Chapter 4: The Mole revelation and Season 8 finale

Kensi and Callen practiced shooting at the range. She tried to convince Callen (which he already knew) that she was ready. Of course Callen allowed her to practically beg before he assured Kensi he would put in a good word for her with Hetty.

Callen almost lost it when Kensi was kidnapped. It's one thing for her to be taken while out of sight (Afghanistan) but to hear it take place over the earwig made his blood boil.

His pointed phrase to Ferris "tell Kensi we're coming for her", proved he'll do anything to get her back.

If Callen's day wasn't bad enough, the reveal that Joelle was a CIA officer, solidified it.

Once Callen saw Kensi being carried out of the house by Deeks, much to her embarrassment, he knew she would be fine. On the way back to the hacienda, the guys filled Kensi in about Joelle. Since Sam was driving, Kensi reached over and squeezed Callen's hand to show her support for him. He, in turn, squeezed her hand and kissed the back of it, thanking god she was alive. Deeks and Sam kept quiet and smiled.

After Kensi had a session with Nate, Hetty officially welcomed her back. Things were back to a status quo for a while, with the appearance of a few retired agents to help Hetty with some gold bars, when all hell broke loose.

Sam's worst nightmare came to life in the form of Michelle getting kidnapped and eventually killed by Tahir Khaled.

When Sam and Callen arrived to the warehouse, Callen promptly requested everyone leave to give Sam privacy. Kensi being the last one to leave (Deeks was the first to lead everyone out), grabbed Callen's hand for a quick squeeze. Callen pulled her into a hug and whispered he'll see her outside.

Sam walked out of the warehouse, giving Callen the signal to allow the paramedics to take Michelle to the M.E.'s office. Kensi hesitantly went to him to give him a hug. Sam surprised her by quickly grabbing her and hugging her tightly. He thanked her for finding Michelle and made her promise to be extra careful as he can't lose her too. Callen hugged her afterwards and told her and Deeks they had done their best and found Michelle.

After Callen had dropped Sam to the airport, he visited Kensi and Deeks to make sure they were okay. He told them to stop chastising themselves about not realizing Michelle was in the next door warehouse. As Callen was getting ready to leave, Kensi stubbornly insisted he stay for the night. She knew he would have nightmares but felt better if he wasn't home alone. He reluctantly agreed and they chatted for a while about nothing. Later that night, Callen realized he made the right decision to stay with them and was happy Kensi was as stubborn as himself.