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Darkness was descending across the city much faster than he thought it would. His running shoes were making a slapping sound on the pavement as he ran down the deserted street. He had been working long hours at the hospital and didn't have as much time to run anymore, but when he did, he took advantage of it. Sam had wanted to start sooner but was late getting back from running his errands. He was beginning to wonder if he should have waited and gone out early in the morning before heading to the hospital instead of doing it now. The night was claiming the day at a faster pace than expected and the streets were not that well lit. He was running a different path today that a friend had recommended and looked around to get his bearings when loud, angry voices on the other side of some trees and shrubs caught his attention. Sam stopped running and frowned trying to hear what was going on as he moved slowly through the trees toward what looked like a parking lot that had outside lights illuminating it. He stayed in the shadows when he saw two cars parked under the lights and men standing around under them. Sam had enough light to see the men clearly, but didn't recognize any of them. Two men shoved another roughly to his knees and the third brought up a gun and without hesitation shot the one kneeling twice in the chest letting him fall to the ground clearly dead. The shots were not loud like Sam thought they would be, but more like two quick pops just loud enough to be heard. Sam gasped in shock as he stumbled backwards falling over downed limbs and making enough noise to attract their attention. He looked up in fright as the men from the parking lot looked his way and two of them started moving from the parking lot his way when the man who had killed the guy pointed his way and said something to them. Sam stumbled to his feet and ran back the way he came as fast as he could, not bothering to look behind him because he could hear the noise of running steps getting closer. A bullet ricocheted off a tree near his head sending splinters of bark into the side of his face making him weave and dodge obstacles in front of him. He didn't notice the stinging on his cheek or the small trickle of blood running down it. Sam was breathing hard as his legs pumped and an adrenaline rush kicked in sending him racing away from his pursuers as he dodged anything in his path and changed directions to throw off the men following him. He knew they would kill him if they caught him and doubled his efforts to get away.

Chapter 1

A Week Later

"Mr. Campbell, Detective Logan will see you now." the officer said to Sam who was waiting in a conference room at the police station to be seen.

"Thank you." Sam said getting up and following the officer down the hall to an office.

"Mr. Campbell have a seat." Detective Logan greeted him motioning to a chair by his desk. "I wanted to thank you for your cooperation in this investigation and coming forward as a witness to the murder."

"It was the right thing to do." Sam said looking at the detective cautiously. He had a feeling there was more he wasn't saying and tensed his shoulders waiting to hear the rest.

"Yes, but most people would be afraid to get involved like this. You understand that the person you identified as the shooter has drug cartel ties and this could be dangerous for you. We have been after this prick for two years, but never had enough evidence or a witness to arrest him. That is why I want to put you in a safe house under police protection until the trial is over."

"But it's not even starting for another like six weeks, what about my job? I'm starting my residency at Austin Medical Center and can't be out that long I'll lose my place." Sam complained as he sat up straighter in his chair. He didn't think about what coming forward would mean to his life, but he couldn't not do the right thing here. That wasn't him; he was a hard working, honest, trustworthy individual who was raised by loving parents who taught him to believe in himself, respect others and to help those when he could. They worked hard to give him a better life and he tried his best not to disappoint them. His father died suddenly of an aneurysm right before he started high school. His mother had grieved for several years until she finally met someone and remarried. Sam got alone well with his stepfather and was glad his Mom had found happiness again. He had wished for a brother or sister, but was an only child. He learned quickly to entertain himself by getting lost in books. He started reading at an early age and read anything he could get his hands on, absorbing the knowledge like a sponge. He knew from an early age that he wanted to help people and becoming a doctor would allow him to do that. Sam was super, super smart and graduated high school at sixteen and graduate school majoring in medicine at twenty-two and was in his first year residency at Austin Medical Center.

"Sir you have to understand, you're our only witness in this shooting and you alone can identify the shooter. If something happens to you, well...The DA won't have much of a case and the bastard will probably walk. I'm not having you disappear or have an accident before the trial. So that means you are under protective custody until further notice." Detective Logan explained in no uncertain terms. "I've already spoken to the hospital director and you're on a leave of absence as of right now."

"I guess I don't have a choice." Sam said sitting back clenching his jaw and crossing his arms over his chest as he stewed in his anger. How was he supposed to get through his residency if he couldn't be at the hospital, he thought. This turn of events really threw a wrench into his future plans and he was already trying to sort through what he might be able to do about it.

"There are two officers waiting to escort you to a safe house and if you'll give me your keys I'll have someone go by your place to get some of your things."

"Fine!" he spat digging in his pocket for his keys and slipping one off the ring. "What about my car?"

"It can stay here in the lot, I'll let the front desk know." he replied accepting the key and getting up to escort him out into the squad room where two plain clothes officers were waiting for him. "These two officers will take you to the safe house. He's all yours, make sure he stays safe. Oh and I'll need your cell too and there'll be no contact with anyone, no family, girlfriend, co-workers, no one. It's for your own safety Mr. Campbell; I hope you understand that."

