Of Headmaster and Socks

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-Chapter Eleven-

The old Headmaster grinned at them all and proudly held up a gold cup shaped like two old wool socks. "I won it this time! HAHA!"

Three looks were exchanged. Apparently the Headmaster had gone even more batty than before.

"Eh, Albus?" Minerva ventured hesitantly.

"Yes, my dear?" the newly arrived man asked as he moved into the room and placed the cup proudly on his desk. Then he turned and spotted the replica standing there. "Wonderful work Harry! I could be looking into a mirror!"

Harry quickly changed into himself again. "Uh, Headmaster, where have you been?"

"You didn't know?"

Three people shook their heads.

Dumbledore blinked. "Didn't Sybil tell you anything?"

"What does she have to do with anything?" Severus asked. No one sane would ever willingly stay in the old frauds company.

"She knew exactly where I was going. I am afraid I had to leave on a rather short notice, but this beauty was worth it!" he once again looked proudly at the cup standing on his table.

Minerva approached the silver-bearded wizard. "So... where have you been?"

"I was asked to join in the Annual Headmaster Sock-Hunt," Dumbledore declared with great aplomb. "It is only held once every 80 years and is a unique opportunity to meet other Headmasters from other countries and talk while we all hunt for the most important things to a Headmaster: the golden wool socks."

Harry blinked. "Let me get this straight. You have been out there for three months doing nothing else but chase a couple of wool socks around the world?"

"Pretty much, yes."

"And it never occurred to you to send us a letter or something?" Severus demanded.

"I told Sybil everything, you should have listened to her."

The three sane people in the room shared a 'look'. One of those that promised a painful death to someone else, in this case that 'someone else' being Albus Dumbledore. At the exact moment that the three started to move for their wands, the Four Founders flew through the wall and stopped short upon seeing Harry as himself and Dumbledore in the room as well.

"What is going on here?" Godric asked.

"Yeah, who're you?" Salazar demanded glaring at the true Dumbledore. "Harry, why aren't you in disguise?"

"Are you Aberforth Dumbledore?" Helga asked.

"I am Albus."

"Prove it!" Rowena said, her head held high.

Harry suddenly felt a slight tug on his robes and looked down. Severus was discretely tugging him towards the door where Minerva was already disappearing, and followed the Potion Master. The two of them quickly made their way out and down the staircase as Albus was interrogated by the Four Founders.

"What?" the green-eyed young man asked once they reached the bottom.

"You did eat Albus' sherbet lemons, right?" Minerva asked and Harry nodded. "Well, when he finds out, all three of us better be far away from here."

Harry blinked and turned to the Potion Master. "About that holiday to Hawaii-"

"Already packed and waiting in the Entrance Hall." Severus replied. "You?"

"I have nothing else here but the clothes I stand in," Harry said.

"I think I will join you," Minerva shot in, summoned a House-Elf and gave a few quick orders. "I hear that Hawaii is a wonderful place for old people."

The two men shared a look and then nodded.

Five minutes later the three met up in the Entrance Hall and quickly exited the castle. It was just in time too as they heard a shocked yell form the castle, followed by, "MY SHERBET LEMONS!!!!!!! POTTER!!!!!!"

The three out on the lawn started running towards the end of the wards and apparated as soon as they were free. A second later an enraged Albus Dumbledore was found storming out of the castle and apparating himself. He was in turn followed by the Four Founders, though the ghosts stopped at the bottom of the stairs leading out of the castle.

"And they call us impossible," Salazar remarked to Godric.


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