Epilogue: Destiny Fulfilled

Michiru looked around, her eyes wandering over the battlefield. Then, a small groan caught her attention. Upon looking down, the aqua haired girl found herself staring at Haruka, who laid on the ground, impaled by a long, bloodstained spear…

"NO!" Michiru awoke screaming, cold sweat running down her cheeks. "No…" Slowly, her heartbeat returned to it's normal speed when the aqua haired girl realized that she had been dreaming. "Why am I having this nightmare?" she whispered to herself. "Pluto said that this won't happen if I accept my destiny…and I did, so why…?" "I said that you could prevent it, not that it would happen automatically." Setsunas voice came, causing the aqua haired girl to shriek and jump. "You!" she then cried out, pointing an accusing finger at the elder woman. "You told me that I can prevent Haruka from dying!" Setsuna nodded, smiling. "Yes, I did. And if you do your job right, you will. If you fail though…Haruka will die." "Don't scare me like that!" Michiru begged, her voice shaking. "I love her, so don't tell me such terrible things!" Setsuna gave her a happy smile. "You love her, huh? That's good." Michiru blushed and smiled. "Yeah, I guess it is…so how can I prevent Haruka from dying?" Setsuna gave her trademark mysterious smile. "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that, Michiru. You'll have to find out for yourself." Michiru glared at the guardian of time. "You're not really a big help, Setsuna!" The green haired woman just chuckled before she simply vanished, leaving Michiru behind.

"Deep Submerge!" Neptunes attack flew away from her outstretched hands, towards the demon, who was too slow to dodge it. The other Senshi, Uranus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and the new found Mars cheered when the monster fell to the ground, panting. "Well done, Love!" Uranus called out, causing Neptune to give her a bright smile. "Thanks. It wasn't…Uranus, watch out!" Uranus turned around just in time to see the demon attacking her; the next she knew was that she laid on the ground, her head hurting…and that the demon raised a long spear above it's head to impale her with it.

Haruka closed her eyes, already awaiting the deadly stab, but it never came. Instead, she could hear how both Michiru and Jupiter screamed their attacks, and seconds later, a loud thud came to her ears. Slowly, the blonde dared to open her eyes again. The demon laid a few meters away from her, obviously dead, the spear it had been holding broken. "Haruka! Are you okay?" Haruka turned her head to look at Michiru, who was running over to her, the fear she felt clearly showing in her eyes. "Yeah…yeah, I'm fine." Haruka replied, sitting up. A wave of pain swept over her head, and she groaned, letting herself fall on her back again. "Okay, not as fine as I thought…" she admitted while Michiru knelt down next to her, taking her hand. "You're bleeding." The aqua haired girl softly spoke, pointing to the side of the blondes head where the demon had hit her. Haruka reached up and touched the spot, and her fingers came away bloody. "True." She admitted before the world started to spin around her. The blonde groaned and closed her eyes for a second, until the feeling had vanished. "Haruka! You alright?" Michirus worried voice came once more. Haruka nodded, daring to open her eyes again, and glad when the world had stopped it's crazy movement. Slowly, the blonde tried to sit up again, this time succeeding. Michiru helped her getting to her feet and supported her as soon as she stood. "Thanks for your help." The aqua haired woman spoke, looking at the other Senshi smiling, before Haruka and she walked off to where Harukas car stood. They both climbed in, and Michiru drove off, leaving the other Senshi behind.

"Hold still…okay." Michiru gently spoke while bandaging her lover's head. Haruka sat on the comfy chair in the living room of the Kaioh house, waiting for Michiru to finish tending to her wound. Finally, the aqua haired girl was done and leaned back in her seat, admiring her handwork. "I'll have to think up a good excuse for school." Haruka mumbled, rolling her eyes in a vain attempt to look at the white cloth Michiru had wrapped around her head. The aqua haired girl giggled and nodded. "Yeah…you could tell them that we had a fight and that I threw something after you." Haruka just snorted at that, shaking her head. "Never! Nobody throws things after the great Haruka Tenoh." She then protested, causing Michiru to giggle even more. "Yeah right, honey. Anyway…you want to stay here tonight?" The last words were accompanied by a mischief smile of the aqua haired girl, and Haruka quickly agreed. While the two women walked off into Michirus bedroom, Setsuna appeared in the now empty living room, smiling. The destiny of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune finally had been fulfilled.

The End.