Chapter 1 - The Letter

The day started like any other.

Hermione woke up as early as always so that she could have extra time to read her books. She read about everything anyone could ever think of.

Soon after breakfast, a mysterious bird like creature pecked at her window. Curious as to what it was doing at her window, Hermione opened her bedroom window to allow the creature into her room. The bird creature swooped into her room before landing in front of her and offering its leg.

Something was wrapped around the creature's leg. Slowly, Hermione reached out to it and carefully untied the thing. The creature didn't seem to react to her.

She unfurled what appeared to be an envelope. Opening the envelope, she read the letter aloud.

"H. Granger,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Pokemon Training. We need your reply by no latter that July thirty-first. Term begins the first of September. Please be at King's Cross Station by 10:45. The train leaves at 11:00. Please get the following supplies for your first year of Pokemon schooling.


1 Starter Pokemon

1 Generation VII Pokedex

1 Pokeball Holster of any type

5 or more Pokeballs

1 Basic Camping Set

1 Trainer Backpack

5 Protective Trainer Outfits

Cousre Books:

Pokemon Ledgends

Pokemon Food Choices

Pokemon Grooming

Battling 101

Pokemon Identifying Volume I

Survival for Beginners

1,000 Herbs and Berries

Tracking for Beginners"

Realization dawned inside of Hermione's mind. This was her acceptance letter for the Pokemon training school that she had been waiting for since she had signed up for it. She had signed up as soon as she decided to become a Pokemon Researcher when she was seven. She had read that you only got your letter at age eleven in Hogwarts, a History, her favorite book ever. That was how she had kept up the hope that she would be accepted. As her twelfth birthday drew nearer, she had begun to lose hope of going to the best school in the region, possibly the world.

Hermione ran at top speed to her parents in the sitting room. The flying type Pokemon following her. "Mum, Dad! I got into Hogwarts!" She exclaimed while waving her letter in front of her parents' faces.

"That's great dear, we'll go get your supplies tomorrow." Her mother replied.

Hermione then suddenly ran from the room, surprising her parents. Soon she was back with a pen and paper. "I need to respond that I'm coming." She told her parents, causing them to nod in understanding. Hermione quickly penned a reply. She then tied the reply to the flying type Pokemon, who then took off out the window and into the morning sky.