life sucks for me at the moment,you see I'm suck on what to do at the moment I could kill everyone and everything,except for you of course because life is a bit...actually better keep it G your probably wondering what's going on right now so i will start at the beginning. I was once a normal sixteen year old boy who didn't have much going for him see i this party my sisters were having, actually I should tell you the important characters for now.

ME - umm me?, boy
Oshae/Russel - best friend/cousin, boy, will sometimes be call shae
Jazz & Natz (Jasmine & Natalie) - twin older sisters, girls, will sometimes be called the girls
Sheila/Ava - jazz's friend, girl, one of my crushes
Neva - jazz's friend, girl, other one of my crushes

Anyway at the party well technically it was after the party it was just me,the girls,Oshae ,Ava and Neva(you didn't think they would be important did you) all watching something on two separate TV's and a laptop, me and shae on one TV watching Dragon ball z T.o.P,the girls watching Thor:Ragnarok and Ava was watching justice league when Neva came in the room with a bag...well, more like a pouch with something in all paused what we were watching and Neva signaled to come over to a table, when we all sat down she said "Hey guys,do you want to play a game,I got these marbles from a random old dude outside."She put then on the table as they spread on the table and they were amazing they were average size but they looked like they had universes in all looked at each other in silence until shae asked "What is it"