Author's Note: You know what I hate? If I have a song in my head for DAYS and sing it all the time without noticing, and it won't leave. That happened to me with the new single of a German singer, namely Jeanette Biedermann (her last name means as much as Square man…something like that… -_-() ) and the song was called "Rock My Life". So I was all like, okay, if I can't get rid of that stupid song, I'll write a fic with the title Rock My Life. Maybe it'll help, who knows?

Disclaimer: Haruka. Michiru. Sailor Moon. Not mine. Not mine. Belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. Rock My Life. Not mine. Not mine. Belongs to Jeanette Biedermann. Just borrowing it ^_^

Dedication: Dedicated to Mr. Baumann, the one who gave me my new, very cool job ^_^

Rock My Life

Prologue: A Perfect Girl

"There she is. Oh my God, look at her…I wanna be so much like her!" "She's so beautiful…I wish she would date me!" "No chance…she's dating Satoshi, remember?" Whispered words like that could be heard in the corridor of Mugen Gakuen when Michiru Kaioh entered through the huge front door. Michiru Kaioh: a person everyone who knew her would describe as "perfect" without hesitation. She was one of the best students at the elite school, was very talented when it came to arts and music – after all, her paintings hung in Tokyo's most famous gallery, and she was playing the first violin at the school's orchestra – and, as if that wasn't enough, also dated the school's hottest guy and best male student, Satoshi Nagao. Her parents were the business man Masanori and the famous authoress Yukio Kaioh, and of course the two were proud of their daughter. Now, Michiru enjoyed the admiring looks she got from both boys and girls while she walked down the hall into her classroom; of course, there also were many people who were jealous of her, mostly because of her good looks. Satoshi once had said that she looked like a goddess, and that was what Michiru herself believed, too. Maybe this fact showed a side of her character that not all too many people knew about: the fact that she could be very bitchy if she wanted to. Most of the time, Michiru suppressed her bitchy self to keep up her image as the perfect girl of Mugen Gakuen, but sometimes, it just couldn't be suppressed anymore and broke free with the sheer force of a hurricane. Luckily, Satoshi hadn't seen this side of her yet; the only ones who had to sit through Hurricane Michiru were the people who worked in her father's house, like the butler or the maid. "Michiru!" a deep, male voice suddenly called out, causing the aqua haired girl to look up. Satoshi came running towards her, fit as always, and grinning as always. To Michiru, it was a riddle how somebody could be in such a good mood at that time of the day. "Good morning, honey." She greeted her boyfriend smiling before they shared a short kiss, all the other boys that watched groaning in jealousy. "Hey! Hey, Michi!" Another voice, this time female, called out, and when Michiru looked around, she saw her best friend Hikari running over to her at tremendous speed. "Good morning, Hikari." The aqua haired girl greeted her friend, smiling. "Hi Michi. Hi, Satoshi." Hikari replied, bowing to Satoshi before she pulled Michiru close and whispered into her ear: "Did you hear the latest news? We'll get a new student!" "At this time of the year?" Satoshi asked, raising both eyebrows, while Hikari once more was shocked at the boy's good hearing. "Yes, yes, some time this week!" she quickly confirmed. "I don't know his name, but rumour says that he is H-O-T." Michiru laughed and shrugged. "He can't be as hot as my Satoshi here." She then replied, causing Hikari to sigh and Satoshi to beam at her. Suddenly, the bell rang, interrupting their conversation. "I gotta go, see you later." Satoshi quickly spoke before he hurried off, into his classroom. "We should get moving too." Hikari suggested, and Michiru nodded. "Right. Come on Hikari, let's go." The two girls headed into their classroom, taking their seats just in time before the teacher entered. For now, Michiru had forgotten about the new student, but she should remember him again soon.