On tumblr, there was an ask game that said: SEND ME A MADE-UP FIC TITLE AND I'LL TELL YOU WHAT I WOULD WRITE TO GO WITH IT

While none of the following stories are complete enough to stand by themselves, I figured you guys will appreciate seeing them. Some are quite short, some have way more detailed AU notes attached to them.

Please don't ask for more. They are as complete as they're going to get.

How to be a family (and the consequences)

There was an unwanted child curled up in the boxes.

Xanxus knew that feeling. It didn't mean he was going to do anything about it. The world was cold and brutal. There were no hand-outs. You clawed your way to the top or die trying.

He had even intention of walking past the child until he caught the look in the child's eyes, sharp and deadly. Very Varia Quality.

Xanxus picked the kid up by the scruff of ragged shirt, scrunching his nose at the smell. The kid kicked and screamed, demanding to be put down.

Good. That meant there was still a fight in him.

AU Notes

AU where Xanxus picks up an abandoned Tsuna on the streets. The consequences of this are fairly interesting. Tsuna grows up a little sharper, a little less soft, but still kind (because kindness is a choice, a way of life).

The manifestation of Tsuna's Sky Flames are a bit of surpriseā€¦ except Tsuna still doesn't have any interest in taking over anything, even the Varia. (Xanxus: "who the fuck dropped you on your head as a child?" Tsuna: "you fucking did.")

Xanxus just rolls with it. If his youngest doesn't want to take over anything, doesn't even like killing (and that makes Xanxus weeps over this because Tsuna a skill set as good as his top officers), then fucking fine. The kid can go become a writer or something. So he tells Nono to fuck off, shoots Iemitsu and makes plans to rob a bank so that Tsuna can go to university like he wants.

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