Epilogue: Always At Your Side

"Kaioh-san?" Michiru looked up from the marble gravestone at the voice that came from her right, only to find herself looking at Inspector van Dyk. "I wanted to apologize to you once more." The police woman now spoke, her voice full of grief. "You already did twice." Michiru replied, her voice not unfriendly. "I know." Cloud replied, her eyes glued to the gravestone, which read

Haruka Tenoh

1975 – 2003

Forever In Our Hearts

"But I also know that you loved her…and there are not enough words for me to say to help you with your grief." Michiru gently smiled at the tall blonde. "You don't have to help me, van Dyk-san." She looked back at the gravestone, her eyes full of love and warmth. "She's always with me, you know." Inspector van Dyk gave her a short glance, then smiled. "You're right. She was your true love…and true love never leaves." Michiru nodded and gently placed the white roses she had brought on the grave before she looked at the inspector again. "Let's go." She softly spoke, and the tall blonde nodded. Together, they left the graveyard, walking over to where Inspector van Dyk had parked her car. "If you want to, you can drive with me." The blonde offered as soon as the stood next to it, but Michiru declined. "Thanks, but I'm going into the other direction." Inspector van Dyk nodded, got into her car and drove off, while Michiru started to wander away. After a short walk of not even twenty minutes, the aqua haired girl reached at the place that she wanted to become the last thing she would see. Looking up into the sky, the aqua haired girl whispered: "Haruka…I know you said you'll always be with me…but that's not enough. I can't take it anymore…" Slowly, the aqua haired girl walked closer to the cliffs, looking down to the wild sea below. She took in a deep breath, preparing herself to jump, when suddenly Harukas voice came. "Don't." Michiru could feel how her hands started to shake while she slowly turned around. Only five meters away, Haruka stood leaning against a tree, her trademark lopsided smile on her handsome face. "Haruka…" Michiru whispered, her eyes widening. "How…how can it be…" The blonde simply ignored this question and spoke on. "Don't end your life. It's not your destiny to die now." The blonde moved away from the tree and over to Michiru, to whom it seemed as if her lover's feet wouldn't touch the ground during her walk. Not at all. "I meant it when I said that I'll always be with you." The blonde now continued, still with that lopsided smile. "I'm always at your side, Michiru. Don't give up now, Love. Go on with your life…your time will come, but not now." Slowly, Michiru nodded, her eyes filling with tears once more. "I'm so lonely without you." The aqua haired girl sobbed. "We'll be together again." Haruka promised, already fading away. "Promise." She added while Michiru started to panic. "Don't go, Haruka! You have to stay…" the aqua haired girl cried out, her tears running freely now. She slowly sank to her knees when Haruka vanished, two small rivers of tears running down her face. "Don't go…" she whispered, knowing that it was too late. Haruka was gone, and she had to go on with her life. "How could I simply go on, if the one I love is dead…" Michiru whispered, clenching her fists. "How?" she cried out, looking up into the sky once more. "How, for Heaven's Sake?" Her eyes came down again, and suddenly she spotted a metallic glint in the grass, exactly where Haruka had been standing before. Slowly, the aqua haired girl moved over to it, still on her knees, and picked the glinting object up. It turned out to be a thin golden necklace, with a small cross attached to it. Michiru turned it around, and when she read the name that was engraved in the back of it, she knew that Haruka had told the truth when she had said that she always would be at her side. Written in italic letters, the name "Haruka" shone from the cross. Slowly, Michiru put the piece of jewellery on, finally able to smile again. Her tears dried, and she came to her feet again. "Thanks." The aqua haired girl whispered. "We'll be together again, Haruka…but I'll go on with my life, like I'm supposed to." Slowly, the aqua haired girl walked away from the place that almost had caused her death, now knowing that she never would be alone. The golden cross Haruka had owned glinted in the last light of sunset…until Michiru carefully took it and made it slide underneath her blouse, carrying the jewellery right over her heart. Her heart which had been broken, but now was healed again…and where Haruka would live forever.

The End.