Author's Note: That ficcy is just some insane little thing I wrote when I was sleepless, just like Haruka in The Tenoh Identity ^_^ I kept listening to the song Amber Benson sings in the Buffy Musical Episode, "I'm Under Your Spell", aww I love it! It's so beautiful! :) Anyway…let's get on with the ficcy, shall we?

Disclaimer: I don't own Haruka, Michiru or Shakira (Wish I would! *sob*) BUT I own The Tenoh Identity and myself :)

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For Heaven's Sake, Get Some Sleep!

Scene: Cloud is sitting in her apartment, in front of her compy, writing. Chibi Shakira is sitting on her shoulder. It's 1 in the morning.

Cloud: *yawn* I'm getting tired. I think I'll go to bed…

Chibi Shakira: _ No way! You have to finish that chapter first!

Cloud: But Shak! I'm tired! *rubs eyes*

Chibi Shakira: *waving Chibi fist threateningly* Write!

Cloud: Okay okay. *types on*

Suddenly, somebody knocks at the door.

Cloud: O_o Who could that be, at that time of the night? *goes to open the door*

Haruka: *comes storming in as soon as the door is open* CLOUD VAN DYK!!

Cloud: O_O!!! GAH! *falls on her (_!_) in shock* Haruka!

Haruka: Finally I found you! Do you think that this is funny?

Cloud: ¿O_o? What are you talking about? ?o_O¿

Haruka: About the fact that you made me insomniac for your latest fic!

Chibi Shakira: *comes flying in* Oh, you mean in The Tenoh Identity?

Haruka: *nods* Exactly.

Cloud: *sweating* Umm, well, you see…^o^ That was Shakiras idea!

Chibi Shakira: O_O;;; Not true!

Haruka: Whatever! I don't care whose idea it was, I just wanna get some sleep, for heaven's sake!

Cloud: *raising 100 ton hammer* Oh, that can be arranged easily…

Haruka: !O_O! Are you crazy! Michi help!

Michiru: *comes bouncing in and throws the hammer from Clouds hands with a burst of mental energy* ^_^ Mental Michi to the rescue! ^_^b

Cloud: ;_; My hammer! You're so evil, Michiru! Beware, or I'll have you raped in the next fic I write!

Michiru: *shrugs* We already had that, remember? In And I Will Always Love You.

Cloud: True… _ *grumbles*

Haruka: Back to the topic! Cloud, let me get some sleep!

Chibi Shakira: *sneaks up on Haruka from behind and wacks her over the head with her Large Metal Frying Pan Of Doom™*

Haruka: @_@ *unconscious* ­ ­

Cloud & Michiru: O_o o_O

Chibi Shakira: There, she sleeps. That's what she wanted, right?

Cloud: … -_-()

Michiru: _ *getting angry*

Cloud: Uh-oh…*hides in the cupboard*

Chibi Shakira: o_o?

Michiru: Why you little (censored!!!)*blasts Chibi Shakira through the whole apartment and out of the window with a burst of mental energy*

Chibi Shakira: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh….*fading away*

Cloud: *poking head out of the cupboard* O_O!! Michiru!! You blasted my muse away! Now I can't write anymore!

Michiru: *picking up snoring Haruka* She'll come back. *starts to leave*

Cloud: *still in the cupboard* But…but…

Michiru: *already out of the door* Oh, and Cloud?

Cloud: *still in the cupboard* Yes?

Michiru: *shouts* For heaven's sake, get some sleep! Look what nonsense you're writing!

Cloud: ^_^;;; O-okay…night night, Michi! *gets out of cupboard and into bed*

The End…right?

(: NO! :)

Chibi Shakira: *in outer space, near planet Mars* Hello? Cloud…? Haruka…? Michiru…? Anyone? HELP! ;_;

The End!