After playing videogames for a bit, they all broke for dinner. Sunset was awkward at first but after a few minutes, she managed to relax. She got along well with Luna and Celestia's parents, more so Summer.

It was odd getting to know them. To Sunset, it almost felt like going back in time thousands of years, knowing very well they are the counterparts of the Equestrian Luna and Celestia's parents. They were the predecessors before Equestria was even founded.

After dinner, Celestia retreated to her room to read while Luna and Chrysalis went to the basement with Sun. That left Sunset sitting in the living room alone with Summer.

It was silent for a few minutes before Summer spoke, "Your drawings tell quite the story."

Sunset looked at Summer with a raised brow, "They do? They're just pictures."

Summer smiled, "Yes but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. You've seen my paintings around the house, yes?"

Sunset nodded, "They're really good."

"Thank you, dear." Summer smiled softly, "Each one tells a story, a happy memory."

"I kind of see what you mean." Sunset said, thinking back to the paintings she had seen.

"Yours shows fear, yes?"

Sunset snapped her head and looked right into Summer's kind eyes, "Yeah." She said sadly.

Summer smiled again then got up, "Come with me, I want to show you something."

Sunset raised an eyebrow but obediently followed the elderly woman through the house to a room with wooden doors. Upon entering, Sunset's breath was taken away.

The walls and ceiling were painted like the night sky, with canvases leaning against the wall. There was a desk on each side of the room with three or four easels scattered around the room, two of which had paintings on them. Sunset looked around and Summer was happy to see how intrigued Sunset was with each painting.

"This is amazing." Sunset breathed.

"Welcome to my art studio." The woman smiled.

"You painted all of these?"

She nodded then went over to a cupboard that was pushed into the corner opposite to the window. After rummaging around, she smiled as she brought out an old sketchbook with '1959' painted in red on the black cover.

Summer waved Sunset over to a desk with two-fold up chairs. They sat down and Summer put the book on the desk between them.

"When I was a few years younger than you, I started sketching." Summer explained, "I have at least two for each year since I first started and this one," She placed a hand on the book, "It's from when I was a teenager."

Sunset opened the book and scanned through. All of the pictures were in black and white but the woman, as a teenager, was amazing at portraying the correct color through her shading. There were so many pictures of people, little scenes, hearts and, of course, constellations. Some of the constellations even had shapes drawn over them.

"You see," Summer said, "Everything you draw, tells a story. Even just a fun drawing. The hearts, and sketches of my desk, were from a break up. Some of them were memories of my friends and family and," She flipped to a page to a girl crouched on the pavement with a sweater and black pants, looking powerful and heroic. "Belladonna, a super hero I had come up with as an escape."

Sunset's eyes widened, "You drew super heroes?"

Summer laughed, "Yes, well, Black Sun and I wouldn't have gotten very far in our relationship if we weren't both geeks."

Sunset laughed, "I guess you're right. How does that tell a story though?"

"Have you never read a comic book?" She questioned.

Sunset shrugged, "I think I read two when I was thirteen. Luna has me watching the Marvel movies though."

"Well, we will have to fix that. There's nothing like the classics." She said, "But before that though; Belladonna was me drawing the person who I wanted to be and she solved all of the problems I couldn't in the form of super villains."

Sunset grinned, "That is so cool. Rainbow would love this!"

"Now, how about I show some comic books." Summer smiled, going back to the cupboard and pointed to the bin at the bottom, "Can you get that please? I'm not as young as I used to be."

Sunset obliged, lifting the bin out of the shelf and brought it back over to the desk. Summer opened the bin and began going through it, picking out various books. By the time she was done, there was enough to be considered a large novel.

"You read these and then tell me what you like." She said.

Sunset stared at the pile of comic books that were put into her hands ranging from 'The Flash' to 'The Secret War'.

"Now, you can read in here, in your room or in the living room." The woman grinned, "I'm going to be working in here."

Sunset nodded, "Alright, I'll be in my room."

Summer waved her off and the teen went up to her room.

She set the comic books on the desk and grabbed the Capitan America one on top. After getting comfortable on the bed, Sunset removed the book's protective sleeve and began reading through it.

