said in a calm tone, "Are you a weakling? Did you not say you wished to help me?" He slashed at the air and continued, "When two weapons meet, they have to clash to determine the winner, that in your hand is a weapon with highly powered-up materia, now fight!"

Elizabeth's eyes glanced hurriedly from the rod in her hand to Sephiroth who was slowly approaching with Masamune. Soon, without a doubt, that sword would slash right into her, in the same way as it had slashed into the air, and she would be dead. Yet, somehow…she glanced at the rod again and this time she saw it, the various glowing materias, ranging from the powerful red summon ones to the elemental green ones. Perhaps, she had a chance of surviving…and then suddenly she remembered where she had seen the rod. It had been Aeris' ultimate weapon, Aeris' Princess Guard, which she had gotten at the Temple of the Ancients and now it was in her hands…

Another thought struck her as she looked down at the rod; she didn't know how to use the materias! It had been easy to control Aeris from the computer pad but now that she was the one in the actual fight, it was seemingly impossible …she looked up at Sephiroth again. This time, he was only a few steps away from her and soon Masamune would strike her. Closing her eyes and gathering her courage, she concentrated on a badly imagined block of ice in her head and muttering the word ice, she waved her rod about in the air. This was her last chance and if it didn't work…well she didn't want to think about it…

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