-Epilogue, 2003, Christmas Night-

Harry sat upon a cushioned wooden chair, bundled in two layers through a warming charm was cast on himself. He could hardly believe what has happened over the past 6 months.

Sirius Black was given a trial, right after Peter Pettigrew was marched into the Veil, and Sirius's now being nursed in St. Mungo's, though he has been visited by Harry and the gang occasionally, and then there was the day, which was only two days before Harry's birthday, which was July 29th, the birth of his and Charlie's twins.

Their daughter revealed to have dark brown hair, with emerald green eyes. She's beautifully cute, and her name is Katherine Sophia Calvin-Potter; Kate for short. And their son, he revealed to have bright brown eyes, and raven black hair. Such a heartbreaker already, and his name is Robert Prescott Calvin-Potter; Robby for short.

Then there was Bernard's retirement, which he was both sad and happy, but he got a place with Laura and Neal, pretending to be their foster child as he looks like 12, or 13 years old, becoming human with the memories of the North Pole intact. Little Lucy was delighted to be a visitor of the North Pole so often as Laura and Neal helped with Charlie's situation back then. Curtis then became head elf.

Then there was yesterday of Carol and Scott's child's birth right on Christmas Eve. Harry's little stepbrother-in-law, Buddy Nicholas Calvin-Claus is so adorable, having bright blue eyes, and blonde hair, and there was the transformation of Jack Frost, thanks to Lucy's famous hug. Harry smiled as he remembered all the years and the memories, and looking down at a big album book in his lap, opening up to reveal the first picture, which was of him as a baby, being held and hugged by his real parents, James Charlus Potter and Lillian Rose Potter nee Evans.

He sighed deeply as he watched his parents move in the unique picture, and a warm voice spoke, "Mind if I sit besides you, son?". Harry looked over to see Santa in his full suit. "Hey, Pops. Nah, come sit down. It's a beautiful night.". Scott chuckled warmly, "I have to agree with you on that. The stars looks very bright tonight. Is Charlie and the kids asleep already?".

Harry nodded, "Yeah, they are. I was just thinking out here.". Scott nodded, and glanced at the picture, "Is that..?". Harry smiled, "My real parents. You know I bet they would've loved to meet ya.".

"Really?". Scott asked curiously. Harry nodded. "You know that dream-memory thing you had with the Secret Santa?". he asked out loud. Scott tilted his head quietly, as he told the story to everyone, including Harry this afternoon. Harry was shocked himself that he was a student of Hogwarts, abused by his relatives forever, had two best friends, and married a witch, and oh, he also battled Voldemort who was all of himself again.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I had one too, yet it was different. It was back on the day which I brought Wormtail alive to the Wizarding World. When I was gone, I was in the graveyard like I told you all, but there was something I never told you either. I was taken off guard for merely a second, and I was killed..". Scott's eyes widened in horror yet awe as Harry explained..all..

Harry looked around as he appeared in the courtyard outside Santa's workshop, and to his shock, there was nobody around, except for him, and a strange-looking mass shaped like a worm-like baby cuddling under a bench. "Where is everybody? What happened to me?". Harry asked out loud. "Oh, Harry, you are in limbo, my son.". replied a bell-like, loving voice, and Harry froze to his feet, exhaling as he then was able to move around, and face a person who Harry'd never thought to see again, his mother, Lily Potter.

Her fiery crimson red hair was wavy and long, contrasting with her bright emerald green eyes, the eyes whose Harry held in looks. "M-mom, is that you?". Lily smiled sadly as tears showed up at the sides of her eyes, "Yes, my son. It's me, honey.". She slowly walked to Harry, and then hugged him, causing Harry to freeze for a second then tearfully hug back, sobbing softly, "Mama.".

"Oh, my Harry. How you've grown. You look like your father, yet you have my eyes and my cheekbones.". Lily sniffed softly as she pulled back gently, taking a deep look at her son. Harry smiled softly, then looked down softly. "I guess you wanted me to marry a girl or something.". Lily shook her head as her hand gently tilted Harry's chin up, "Honey, we're so proud of you. A husband, two children awaiting to be born, a adoptive father, and mother, and much more. Harry, you've done so much, growing up with magic. You are our incredible, handsome, loving son, and we couldn't be happier than now and then.".

Harry grinned widely, and then looked around, "Where's Dad?". Lily smiled bittersweetly, "It wasn't enough room for all of us to come see you, but know this, your father was so happy to see your animagus forms, as he was one, in the form of a stag.". Harry smiled, then frowned, "All of you, what do you mean by that?". Lily chuckled warmly. "You see, when we were attacked that night, I was pregnant with your sibling at the time, and it was a shock when James and I found our unborn child to be actually a child in Heaven, living with us.". Harry widened his eyes in shock as Lily then called over, beckoning a small, petite child with bright hazel eyes, and dark auburn red hair in a ponytail.

"Harry, say hello to your kid sister, Sophia Lillian Potter.". Lily introduced the child who smiled shyly at her big brother. Harry leaned forward, smiling as Sophia clearly looks like their mother with James's eyes, and cheekbones. "Hi, Sophia, I am your big brother, Harry.". Sophia giggled, and suddenly hugged Harry, "Mommy told me about you, Harry.". Harry gently hugged Sophia, having the urge to kiss her hair softly. "I bet, Sophia. Charlie would've loved you, and you, Mom.". Harry glanced at Lily who nodded understandingly.

"I guess I have to go with you, huh?". Harry muttered as he sadly looked around. Lily shook her head, "Honey, you can actually go back. You have a choice, and there's also something I have to tell you as well.". Harry looked at her in surprise as Lily then proceeded to explain.

Harry concluded, "It took merely a minute in the real world, as I lasted like a hour in limbo. I returned back, and killed something very horrible, and bought Wormtail, as you have known then.". Scott exhaled a breath in surprise, unknowing that Harry intentionally killed Voldemort in Fiendfyre, which is powerful, deadly fire, killing off all the Horcruxes near and far. Scott then nodded, "So, that's why you did Kate's middle name in honor of your long-lost kid sister. I have wondered about that one as Charlie did Robby's middle name in honor of me which made sense at the time.".

Harry nodded with a smile, "Yeah. So, you know now. Whew, now I am tired.". Scott smiled, "Me too. I am in need of hot chocolate myself. You coming in a minute, Harry?".

Harry grinned softly, "I will be behind you in a minute, just need to grab the book.". Scott nodded, and asked, "Oh, and I forgot to ask you something. Are you happy about all of this?".

Harry chortled, and laughed, "Are you kidding? This is the best wish ever since I came here all these years ago! I have a family, friends, and magic. I am the happiest boy in the world right now!". Scott had never looked so proud before this moment, and he hugged Harry softly, "And I am happy to have you as my son. Looks like we had our wishes to have come true.". He then nodded, and left, leaving Harry to smile at Scott's back, and then turned to grab his album book, glancing up to see the stars. "I love you, guys. I will never forget you, ever.". His eyes widened in surprise as three stars twinkled strongly, and Harry grinned, recognizing that his parents and sister are saying that they love him too.

"Ry, honey, it's getting cold out, are you coming inside?". Charlie asked softly as he came into the office, seeing that the balcony doors are open. Harry responded, "Yes, love. I am coming in. Just taking in a last look at the stars.". He then turned around, closing the balcony doors, knowing that he never regretted to making the best wish he had ever done that fateful Christmas years ago. Up above, the stars and the Northern Lights beamed and brightened up the sky as if they're having a dance.