This went on for a couple hours and Sunset was nothing but careful with them, having read that some comics could eventually be worth thousands.

At some point in the night, Celestia knocked on Sunset's open door but received no response.

The older woman looked to the three piles of comic books on the desk and the teen engrossed in one on the bed with her earbuds in her ears, not noticing her presence.

Celestia smiled, She's been talking to my mother.

Celestia entered the room and got to the edge of the bed before Sunset noticed her.

"Oh, hey." Sunset greeted.

"My mom lent you some of her comic books I see." Celestia mused, "Which ones do you like so far?"

"The Flash and a lot of the Marvel comics." Sunset said.

Celestia smiled, "I told you that you two would get along."

Sunset put the book on the end table. "Yeah, I like what she did to her Studio too. Her paintings are pretty cool."

Celestia's features turned to surprise, "Mom let you into her studio?"

Sunset looked questionably at Celestia, "Uh…yes?"

"Luna and I aren't allowed to go in." Celestia said.

Sunset blinked, "Um…"

"Now, Celestia you know why you and your sister aren't allowed in there." A voice spoke from the door way.

They turned to the doorway to see Summer with a smirk on her face.

"What?" Sunset asked, "Why?"

"Because," Celestia explained, "When we were teenagers, Luna and I got into a fight in the studio of the old house."

"They pained everything pink and yellow." Summer finished, "Now I only let people who actually appreciate art inside."

Sunset nodded, "Yeah that makes sense."

"Since when are you on her side?" Celestia questioned.

"Since I can go into the studio and I have her comic books on the desk." Sunset said in a serious tone.

Summer laughed, "The girl has sass."

Celestia smiled and shook her head, "Yes, yes she does."

Sunset looked up at Celestia and grinned

After they left Sunset alone to read, Celestia and Summer went and had tea in the kitchen. They could hear the faint yelling of the three 'teenagers' in the basement so Summer shut the door before joining Celestia at the kitchen table.

"So Sunset…" Summer started.

Celestia sighed, "Did Chrysalis talk to you?"

"No, just an observation, honey." She stated. "And I take it that you haven't really talked to her about it."

"Of course not." Celestia said, "How do I even approach that. I feel like I'm pushing some boundaries."

Summer scoffed, "Excuses and you know it."

"Eventually maybe." Celestia said, "She's only been living with us for a month. I want to give her time to adjust. She's used to following her own rules."

Summer nodded in understanding, "I suppose you're right. She does seem to fit in well though. Sunset's already part of the family."

"I know." Celestia smiled.

"You know," Summer said, putting her hand over Celestia's, "Ever since you were in collage, we've talked about you possibly having children one day."

"Yes, and I could never see myself as being pregnant." She replied.

"I know and, honestly neither could your father and I." Summer explained, "Ever since you and Luna were in high school, we knew we would never have biological grandchildren."

Celestia raised a brow, "You did?"

Summer chuckled, "Of course we did. You've been talking about how you wish you could help all those kids without families and how being pregnant was pointless."

"I remember that conversation but I never really thought anything of it." Celestia admitted.

"Well, you father and I have been thinking about it for years." Summer said then gave her daughter a warm smile, "And I wouldn't want you two any other way."

Celestia smiled at her mother, "Thank you, mom. And as for Sunset…"

Summer raised her hand to stop Celestia, "You don't have to say anything. I like Sunset and would love nothing more than for her to officially become a member of the family but there is no rush. You do whatever you think is best for Sunset and yourself."

Celestia sighed and hung her head, "She wants a motorcycle."

Summer blinked, "And you're going to let her?"

"Blame Chrysalis." Celestia stated, "But her friends are going to have their licenses by the end of the school year and she does need the freedom."

"I suppose." Summer said, "And from what you told me, she used to have all the freedom in the world. I doubt you'd be able to stop even if you said no.

Celestia chuckled.

After a brief pause Summer spoke again, "So how are the other two?"

Celestia groaned, "So obvious to everyone but themselves. When Sunset first saw them in the same room she asked me if they were dating."

"Like I said before, mistletoe is an option." She said.

"I don't really need to see that, Mom." Celestia said.

"But it works."

"What works?" Luna's voice said as she pushed the door open.

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