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Perfect World

Prologue: Hostage

Michiru Kaioh entered the First National Bank of Tokyo, her wallet in hands, with the intention to get some money from her bank account. She patiently waited in the – rather long – line that had formed itself in front of the bank clerks desk, softly humming to herself. The aqua haired woman didn't notice how the door behind her opened once more and a young blonde man entered; even if she had noticed him, she wouldn't really have cared. The blonde man slowly positioned himself behind her, and all of a sudden, he wrapped one arm around her shoulders, pulling her against him, while he pressed a pretty big revolver against her head with his free hand. "Nobody moves!" he now yelled out while Michiru let out a scared little whimper. "All get down on the floor! Somebody tries something, and she's dead!" The people which were in the bank quickly obeyed the man's orders, all but the clerk who stared at the man in fear. The blonde now pulled Michiru over to the clerk's desk and threw an old backpack on it. "Put the money in it. Now!" The man quickly did what he had been told, stuffing lots of banknotes into the backpack. As soon as it was full, he handed it back to the robber, who still refused to let go of the meanwhile shaking Michiru. "Thanks." The blonde now grumbled, grabbing the backpack and moving towards with door, still with Michiru in his grasp. "Please, let me go." The aqua haired woman now begged, her eyes filling with tears. "Not now. Later." The man whispered into her ear, tightening his grip around her arms. "I won't harm you. Now move on." The two of them moved out of the bank and over to an unmarked black Honda Civic which stood waiting. "Get into the backseat. Hurry!" the bank robber shouted at Michiru while he threateningly waved his gun around to keep the staring bystanders from trying anything. As soon as Michiru had gotten into the car, he climbed in himself, started the engine and drove off. Minutes later, the police arrived at the bank, but both the robber and his hostage where gone. "Damn!" Police Inspector Cloud van Dyk (A/N: Self insertion again! ^_~) angrily cursed, whacking the next best officer over the head in her anger. "He got away. Why did that idiots from the city planning build the bank so far away from the police station?" She looked at the people that stood around looking dumb. "Did anyone see the car he drove off with?" One of the citizens nodded, raising his hand. "I did. It was a black Honda Civic. He had a hostage, did you know that?" "Yes we did!" Inspector van Dyk barked, angered, before she turned to look at the officer she had hit over the head before. "Call all the police cars that are out there, and tell them that we are looking for a black Honda Civic, driven by a blonde man, height 179 cm, weight about 60 kilograms, and his hostage…from whom we have no description." The officer nodded and hurried to his car while Inspector van Dyk lit herself a cigarette and blew a cloud (A/N: *LOL*) of smoke into the sky. "We'll get you, piece of shit." The blonde inspector murmured to herself. "Be sure of that."

Michiru sat in the back seat of the car her kidnapper drove, her hands tied behind her back – after a quick stop the blonde had made to do that -,  looking at the back of the man's head in fear. "Where are you taking me?" she finally dared to ask. The bank robber didn't respond. "Please." Michiru softly spoke, her eyes filling with tears. "Please, let me go…" The blonde man looked into the rear view mirror to glare at his hostage. "I told you that I won't hurt you. And you can go soon. Now shut up, or I'll shut it for you." Michiru fearfully obeyed her kidnapper and stayed silent for the rest of the drive, staring out of the window, hoping that the police would come and rescue her soon.