"McFly, where's my homework?" Griff shouted across the high schools canteen. A rainbow holocapped head turned towards the speaker. "Well, Griff, I had to finish my own fi-" is all Marty Jr. managed to say before he was interrupted by Griff. "The homework is due by next period. This will have to cost you McFly. Meet us behind Cafe 80's at 2am tonight. So we can teach you a lesson." Marty Jr. was terrified by Griff and his gang so he just he got home, Marty Jr. watched some TV to try and take his mind off it. His dad came home and instantly realised something was wrong. "What's wrong mr?" Marty asked. "Nothing dad I'm just feeling a little bit off today." Marty Jr. replied. "Oh alright then." Marty said and thought nothing more of it.