"Damnit..." Sam muttered under his breath as he dug around in his pocket for his cell and handed it over. "I wanna get that back and I'll need my books and laptop from my place to keep up with my work."

"You will sir and I'll be sure and tell the officer who's going to your place about what you need."

He was sandwiched between the two officers and hustled out the back to the garage and to a waiting car. Sam climbed into the back and slunk down in the seat pouting about how things were transpiring. He hoped there would at least be internet at the place so he could at least do some studying. He wasn't sure where this safe house was as the car headed away from the police station and into the city. They traveled for thirty minutes before pulling into a neighborhood of moderate priced houses. Sam watched through the tinted windows as the car slowed and turned onto a side road before stopping at the end house and pulling up the driveway. Once the car stopped, Sam got out and tried to look around but was hustled into the house before anyone saw them. The house beside this one was empty and for sale so there were no neighbors beside them.

"You can have the master bedroom, it's down the hall." one of the officers told him once they were inside.

"Thanks." Sam mumbled looking around as he wandered down the hall. He found the master bedroom and checked it out before venturing back out into the house.

"There's food in the kitchen, but I gotta tell ya, I'm no cook so I hope you can manage."

"I'll be fine, my Mom taught me to cook." he said going to the fridge for a water. Until the cop came with his things he didn't have much he could do. A bookcase caught his eye and he stepped to it to see what books lined the shelves and if there was something of interest he could read. He was not one to sit around being idle for very long and figured reading might take his mind off everything, plus he hadn't had much time to read for the pure fun of it and decided to take advantage of his situation.


The alarm began to blare in his ear and Dean Winchester rolled over and slapped the clock hard to turn it off. He dropped his head back on the pillow and sighed heavily as he woke up knowing he needed to get up and get ready for his new assignment today. He had been discharged from the Marines seven months ago and had taken a job at a private security firm that also employed several other veterans. It wasn't a bad company to work for, but he sometimes missed his service days and the team he worked with while he served. The pay was good and the benefits that came with the job didn't hurt either.

Dean was an only child who lost his mother at the age of nine to a mugging that left her dead and changed his Dad forever. She was the love of his life and losing her broke him more than anyone really knew, that is but Dean. The police had no leads to who murdered his Mom and his Dad quit his job and became a bounty hunter wanting justice for her death. His father had been in the Marines before marrying his mother so he had some training and honed his skills more during the years after her death. He was determined to track down the ones who killed her and get his revenge. He did teach Dean how to fight and use firearms, thinking he would join in his mission to find the murderers. Dean started getting into trouble off and on as he grew up, since his father barely spoke to him anymore and was gone a lot of the time. He would bum him off on distant family during the summer when school was out, unless he got a lead and would drag Dean along on the hunt so he could learn the business. His father went after only the high dollar bail jumpers so he could fund his mission for revenge.

Having to more or less raise himself after his mother's death, Dean had joined up at sixteen, lying about his age, and spent the next ten years serving his country. He was in Special Ops and had sniper training. He was part of a small group of elite Marines who were handed the most difficult operations and carried them out without the loss of a single soldier. He hadn't spoke to his Dad in nearly eleven years now, but knew he was still alive from a family friend, Bobby Singer. When Dean had mustered out he went to Bobby's and stayed for a month. He helped him in the salvage yard and garage while he decompressed, tried to fit back into civilian life and decide what to do with his life. After about three weeks Dean almost re-upped but got a call from an old Marine buddy about a top notch security firm that was hiring in Austin. He made up a resume and sent it to the company. He didn't have to wait long and got a call for an interview. One thing led to another and Dean took the job and moved to Austin. They helped him find a suitable place to live and provided him a vehicle to use. He still kept in touch with Bobby after the move, knowing he was the closest he would get to his father. If John didn't want to be found, he wouldn't be and Dean had to accept that. He wasn't even sure if his father would even want to see him anyway. Knowing he couldn't wait any longer, Dean got up and headed for the bathroom to shower.

He had read over the report about the new job last night and shredded it after committing the data to memory. That was one of his many specialties, being able to commit to memory any job given to him. It really seemed like a pretty boring case. The DA wanted additional protection for an important witness in a murder case; in other words he was a glorified babysitter that carried a gun. He didn't think there would be much to the assignment, but it paid the bills. Coffee was waiting in the kitchen for him and he was going to toast a bagel to eat on the way to the safe house. He checked his bag before leaving to be sure he had extra clips and a backup gun always being sure he was prepared for the unexpected. He left the house with plenty of time to arrive at the safe house an hour early so he could get the lay of the land and see what the weaknesses were so he could correct them. He went into the garage and climbed into his SUV to head out and start his day not knowing that what he thought was a simple babysitting job was going to turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse.