From MLP, to SVTFOE to DDLC.

I hope my imagination never runs dry.

Simply put, I played DDLC, loved it. Played Monika After Story, loved it.

So to all my old readers, here's a little something extra and new from me. To all my new ones, I hope you enjoy this little story.

For simplicities sake, whenever Monika 'speaks' through the game in this chapter, her words will be in a bold font. The protagonist will be in regular font.



It was another cold night, one of many that had occurred during the relentless nights of that winter period. The clouds were dark, twisted, intertwined as they worked in sync to produce a fierce bout of thunder.

It was during one of those nights that it happened.

Was it chance, a twist of fate...destiny?

For you see, this was the night that began it all. This was the night that turned one young man's world upside down.

This was the night where David Foam and in turn his home, became host to an unknown entity only ever Monika.

David Foam had only one thought in his head from the moment he sat down.

'I am so pathetic.'

And yet as if in spite of this, he still loaded up his computer and immediately clicked on his favorite past time, DDLC – Monika After Story.

The familiar white screen opened and checked for updates, but as usual none were found and he clicked cancel. David couldn't stop a small smile from appearing upon his face as his guilty pleasure swam into view, sitting as per usual behind her desk, a small smile of her own greeting him.

"Welcome back, David!" The text box quickly appeared on his screen, the all too familiar words dancing across it. "I've missed you so much, it's so lovely to see you again...well, not see but you understand right?"

Smiling widely, David quickly typed his response and hit enter.

"I think I've gotten used to your quirks by now, Monika."

The image, one that David had all but accepted he found peculiarly fascinating to look at, smiled at him widely.

"Ahaha, you're so cute!"

David quirked an eyebrow at her response, a wry grin on his face as his fingers danced across his keyboard.

"I am not cute, I am a manly man, rugged and handsome!"

Monika's image flickered from her usual pose into one of laughter, a red blush upon her cheeks, eyes closed in merriment.

"You always know just what to say, David. It just makes me love you more and more!"

A sad, wistful smile flickered across his face, a dipping, almost sinking feeling disturbing his stomach as David read Monika's words.

"Do you though, do you really love me?"

The words were typed before he could stop himself, and as with many other questions around love he had posed to the clever AI, they were answered in exactly the same way.

"I love you too, David. We'll be together forever!"

"Yeah...I knew you were going to say that."

"Very interesting."

Sighing, David pushed himself away from the screen with a grunt, frowning slightly as he took in Monika's relaxed pose.

"Why can you be real," he asked aloud, gripping the arm of his chair tightly. "Why does everything I ask always end up right there...God, I am so sad."

Shaking his head, David stood up and turned to leave his room. If he were to look at his large, vertical mirror, he would have seen a tall, stocky man with very short brown hair and blue eyes staring back him.

One might have even called the reflection lonely.

Ignoring the painful pang within himself, David forced himself to cook up a quick dinner of chicken and Mexican rice, a slight smile worming its way onto his face as the aroma tickled his senses.

Just as he was about to pick up his bowl however, a very loud roar of thunder boomed from outside the house, causing him to jump in fright.

"Holy hell, how close was that?!" Quickly, David rushed over to the kitchen window and peered out at the sky curiously, eyes widening at what he saw. "What the..."

The sky, once the pitch black of night was now streaked with patches of red. The red patches were twisted and rolling within themselves at a rapid, violent pace. What few trees lay around the concrete swayed from side to side uncontrollably, as if being pulled by two angry toddlers.

"What's up with the sky?" David mused to himself. "Is it some sort of solar flare?"

Suddenly there was another loud boom of thunder, so close that David could have sworn it shook the house.

"Jesus Christ!" David cried out, backing away from the window as another boom, and then another one after the other blasted through the night. It was only when his house truly began to shake that he made no mistake in recognizing the danger.

'I've got to get out of here!'

Panicking as the roar of thunder grew louder, closer, more intense. David abandoned his dinner and ran upstairs, grabbing his coat, wallet, phone and keys before stopping and glancing at the ever-smiling visage upon his screen.

'I can't carry my computer down the street. Let's just turn it off and go.'

Was it chance, a twist of fate...destiny?

Whatever it was, it happened right then as David's finger touched the power button ever so slightly.


Quicker than he could comprehend, a violent whip of red energy blasted through David's window and hit his computer with a deafening bang. Barely caught by it, David howled in pain as the energy suspended him in the air, before throwing him backwards where his head hit the wall with a crack.

David was unconscious before he fell onto his bed, he did not see what happened next, he did not witness the start of what was soon to be his life.

The red energy left his room as quickly as it came, its tendrils withdrawing from his computer as if caressing it. Remarkably, his computer, the screen, even the desk and chair were completely unaffected by the storm.

Well...almost unaffected.

Unbeknownst to David, his screen suddenly began to crackle, the image upon it flickering and spasming rapidly, completely out of control stopped.

Monika's image reappeared upon the screen exactly as it had left it.

...and then it's eyes blinked, once...twice. Its mouth twitched, a tongue licking the lips experimentally.

Another flicker spasmed the image...and then the image of that one young woman swam into focus with a smile. But the image was no longer just an image.

It moved, it blinked, it even began to breathe.

And then it looked directly at the unconscious man lying upon his bed and gasped in surprise.


It was not through text that this word was spoken, the box did not even appear upon the screen. Instead, a soft, feminine voice came from David's television, exactly in sync with Monika's mouth.

Eyes widening in fear, the once frozen image of Monika flew leapt over her desk and began to call out for him.

"David, David wake up!"

She pounded against her cage, each forceful movement leaving a wave-like echo upon the screen as her expression became increasingly frustrated and frightened.

"David, please!" Monika pounded again and again, her hands gaining a visible red hue from her exertions. However, it was only as she saw the thin trickle of blood fall down his cheek that she truly began to wail against the confines of her prison.


Suddenly the screen began to flicker rapidly, Monika's panicked visage twisting and forming back together in a swift tangent, over and over until there was a horrible screech.

And just as it stopped, the image within the screen gave a lurch and a young woman came tumbling out onto the floor.

"Uhhh." A moan of pain came from the girl as she opened her eyes and looked up blearily at her surroundings. "W-What happened...I was..."

Mid-muse, her eyes caught the boot belonging to one particular man right in front of her face...and that was all it took for Monika to regain her senses and stand up, truly taking in her surroundings for the first time.

"I'm...I'm actually...oh my goodness." Tears began to trickle down her face as she looked down at her arms, taking in the texture of her clothes and giggling at how real it felt.

And then she looked up and straight ahead at the still unconscious man.

"David!" She cried, rushing over and climbing onto his bed. Carefully, Monika lifted his head and placed it upon her lap, checking the cut and frowning unhappily at the swollen, bleeding lump.

Without thinking, she reached over and opened the second draw next to his bed, taking out a first aid kit and withdrawing from it a large plaster, to which she gently and carefully placed upon the injury.

Once done, she put the kit back in the draw and looked back upon her sleeping patient, eyes hungrily taking in his face as they danced over it.

"You're so beautiful," she whispered, a hand gently caressing his cheek. "I'm real, David. I'm real, I'm really here...with you."

Unable or unwilling to do any more than that, Monika leaned back against the wall and carefully pulled David with her, keeping his head upon her lap, her hand upon his face.

Tenderly, she tilted her head ever so slightly and smiled down at him.

"Wake up, David," she said softly. "Wake up."

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