It's late, and Luna's so tired she can barely think, much less function, and she tries to remember how many days more she has to do this alone. There is a piece of paper stuck to the wall where she adds a tally mark for every day she has waited, but it seems as if the tally marks never end and the days doesn't either. And when they eventually do, there is inevitably another night.

But the baby in her arms has his father's eyes, and that makes it a little easier. So she rocks him, and cuddles him, and sings to him, and eventually he falls asleep and she thinks of the man in a prison cell, who doesn't have anyone there to cuddle him tonight.

So she sits alone in her rickety rocking chair and cuddles his infant son and tells the sleeping baby about the happiest couple in the world.

And she adds another tally mark to the list that shows how much longer this modern-day Baukis shall await her Philemon.