Warning: M rated for underaged sex with deaged Cedric and lust spelled Sofia. Sofia and Cedric are 8 years old and can have children.

Sofia and Cedric are in his sorcerers tower learning spells and Sofia accidentally say one wrong and there was a puff of smoke and Cedric is now a kid her age.

"Mr. Cedric I accidentally turned you into a kid I will try a reversal spell!" She says frantically

She then says the wrong spell again and she looks at Cedric and he know what spell she used and said "Uh-Oh!" because she said a spell that unleashes her strongest desire

Sofia walks up to him and kisses him on the lips as Cedric gasps in the kiss. She then slides her hand in his pants and touches his now semi hard cock she pulls his pants down as she massages his erection until is full erect while rubbing her wet clit moaning she then spreads her legs in front of he and says "Please fuck me Cedric I have been having dirty dreams about you!" she beges. Cedric is shocked because the spell also make the person not able to lie while it's cast on them. He can't hold back any more as he pushes his cock in her pussy as he whispers to her what exactly the spell she is under does to her as he push his cock in and out of her as the spell finely wears off when it does she remembers everything and instantly blushes uncontrollably.

"Did spell wear off?" he ask her.

"Oh my fucking god" she mutters as she realizes her crush on him is out in the worst way.

Cedric sees the look on her face and hears what she says. She then makes a run for it after getting her dress on with Cedric following trying to calm her down when he catches up with her she is crying because she feels like a slut for what she did Cedric hears this and tells her he doesn't think she is a slut and she calms down and says "Sorry for running away." she bushes a little as she says this Cedric tells her "You have no reason to be sorry about it you were scared and embarrassed." after he said that he kisses her on her lips as she melts into the kiss with a moan.

To be continued...